Important Information Regarding Complete Whey Protein Powder Advanced (Without Fiber)

With vaccines rolling out and fully vaccinated, immune-protected people heading back out to live their lives, there's a renewed demand for weight loss and health-protecting premium quality nutritional supplements (the only kind we sell). This has created severe shortages of raw materials, compounded by pallets, containers, bottles, bags, paper (labels) made worse by weather, shipping congestion, and lack of manpower-workers who keep all of these running. Each of these are essential to every aspect, which drives prices up, and, we too are at the mercy of these conditions.

U.S. consumer prices are expected to soar again, and to highs we have never experienced in the last 30 years serving you. Sadly, these obstacles are expected to continue well into 2022, or worse, if the Delta variant of COVID-19 continues to ravage across the country.

We want you to be informed with the knowledge you need to protect your metabolic health as we all realize it is our best weapon when it comes to protecting ourselves and loved ones from getting sick.

We are grateful for all of your messages and for all of you nurses, doctors, and caretakers, as well as those of you who contracted COVID, for taking the time to tell us how helpful our nutrients helped you get back on your feet and nursed you back to health, if you were stricken or caring for a loved one who became ill.

We will continue to fight this battle with you and continue to provide the most powerful and highly effective nutritional supplements you can buy without a prescription, so we can win this war against our health together.

Thank you for your support and patience. We know how frustrating life can get.
Here are a few things you may want to plan ahead for by purchasing in higher volumes than you normally would (that's what we do as a company).

  • Daily Power Shot
  • Pure Omega 3
  • Thyro-Boost (stress adaptogens)
  • Proteins (All severe shortages)
  • Lean Bars (All severe shortages)

Special Note Regarding Complete Whey Protein Powder Advanced (Without Fiber)

Complete Protein Advanced without Fiber is being discontinued due to the original Metabolic Boosting Protein with Prebiotic Fiber being more effective when it comes to burning belly fat, losing weight, and improving immune health, making it the #1 most popular protein powder. For that reason, we will be phasing it out and discontinuing it.

Thankfully, in an industry very hard hit with severe shortages and escalating demands, we have 30 year strong relationships with our pharmacists ,suppliers, and growers, all working around the clock to meet our needs and doing their very best to take powerful bitter-flavored nutrients and turn them into something safe and effective you want to consume, making it easier to lose weight and improve every aspect of your health in such an uncertain time.

We absorbed most of the cost increases, including price increases imposed by USPS, so you don't have to!

We need your continued support and patience through the coming months.
We refuse to lower our standards when it comes to the naturally derived nutrients we use, that may vary in flavor/taste due to their being derived from natural sources. It's like buying a bag of organic apples -- they can all have different looks and differ slightly in taste. Our nature-made products can vary too. But you can feel good knowing that our COAs (Certificates of Analysis)
all exceeded the nutrient amounts inside, meaning you get more when other companies are giving you less.

At LynFit we care about you and your health, and because I use them all too (and so does our entire family, and our friends)!

Hope this empowers you by arming you with the knowledge you need to “Win The Fight” and feel your best.

❤️Love Ya (mean it),
Lisa and the entire team at LynFit Nutrition

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