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Hey There! Lisa Lynn here with another praise report / weight loss testimony.

You would think that this would get old after 34 years, but to this day, I get just as excited when I see someone succeed at losing weight and witnessing how it improves the quality of their life.

One of my personal favorites is helping other Christian women because I know firsthand that we get so excited about helping others (aka discipleship) that sometimes we forget to put on our own oxygen mask first by taking care of our physical health. We end up last on the list, which can have lasting negative consequences when it comes to protecting our health.

As a busy Christian woman in business, mother of two children and 3 fur babies, wife of 34 years, with a passion for helping others as a chaplain, I’m familiar with this more than I care to admit to myself.

It's been a huge part of my struggle with food, that was one of the main causes for my weight gain and also played a huge role preventing me from losing weight and feeling happy. I was tired and sick all of the time, so I turned to food for comfort, which as an elite personal trainer, was humiliating for me. This added a whole other layer of why I couldn't stick to a healthy eating plan, even though I was helping everyone else lose weight and reach their fitness and wellness goals.

I had the knowledge, but I just couldn’t seem to make it stick for me until I learned the system you know today called the Quick Keto Metabolic Weight Loss Lose 1 Pound Per Day System. You've seen me talk about it on television segments, which includes countless media outlets such as the Martha Stewart and Dr Oz shows, Fox and Friends NY, and Meredith Vieira. 

I had a very hard time following weight loss plans and struggled with intense hunger and cravings that led to out of control eating. Even on good days I either ended up skipping meals, which fed my hunger and cravings more, or found myself eating the wrong kinds of foods for my female metabolism.

Enough about me …

I’m super excited to introduce you to Maria Pantin, a beautiful Christian with a huge heart for Jesus 🙏♥️.

Maria owns and operates three Oasis Beauty Salons in Palm Harbor, Oldsmar, and Dunedin, Florida, which is where I met her (she is a color genius). She has four children who keep her busy. I personally witnessed her taking care of her clients and employees (she was blow drying one of their hair), and when she was done taking care of everyone, she sat down for a second and asked all of her employees “who wants to order some takeout?” Since it was already around 4 pm and approaching dinner time, they all said no thanks, we will eat at home.

Does this sound familiar to you at all? Starve all day because we women take care of everyone else and forget that we need to take care of ourselves first by making sure our bodies are nourished the right way, providing us with natural energy that allows us to continue to do Gods work, take care of our families, and live a happy healthy life. That's where LynFit Nutrition Natural Whey Vanilla Dream Protein Powder comes in ….

The next time I visited Oasis for a blow dry, I brought some protein to give Maria and others as a token of my gratitude for their outstanding hair color correction work. They outdid themselves and, to date, have been THE BEST COLORISTS I've ever experienced. They are such caring women, which makes it a pleasure spending so much time in the chair.

Back to Maria... When I gave her the Natural Whey Protein Powder she said she needed something for energy and nutrition! I suggested she put her body/herself in intensive care for two weeks and drink a LynFit Natural Whey Protein shake to replace two meals every day to reboot and replenish her system.

The best way to recharge your energy is by cleansing your body to rid it of the toxins and build-up that occurs from eating foods away from home or choosing not-so-healthy foods due to being too busy. Replace the bad stuff with good stuff instead, and LynFit Natural Whey makes it easy. Just add water and you've got a meal on the go! No thinking, planning, counting macros, or worrying whether or not that green powder you've been using is good for weight loss or not.

I suggested that she add the Natural Whey Protein Powder to her morning tea (she doesn’t drink coffee) or in a grab-and-go bottle, and NOT to add anything else to it.

Maria's story looks like this... Here is what I texted to her after I dropped off a Natural Whey Protein Shake and LynFit Keto Carb Edge supplement…

Maria ☀️

Here is the 2-week nutrition gameplan.

Think of it as a 2-week test drive where you're all in. No deviating (stick to it).

Before starting:

  • Weigh yourself and take a picture of your weight (don't edit - we need the date on it)
  • Take a before photo! We often forget what we looked like :)

Everyday Must Do's❗️

  1. Fast overnight for 14 hours
  2. Break the fast with the LynFit Natural Whey Metabolic Boosting Protein Shake AND have another for lunch (you can add a green salad - you're replacing two meals with a shake instead)
  3. Take (1) Keto Carb Edge and (1) LynFit Cutting Edge as soon as you wake up and again midday
  4. For your metabolic meal, choose foods from the approved list, making sure you eat lots of leafy green vegetables and more fish than chicken. Take (2) LynFit Raspberry Ketone Cleanse & Restore with dinner.
  5. Walk 10,000 steps every day (we will add weights later once you've rebalanced cortisol levels)


Here are Maria's follow-up texts about her progress...


Day One: I lost 1 pound already! This plan makes it so easy for me to eat healthy, and it prevented me from skipping meals. The protein shake is so delicious, tastes clean and pure, doesn’t hurt my stomach, and keeps me feeling full all day long -- I'm hungry!

Day Two: I lost weight another pound and hunger is gone …..

Day Three: Another pound

Day Four: Down another pound

Day Five: Down a total of 4.5 pounds!

Day Six: Down 5 total!

Day Seven: I’m away; can I cheat little ? LISA: Yes, but be mindful you're on a roll!

Day Eight: Same weight (affect of going off plan)

Day Nine: Down another pound 

Day Ten: Lost 1

Day Eleven: Lost 1

Day Twelve: Lost 1

Day Thirteen: Another one lost for a total of 10 


Bottom line... this plan works every time when followed as I suggested to Maria. If you're ready to lose weight, this is where you should start:





Lisa Lynn, Clinical Metabolic Nutrition & Fitness Expert and Associate Chaplain. Best known for her 18+ years as Martha Stewart’s trainer, who was responsible for Martha’s over-50 amazing physical transformation that caught the attention of Dr. Oz, leading to her many appearances on the Dr. Oz Show. Lisa is not just another trainer; she herself lost 40 pounds and has kept it off, even with a sluggish thyroid and menopause.

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