Is Excess Stress Affecting Your Body?

We've all had it happen... our TV clicker/remote batteries begin to fail to the point that the clicker doesn’t work the way it should. When the batteries are brand new, the clicker works perfectly, but as they age, their power begins to decline, and you'll have to move closer to the TV in order for it to work. Finally, you can no longer change the channel at all, and the clicker stops working completely.

The same way batteries control the clicker, our thyroids control our metabolism, regulate our moods, energy, and drive fat storage, specifically belly fat. Our thyroid acts as internal batteries. When our thyroid gland is fully charged and NOT stressed, it works at an optimal level, keeping our energy, cravings, hunger, and our weight in check. It keeps us slim, feeling revitalized, happy, and hopeful. 

But, when we are stressed (for more than one day), it begins to become very strained. Even the most seemingly healthy thyroids begin to fail and lose their charge. Before you run to the doctor, save your time and money because, sadly, these issues rarely show up on blood tests. That doesn't mean you shouldn’t address these issues, however.

Address these underlying issues before they get out of control, and your weight or health gets out of hand. That's a holistic approach, which is the best way to protect our health and is more critical now than ever before in our history.

When our thyroids are exposed to the stresses of today's world (think non-stop schedule, chronic inflammation, mineral deficiencies), or you get sick or have other health issues, it places greater nutritional demands on them that even the healthiest eaters can't nail. These issues severely deplete the raw nutrients that fuel our thyroid's production of essential, key hormones. Our brains start to register that our body is pummeling through more nutrients than usual. This, combined with stress, causes us to power down. This also affects our adrenal system, continuing to negatively affect our health, until these nutritional demands are properly and consistently met.

Low energy, weight gain, storing of belly fat, storing fat in the trunk area, excessive hunger and cravings, depression and anxiety, and moodiness are all signs your thyroid needs more fuel!

Thyroids require specific nutrients, and if you think that expensive fresh-squeezed juice or kale salad is providing the thyroid-specific nutrients, think again. In fact, there are specific foods, called goitrogenic, that actually make it worse. These goitrogenic foods inhibit thyroid function and can act as a “block,” preventing nutrients from being absorbed, in a short speech. Simply put, when the battery is dead, you can't turn anything on. When the battery is recharged, everything turns on.

Our thyroids can be refueled with the right nutrients, in an easy-to-absorb or highly-absorbable liquid form, in specific amounts. Once its nutritional needs are met, our thyroids can begin to run optimally again. In order to do this, you need selenium and magnesium (both found in LynFit Thyro-Boost).

Once your thyroid nutrient depletion is replaced, you'll feel better, and the weight begins to melt off easier. You still need to eat less and move more, and that's why you need to replace two meals daily with the Complete Protein Shake versus trying to use food (yes, even healthy ones) or soy-based, store-bought protein shakes. They can place a great demand on an already fatigued, overworked thyroid, making matters worse.

So, the same way you would recharge or replace your clicker batteries, you need to restore thyroid health. Yes, even if you have thyroid issues, or you're taking medication to treat your thyroid, or you think your thyroid is just fine (pssst, if you're more than five pounds overweight, your thyroid is affected, and should be nourished).

You need these minerals for more than thyroid health. Our bodies also need the nutrients found in Thyro-Boost to produce and manage stress hormones, essentially helping to regulate them by not allowing them to become too high or too low (both are bad).

If you want to feel better, reduce stress, and get your metabolism going again, the good news is it's possible! Thanks to nutritional supplements like Thyro-Boost that make it easy to dial back excessive stress hormones that block thyroid function. And, if used twice daily, as directed, it will begin to function at peak levels again.

The secret to healing your thyroid is to minimize your stress when possible (exercise rocks at this), eat as suggested on the Metabolic Boosting Meal Plan, and avoid the foods and medications that harm thyroid health (like kale, broccoli, and over-the-counter pain relievers). Also, be very careful using prescribed meds like Xanax, or anti-anxiety meds. There is always a natural way to help relieve anxiety and stress, and most natural remedies nourish and protect health and create balance versus upsetting our body's delicate balance, depleting its nutrient stores.

Fuel your body with the nutrients it needs and are necessary to heal your thyroid, reboot your metabolism, and reignite your fat-burning fires.

Over the last 30 years, I have helped thousands of women (and men) using the Metabolic Boosting Lose 1 Pound Per Day Plan. This plan addresses thyroid health issues, whether it's caused by being genetically predisposed, pregnancy, the overconsumption of the wrong kinds of food, gaining or being overweight, or stress. You can, and will, lose 42% more belly fat than those who didn't focus on improving their thyroid health.

Outside the research box, I've personally experienced the change since addressing my thyroid with the right nutrients. I've seen thousands lose as much as 10-14 pounds in two weeks, melt inches off their waist, midsection, and hips and thighs, while dropping several clothing sizes with this one small change.

Is Stress Affecting Your Health and/or Weight?

Take this short quiz to see if stress is affecting your thyroid and health.

If you've been feeling more tired than usual or dealing with two or more of the issues listed below, stress and chronic tension may be damaging your thyroid gland.

  • Weight gain
  • Storing more body/belly fat
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Anxiety/depression (feeling blue)
  • Headaches
  • Neck tension, sore muscles
  • Stomach/GI issues (constipation, IBS, upset stomach)
  • Excess hunger and/or cravings

Restoring your thyroid's health restores its function and allows your body to release stored fat and improve energy. The benefits don’t stop there! They range from hormone balance, improved digestion. Once your thyroid is fully charged with enough nutrients (depending on how depleted you have become or how long you let it go), every aspect of your health improves.

Most people notice that they feel a noticeable increase in natural energy (no coffee needed), mental clarity improves, depression is reduced, mood and immunity improves, fewer aches and pains (including joint pain), fewer sugar cravings, and sleep is more restful and restorative.

Self-care and daily wellness are all about rebalancing by doing the following three things:

  • Eat the right kinds of foods in the right amounts — (see Metabolic Boosting Meal Plan)
  • Exercising daily to dial back the effects of stress. Don't exercise too hard or too easy. Keep it at 50-60% intensity. If you're not able to talk while exercising, you're working too hard, which adds to your stress. (*For maximum metabolic help, exercise before you eat or have coffee, if you add “stuff” to it.)
  • Every day, nourish your body with the specific daily essential nutrients (they are called essential for a reason). Our Daily Essentials takes the guesswork out of it for you by stacking them together and showing you how much and when to take them.

This 3-step method supports your body's built-in repair mechanisms. If you follow this method as described (yes, you need to be consistent), you'll start seeing changes and feeling happier within 48 hours or less!

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