Is Staying Active Doing the Things I Love Enough Exercise?

Have you ever asked yourself if having an active job and lifestyle provides you with enough exercise? In the coming months, I will be sharing some of my favorite photos of family and friends (like you) doing what they love to stay active and OFF THE COUCH!

Anytime you get up and off of the couch, your body burns more calories than when you're sitting. You'll have less time to eat or think of food, and most importantly, boost mood thanks to the endorphins (happy hormones) that make you feel less stressed. Your health will be improved, and you'll feel happier, which improves every aspect of your life, including your relationships. So if you're ready to kick boredom and your sciatica pain to the curb... Get Up, Get Active, and Get FIT!

Is staying active playing the sports I love enough to count as exercise?

YES! In fact, staying active can be more beneficial for your metabolism than more intense forms of exercise like HIT and/or CrossFit that may cause cortisol levels to spike and block weight loss and fat burning. They can also increase hunger and cravings, especially if you spend too long doing intense forms of exercise.

If you like to stay physically active regularly by doing things you love, you can rest assured that you're getting fitness benefits such as:

  • Making it easier to maintain weight and trim the waistline
  • Increasing calorie and fat burning, especially if you're following the Metabolic Boosting Diet Plan
  • Keeping your body stronger and more flexible
  • Decreasing cortisol levels (stress hormones)
  • Reducing hunger hormones and killing cravings (unless you push too hard)
  • Protecting heart health and reducing the risk of a heart attack
  • Helping to reduce blood cholesterol levels and triglycerides
  • Lowering your risk of type 2 diabetes and some cancers
  • Helping to reduce blood pressure
  • Strengthening muscles, bones, and joints, lowering the risk of injury and developing osteoporosis
  • Lowering your risk of falls


Tris Imboden


This week's feature Superstar is Tris Imboden, who powers up his energy and health with our crowd favorite Daily Power Shot and Daily Repair Liquid every day, especially before he hits the ocean.

Tris has many amazing talents and is a world-renowned drummer who has toured with the best: most notably bands such as the band Chicago, Kenny Logins, Al Jarreau, the queen of funk Chaka Khan, and Neil Diamond.

Tris is an amazing, kind human who has also survived the ravages of Stage III lung cancer. He continues to thrive despite having one lung removed and is someone I draw inspiration from daily. He has an attitude of gratitude that will literally rock your socks off (seriously, if you knew him, you'd quickly see what I mean). He has won more Grammys than I can list here, but I’m sure you're getting the point.

Tris works out in the gym regularly to stay strong and fit, eats healthy, doesn't drink or smoke and, what I really admire about him is he works just as hard on "the man inside" as he does on his exterior.

When he isn’t spending his time helping other cancer survivors (he is an ambassador for the American Lung Association) or with his awesome wife, he does the thing that keeps his heart healthy and happy by going outside. For him, that is usually hitting the waves surfing! Surfing is a great way to keep your entire body (especially the super-important core) strong, helping to protect the spine, neck, and shoulder health.

NOTE: If you don't live in a warm climate where you can surf, you can stand on one leg when you lift weights or create a balance beam of sorts to walk and train on to mimic its benefits.

Tris doesn't mind sharing the sea with what he refers to as its landlord... SHARKS. I'll stick to the land-based surfing (lol). Surfing sure beats the sofa! Its benefits include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Burns up to 250 calories an hour
  • Strengthens glute, core, and leg muscles
  • Paddling over waves hits upper body muscles such as upper back and deltoid muscles, providing a great whole-body workout while having FUN!

Don't write off structured exercise, however. Consistent cardio, strength training, and daily flexibility exercises will build upon the fitness gains of your active lifestyle or occupation, keeping you more fit at work as well as at play. 

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