Introducing the LynFit Egg White Protein!

LynFit Nutrition's metabolic boosting Complete Protein line is even better with the addition of two new Egg White flavors: Clean Cocoa and Pure Vanilla. This is the perfect addition to your plan if you're struggling to lose weight or require a dairy-free source of protein. 

Egg whites have a reputation for:

    • Helping to reduce body fat
    • Tightening and toning loose, saggy skin
    • Preserving and protecting lean muscle tissue
    • Killing hunger and cravings
    • Improving digestion
    • Reducing acidic conditions in the body
    • Balancing blood sugar levels
    • Diabetic-friendly

What makes LynFit Egg White Protein different from all the rest? 

LynFit Egg White Protein is an all-natural whole food powdered egg white that comes from non-GMO eggs, sourced exclusively from U.S. farms. The fresh eggs are processed into a powder in under one day to retain the highest nutritional value. All vital nutrients are retained in their purest form along with a complete amino acid profile.

    • All-natural
    • 100% bio-available (usable by the body)
    • 3 grams of pure protein per serving
    • Only 100 calories per serving
    • A minimum of 317mg of potassium per serving
    • Only four ingredients: Non-GMO egg whites, Papain, Protease (digestive enzymes), Stevia
    • Sourced exclusively from U.S. farms
    • Eggs processed in under one day to maintain highest nutritional value
    • No added flavors or colors
    • 25 grams of protein
    • Contains all nine essential amino acids plus four non-essential
    • Soy-free
    • Gluten-free
    • Dairy-free
    • A most excellent protein source

Why is LynFit Egg White Protein better for weight loss?

To start with, it's pure, natural, and all protein. That means there are virtually no carbs, no fat, and no cholesterol. So the carbs, fats, and cholesterol you save help boost your metabolism and jump-start your weight loss. It is simply the complete form of protein, standing head and shoulders above the rest. 

Since egg white protein is non-dairy and lactose-free, it's a better option for those who are lactose sensitive.

How much protein should you consume every day?  

The average person requires one (1) gram of protein per pound of lean body weight per day. Example: If you weigh 150 pounds, but you have 25 pounds of fat to lose (thin goal weight), your lean body weight would be 125 pounds. That means you require 125 grams of protein per day. If you're trying to lose weight, the leaner, the better.  

When it comes to weight loss and boosting metabolism, it's better to spread this protein throughout the day, so your body uses it vs. storing it. For example, if you eat five meals per day you would aim to have 25 grams of protein at each meal to nail your 125 grams per day of protein. 

What if you're doing the metabolic boosting plan to encourage your body to shed fat?

No worries. Simply use the egg white protein for 1-2 of your meals each day, so your body gets a variety of protein sources. This will help to boost your metabolism, and if you feel your body needs more protein, add a shake. 

Unlike foods like chicken breast, LynFit shakes won't slow weight loss the way overeating other sources can due to the higher calories and fats they contain.
*NOTE: Using different types of metabolic boosting proteins is best for boosting a sluggish metabolism and helps break up the monotony.  

Rapid weight loss and daily exercise places demands on the body. It's better to have too much of this type of protein vs. not enough so your skin stays tight and your body stays nourished. Protein is the building block of muscle, preventing body fat formation, stopping weight gain, and encouraging weight loss. 

Consuming the right amount of protein is the best way to nourish hair, skin, and nails. Egg white protein (all LynFit proteins) are perfect sources of protein for all types of diets, including gastric bypass. From chemotherapy patients to kids, world class athletes to bodybuilders, and everyone in between.  

What's the best way to use LynFit Egg White Protein?

Drink it in a smoothie. No matter what you mix it with you won't taste the egg whites. They have a deliciously smooth texture that is very different from whey, so you may have to experiment with your usual recipes to master egg whites.

Bake with it. You can also cook and bake with the egg white protein. In fact, for any recipe that calls for egg whites, you can use the egg white powder by reconstituting it. Cooking and baking burn off part of the protein, but as long as you're not consuming the egg whites cooked for every meal, you shouldn’t have to worry about it. 

Reconstituting your egg white protein powder makes it just like the liquid egg whites we all cook and bake with. You could even make an omelet with it if you'd like. Reconstituting egg whites is as simple as adding some warm water to you your egg white powder. Most of the time 2-3 tablespoons per scoop of powder is all it takes.  

Here's another idea: Add it to your coffee for a protein-packed, on-the-go, metabolic boosting breakfast!

Can't get enough protein into your kids? Mix one (1) scoop into their milk, pour over cereal or make them a smoothie. Kids also love egg white protein made into scrambled chocolate egg whites with strawberries on top.

Use your imagination. Wherever you see whey you can substitute egg whites instead. The texture may be different but the protein is still great.




Here are the most popular LynFit Egg White Protein recipes. They are popular for a reason so choose the one that suits you and don’t forget that egg whites will have a whole new texture and taste, so you may want to try some new recipes while you’re getting used to it.

The best part about egg whites is they are lower in calories and carbs, leaving you room to add some of your favorite ingredients. Be sure to share your favorites with us on social media and don't forget to add the @LisaLynnFitness and comment on your posts. It helps other people discover what’s available.  

Mix all ingredients in a blender. I particularly like this blender that's available on Amazon HERE.

Berry Boost

(½-¾ cup) Water
(1 scoop) Pure Vanilla or Clean Cocoa Egg White Protein  
(½ cup) Berries (frozen mixed berries rocks)
(4) Ice cubes 

Chocolate Banana Burn Fat Smoothie

(½-¾ cup) Water
(1 scoop) Clean Cocoa Egg White Protein
(½ cup) Frozen banana
(4) Ice cubes 

Calorie Cutting Coffee Smoothie

(½-¾ cup) Water
(1 scoop) Pure Vanilla or Clean Cocoa Egg White Protein  
(2 tsp.) Instant coffee (instant coffee tastes much better than brewed)
(4) Ice cubes 

Vanilla Almond Coconut

(½-¾ cup) Water
(1 scoop) Pure Vanilla Egg White Protein  
(¼ tsp.) Almond extract or sugar-free almond milk
(¼ tsp.) Coconut extract
(4) Ice cubes 

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup

(½-¾ cup) Water
(1 scoop) Clean Cocoa Egg White Protein  
(¼-½ tsp.) PB2 powder (You can use a little peanut butter if you have room in your caloric budget)
(½ tsp.) Cocoa powder
(4) Ice cubes 

Super Green Smoothie (won't slow your thyroid the way other green smoothies can)

(½-¾ cup) Water
(1 scoop) Pure Vanilla or Clean Cocoa Egg White Protein  
(½ cup) Mixed greens like kale or romaine
(½ cup) Cucumber
(4) Ice cubes 

Raspberry Lemonade

(½-¾ cup) Water
(1 scoop) Pure Vanilla Egg White Protein
(½ cup) Frozen raspberries (frozen is better)
(1 serving) Crystal Light lemonade mix
(4) Ice cubes
*Try adding in ½ of a small grapefruit for more tart flavor!  

Protein Powder Pina Colada

(½-¾ cup) Water or very low-calorie coconut water
(1 scoop) Pure Vanilla or Clean Cocoa Egg White Protein  
(½-1 cup) Pineapple, canned or frozen is fine
(6-8) Ice cubes
*Want more coconut flavor? Add ½ tsp. coconut extract.

Delicious shake tips that won't add tons of calories:

    • For a thicker shake, use less water and more ice
    • For a thinner shake, use more water and less ice
    • Need it sweeter? Add Stevia or Splenda
    • Need more chocolatey taste? Add 1 tsp., or as desired, of unsweetened cocoa powder
    • Try very low-calorie, sugar-free coconut water or almond milk
    • Adding a little jello adds tons of flavor without extra calories! 

It's your shake, ENJOY how you drink it!  

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