Keto 101: What You Need To Know

If you're trying to lose weight, and you're wondering if you need to be eating more ketogenic, you'll want to take notes. There are a few things you’ll want to know before you start adding all that artery-clogging saturated fat to your diet.

  • Just because it says "keto” doesn’t mean it's good for you.
  • Just because it says "keto" doesn’t mean you will lose weight.

Eating full-on keto is NOT for everyone. In fact, 90 percent of us would gain weight on keto if we were to start consuming more saturated fat. This is especially true if you're a female and over 30 years of age and have been overweight. If you have more than an inch of belly fat, your weight loss plan will require special assistance (we call this "special provisions" in behavior modification class) due to the damage to your metabolism caused by chronic dieting, which I like to politely refer to as "diet research." :)

I can hear you saying, “But I thought LynFit was pro-keto?” We are and have been for the last 30+ years. Keto isn't new, and neither is intermittent fasting. It's been around for more than 35+ years. Ketogenic eating was used to treat diabetes and also for seizure disorders in children, just to name a couple of its beneficial uses. Keto was used before the big pharmaceutical companies invented injectable insulin and other medications, and figured out a way to make oodles of money on us instead of teaching us the right way to eat and live.

I’m not against medicine; in fact, I support the research that delivers us amazing healing benefits. I am, however, against how it’s used, especially when it's used as a band-aid, and the issues underneath aren't properly addressed first, which makes medicine work even more effectively. I also fall into the “do no harm” category of beliefs. It makes little sense to me to fix one health problem while creating a new one, like increasing stroke risk due to excessively high saturated fat intakes.

Back in the day, when ketogenic diets were popular, we were not metabolically-challenged the way we are today. We were not a nation plagued by obesity. In fact, you seldom saw people who were overweight. Our bodies worked, and all we needed to do was watch what we ate and move more. We moved 50 percent more then than we do today, due to the invention of cell phones, garage doors openers, and clickers that change the TV channel without us getting out of our chair. We sit more and walk less, and sadly, eat more of the wrong things.

Add in chronic daily stress, and the internet, which allows us to burn the midnight oil and wreaks havoc on our circadian rhythms, causing our bodies to store excess fat around our bellies, hips, and thighs, it's easy to understand why our metabolisms have become so damaged, and diseases like Alzheimer’s are on the rise.

In order to lose weight and melt off stubborn belly fat, you really need to understand how our metabolism works. I created LynFit and each product we sell today because of a personal need, as I have always struggled. I don't have one of those robust metabolisms that lose weight easily. I have every possible obstacle, which is why I made it my life to research and study the metabolism for the last 30 years.

It began selfishly, but now it's my mission to help anyone who struggles to lose weight. I get up every day to help make a difference because I know firsthand how horrible it feels. I don't believe we should allow the number on the scale to dictate who we are or decide whether today is a good day or a bad day. I can promise you this: When your food is in order (for your body), your whole life is in order. Your mental focus improves, and so does your mood.

It's clinical. I'll keep this short, so here's the scoop... If you're like me, a female over 30, and you've been overweight in your life, struggles with inner and cravings that make it super-hard to stay on plan, then the Metabolic Boosting Keto Meal Plan is for you!

Did you notice I said meal plan, not diet? None of us needs another diet. We need a way of life that works that is healthy enough to allow our kids to see us follow, and then they follow along as well.

This is the cleanest way to eat, no matter what your goal is, whether it be weight loss, fat burning, improving whole-body health, or reversing conditions like high cholesterol, high blood sugar (diabetes), blood pressure, triglycerides, hormonal issues, pain reduction, or inflammation.

As a fitness and metabolic expert, my background began in sports nutrition with bodybuilders at the WWF. My job was to not only pack muscle on these athletes but also to make sure they stayed as lean as humanly possible, and to remain that way. What I learned was that I was doing everything wrong. I was eating nuts, high protein, and lower carb (like most keto diets), only to gain more weight. I was desperate and listening to all the advice that was being thrown around. Yet somehow, I knew my body was different and that what worked for my skinny girlfriends did not work for me. They lost weight, and I gained until I worked with my mentor, Dr. Fred Hatfield, in the labs at the WWF (to any of you who aren’t familiar, yes, it was the Wrestling Federation, now known as World Wrestling Entertainment).

The one take away everyone needs to understand is this: Higher fat, lower processed carb diets deliver some benefits, but they aren't always going to produce the weight loss benefits many people seek when starting them. As always, moving our bodies more by staying off the couch or chair (yes, simply standing and walking more) work because they burn more calories, and NO, you don't have to kill yourself in the gym (pro athletes train smarter, not harder). The media has people doing insane things. STOP, think first before you abuse your body, and you'll do no harm first.

While supplements get a bad wrap, what a good reputable supplement company sells are high-quality nutritional supplements that help make it easier to nourish our bodies and protect our health. Often, in today's world, they will also lower blood sugar, blood fats, and energize our entire system, so it can function more effectively. That's what LynFit does.

I’m sure by now you realize that you can't exercise or supplement away a bad diet. But I will let you in on a little secret... people who take supplements tend to weigh less, use seatbelts in cars, they don't smoke, and they strive to get enough rest. Taking supplements (when they are good quality) can be a game-changer in just about every aspect of your life. When you try them, you'll see for yourself.

I can put just about any type of diet together for any type of athlete, and it's made a very nice living for my family and me. But the reason why I share the Metabolic Boosting Keto system (plan comes with it) is that it's 100 percent effective, and I've witnessed how amazing it works. When you combine metabolic cleaner keto eating like the kind I suggest here, with the smart use of safe, metabolic boosting supplements that are strategically placed and taken at specified times to address the underlying issues preventing you from losing weight (such as age, metabolic issues, hormones, high blood sugar, high cholesterol, thyroid issues, menopause, and a damaged metabolism caused by being overweight), it works every time... period! No matter how old you are or how stubborn your metabolism is.

In my 30+ years, I've never had a metabolism I couldn't fix, and today I'm grateful for my weight loss trials. They are my testimony, and I've made it my life’s mission to help.

My struggles are what have allowed me the honor of working with Martha Stewart and to have the opportunity to appear on the Dr. Oz show may times, introducing viewers to my tried and true favorite nutrients that help get you into ketosis faster, without needing to use unhealthy saturated fats, or consuming excessive proteins, so you lose weight faster and easier. Health is improved without taking unhealthy risks.

Thanks for allowing me to share a bit about my story and how it relates to everything I do... for others in their weight loss and fitness journeys!

I think it's important to know that when we take advice from someone that they understand exactly where you're coming from. The 30-year-old male trainer at the gym may be buffed, but I hope you know he most likely can't help your female menopausal metabolism. His advice will be to train more with him. It's easy to see when you read it, right? No judgment, I fell in all the holes.

I was 40 pounds overweight until I followed this plan, and now at 52, I’m in the best shape and health I've ever been in. Not because this gets easy, but I've become better at doing it. And it started with my surrendering to the lifestyle. Also, thanks to the Complete Protein Shake being as delicious as it is nutritious (yes, I’m addicted, and I run to it every time I need something sweet). Now I wanna help you! Are you ready?

This Metabolic Boosting Plan is for anyone who is ready for a breakthrough and wants to reset their body's insulin levels, which is the most effective way to jumpstart weight loss. It essentially flips the weight loss switch to "on" and turns “off” the weight gain switch. It also prevents weight gain and the formation of new fat cells, which is why it's important to make it your new leaner lifestyle versus another on-again, off-again diet.

It also accelerates the burning off of the belly fat that makes it extremely difficult to lose weight and easier to gain, which is why I attack it like the enemy it is. Metabolic Boosting Keto is more than just as another fad diet. It's a scientifically designed “leaner (cleaner) lifestyle” that sends the body into ketosis healthfully, without doing harm in the process.

Ketosis is a metabolic state that forces your body to burn off stored fat for fuel. The ketogenic diet is now referred to as keto, and LynFit has taken it a step further and cleaned it up, swapping out the bad fats for the healthier omega 3 fats, and yes, lowering the not-so-healthy carbs, but keeping the fibrous ones in place because our lives depend in it. This also allows you to eat with family and friends and even eat out when life gets real. Yes, our plan includes intermittent fasting. It always has.

We used these meal-timing methods before people knew what they were called. They work, and in today's world where we need boundaries with food. Fasting makes that easier by removing our focus off food. This is why people are so happy on the plan. The food obsession leaves, and you get your life back!

It's important to understand that our bodies require more nutrients when losing weight, and weight loss causes oxidative stress, which is why supplements are suggested to help supply the body with the nutrients it needs, preventing the metabolism from slowing down, without excess calories. Most of today's food we eat is void of nutrients, yet high in calories. None of us needs more calories, but we do need nutrients to be healthy, especially when trying to lose weight. If our bodies are deficient in even one nutrient, the whole system is affected, and weight loss can be blocked.

So, if you're trying to lose weight, feel great, be full of energy, have improved focus, and you want to burn off stored body fat, this quick keto boost is for you! At LynFit, we build faster metabolisms and healthier bodies by helping people lose one pound per day. Why wait?

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