Is Your Dog Afraid Of Fireworks?

The Fourth of July can be stressful for our pets. The loud fireworks and parties can lead to a lot of anxiety and stress for both dogs and cats. It’s important to plan for their safety ahead of time.

Try these simple calming tips:

  • Schedule a pre-fireworks workout or play time to wear them out
  • Schedule meals and potty time early before nightfall
  • Keep them busy and distracted by playtime
  • Comfort your dog and keep him close and massage him/her and soft talk to soothe
  • Give him some relief! THC-free CBD or melatonin are natural sleep aids and reduce anxiety without the side affects of medications. *Melatonin = 1mg per 20 pounds of body weight. As for CBD, make sure it's THC-free and start with a 1-2 drops, depending on size of your dog.

The loud fireworks and parties can lead to a lot of anxiety and stress for both dogs and cats. It’s important to make sure you have your pet safely inside somewhere in your house so they don't panic and run away.

Some dogs are anxious even when they are safe at home due to such incredible hearing that makes the sound so much more overwhelming. 

Dogs that are scared may hide, pace, whine, growl, or chew themselves as a way to relieve the stress. 

This year, after the 4th of July, start prepping your dog or cat ahead of time by using sound training to relieve their fireworks anxiety by playing firework sounds every day (free online) at a very low level for a few minutes while giving your dog a special treat and lots of praise when they remain calm.

Turn the sound off and stop giving treats. Repeat with the sound low until your dog looks at you expectantly when the sound starts. Pay attention for clues to see if your dog is comfortable with the noise and begins to associate the noises with yummy stuff and praise for having a calm demeanor.

We use Cheerios cut into smaller pieces as the reward. Our dogs love them and since they don't eat them every day, it makes this training special. Cheerios are somewhat healthy, and keep in mind that a smaller piece of treat works the same as a overfeeding them. Dogs only know yummm; they don't feel deprived the way humans do, so make an effort NOT to over feed your dog if they are overweight. Their bodies, hips, joints, knees, and shoulders will thank you!

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