January Jumpstart 21-Day "Can Do" Challenge

Welcome to the LynFit January Jumpstart 21-Day "Can Do" Challenge!

This is a challenge that’s doable and focuses on healthy habits that every person on the planet should be doing. Yes, that means you ;)

We will actually have fun doing it. It's 21 days (enough to create a new, healthy habit and erase the old not-so-healthy ones) of encouraging you to act out of love for your body, not fear (love never fails). I encourage you to catch yourself every time you do something right versus when you do something wrong. That will breed more motivation.

Forgive and forget quickly when you screw up because... you will screw up. Just get back on track as fast as you can (like the next meal, or better yet, Metabolic Shake).
And, when you feel like quitting, remember why you started this in the first place. Quitters never win, and winners never quit!

This Challenge requires little time and costs nothing to join. Your primary goal is to choose healthier options, laugh at your mistakes, and encourage yourself to try a new approach. 

The only limit is YOU! Are you ready to rock this?

(Click HERE to download a printable version of the Challenge)


Walk for 30 minutes every day (don’t forget to time it). Walk 15 minutes away from your house & then the 15 minutes back. *Bring the dog with you – they need to be fit too!


Eat 3-6 cups of leafy greens daily (measure it). Swap out kale & replace with Romaine instead.

DAY 3 Do 12 push-ups daily (count them). Aim to do them in less than 5 minutes. Got rotator cuff or shoulder problems? You can do them using a door jam or a countertop.
DAY 4 Drink 8 cups of water daily (drink out of a measuring cup, if you must). Qualify it or it’s a guess. No tea, and coffee doesn’t count. Put your “big girl panties” on and do it. Whining only makes it worse!
DAY 5 Stretch before you get out of bed each morning. Your back will thank you.
DAY 6 Drink your coffee black or swap cream & sugar for Metabolic Froth instead.
DAY 7 Do chair squats on Monday, Wednesday & Friday. Try a 1-minute drill (set the timer & make sure your tush taps the chair each time or the repetition doesn’t count). Use your heels to protect your knees.
DAY 8 Take your WD40 supplement – Daily Joint Repair Liquid – to keep your joints feeling good & protected from damage.
DAY 9 Plank away your muffin top! Plank for 1 minute every day. Belly hitting the floor? Email me – I’ll help!
DAY 10 Aim for 8 hours of sleep each night. If you land at 7, you’re perfect. All positive changes start here.
DAY 11 Worry less & pray more! Saying a prayer (the serenity prayer works) strengthens our faith muscle & weakens the worry muscle that ages us & makes us live in fear, which is the unhealthiest place we can live.
DAY 12 Perform pelvic tilts. Aim for 2-3 sets of 15-20 pelvic tilts reps, done in strict form, meaning don’t come up too high. Drive your body up using your heel. This moves flattens the stomach & protects the back.
DAY 13 Have a Meatless Monday dinner. Simply skip the meat in your dinner meal every Monday. If you’re like me and need the protein, have a delicious protein shake.
DAY 14 Hang tight… literally! Hanging is one of the best exercises we can do to strengthen our grip, straighten us out, & allow our back to decompress from sitting too much. Keep your whole body tight, stomach in, & squeeze your butt!
DAY 15 Turn your nice switch on. The Bible commands us to treat people the way we want to be treated. Think of some way to go out of your comfort zone to help someone else in need. Pay for someone’s groceries, drive a sick friend to chemo, walk your friends’ dog or pig. It’s good for our soul!
DAY 16 Walk your dog 3 times today. Start walking your dog after breakfast, lunch, & dinner today. It’s good for both of you.
DAY 17 Eat more white fish and less chicken. Not a fish lover yet? Seriously? Try something new like tuna made with mustard or salmon patties. It’s worth it when it comes to your health.
DAY 18 Perfect your posture. Use the corner of a door jam to stand up against, making sure your head is aligned & against the door jam, pulling your stomach in tight while squeezing your shoulders around the door jam to really help offset poor posture & saggy muscles.
DAY 19 Become a drinker & do shots! LynFit Daily Power Shot is the most delicious & nutritious way to start taking your vitamins & minerals. If you’re over 30, your immune system begins to decline & the best way to prevent sickness & symptoms is PREVENTION IS THE BEST CURE!
DAY 20 Play more! Not a fan of gyms or formal indoor workouts? GOOD! Studies show they aren’t the best when it comes to our health but getting outside and moving our body is. Hit your neighborhood playground instead, & when no one is watching, go on all the playground toys. You'll have fun, move your body, & you’re off the couch = success!
DAY 21 UPZIG on the weekends with your beloveds. Yes, you heard correct. I’m suggesting that you go off your plan. Notice, I didn’t say cheat - cheating has a negative connotation to it & can make us feel guilt & shame, causing us to eat even more. But, when it’s an UPZIG (aka planned cheat), it’s different. You’re in control of the food versus it controlling you. Going off-plan for 1-2 meals per week is good for your metabolism & your mental muscle.

LIVE A GRATEFUL LIFESTYLE! I saved the best for a bonus. Wanna feel better fast? Living a grateful lifestyle is by far the very best thing anyone can, & should, do if they want to feel better fast. In life, there will always be something wrong, but you get to choose whether you see what’s right or to only see what’s wrong. Choose to see the good in everything each day, count your blessings, & I promise it will transform you and everyone around you, in every way.

Can’t think of anything to be grateful for? That’s proof you need work in this area. Got pain? Tell yourself how lucky you are to be alive (feeling means you’re not dead). Got financial problems? Remind yourself that you & your loved ones are all okay & debt can be fixed. Sick? Look around, there is always someone worse off. Trust me, there is, & you’ll want to keep your problems, so be grateful. Overweight? There is more hope than you think & you have more control than you think!

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