How To Cleanse & Detox The Right Way

Happy fall y'all! I love fall. A slight chill is in the air, and there are sudden urges to eat an apple or pumpkin, and also pulling our favorite sweaters out of the closet. The signs are clear: FALL IS HERE! Fall is my favorite season, and watching the leaves change colors and begin to fall off the trees, and I too find myself looking for a metamorphosis, which always leads to change for the best.

I’m going to follow Mother Nature's lead and treat my body, mind, and spirit to a healthy transformation, courtesy of a metabolic boosting cleanse and detox to power up my thyroid health that's been getting slammed from all the stress in today's world. And, as we age, our thyroid begins to slow and continues to change and slow down with each and every season. This is why this is the best thing you can do to keep yours healthy. Whether you have a diagnosed thyroid issue or not, you'll notice that thyroid slowdown happens to us all and is affected by stress and weight gain. No matter what health ailments you're facing, how old you are, or how slow your metabolism is, you need to take care of your thyroid health by nourishing and protecting it. Your thyroid controls every aspect of your body, so if it's not functioning properly, every aspect of your health is affected. 

That's why if we aren’t careful and don't detox and reboot our systems regularly, especially as we move from season to season, we can end up on an uphill weight gain cycle that impairs thyroid function, spikes blood sugar levels, and ultimately slows metabolism. We not only keep gaining weight, but it becomes almost impossible to lose weight. Making matters worse is that we gain the wrong kind of weight from fat, which acts like nuclear bomb when it comes to our health, negatively affecting it in every way. That excess body fat storage, especially in the stomach area, blocks fat-burning and makes it harder to lose weight.

That's what makes LynFit metabolic weight loss different from all the rest. While most popular diets today are high-fat, ours is a hybrid of high protein (the metabolic boosting, clean kind) and the right amount of good fats (the kind that heals our bodies and helps us to burn off stored fat). It has a built-in cleanse that detoxifies our bodies in a way that helps reduce pain and inflammation and improves thyroid function, which in turn builds our metabolism. This not only speeds it up but also makes it stronger, preventing metabolic slowdown, which we all fight as we age.

I've been getting a lot of questions lately asking about cleansing. I get that everyone is looking for a quick fix when it comes to weight loss and workouts, especially if quarantine caused you to gain weight gain, paired with summer fun. I thought I’d share my perspective, which is always a metabolic one ;)

Why would anyone want to suffer through one of those internet cleanses that promise to help you drop 10-20 pounds in a week, only to cause damage to your metabolism that can cause rebound weight gain and a slower metabolism afterwards due to blood sugar level spikes and muscle loss?

Here's the 411 on cleansing the RIGHT way if you're trying to lose weight and improve your metabolic health, meaning every aspect of your health at a cellular level. This makes your metabolism function more efficiently and detoxifies your body to the point that your hunger and cravings vanish, and your energy returns.

These are just a few of the benefits when you cleanse the right way. But first, it's important to at least know the basics: are they healthy, should you try one? Do you need one? I've broken it down for you below, so you know everything you need to know before you start a cleanse. And, if you're struggling with your weight, THIS IS THE ONLY CLEANSE YOU SHOULD BE DOING. It boosts metabolism versus slowing it the way other cleanses end up doing.

What is a Cleanse?

Cleanses are typically a restricted diet that removes the junk food that, in turn, helps remove toxins from our bodies that have built up due to stress and what we eat and drink. This also includes the pills or medications we take, and yes, this includes supplements. That is unless you're using LynFit's that are built specifically around cleansing and detoxifying, since it's the best way to boost your metabolism, making it easier to lose weight. 

When you cleanse the right way, it's not only like hitting the reboot button, but it also flips the turbocharge on your weight loss and fat burning. This is exactly why it's critical that you're cleansing in a way that works with your body naturally, and even more importantly, in a metabolic way!

If you're not cleansing to boost metabolic function (which is the best and healthiest way to improve your weight loss), you're going to do the exact opposite of what you're aiming for. You'll end up regaining weight and a slower metabolism due to lower thyroid function. This is especially true for anyone and everyone with thyroid issues, menopausal or andropausal, diabetic, or if your body has become metabolically resistant due to yo-yo dieting.

What most people don't realize is that their body is cleansing all the time. That's the job the liver and kidneys were designed to do. When our systems are cleansed and working properly, toxins leave your body through sweat, urine, and feces. On the flip side, if your system is clogged form overeating or drinking alcohol, taking medications, or stress, your body becomes clogged. That's when the weight-gain begins.

That's why it's so important to eat clean, drink plenty of fresh water, move your body by making sure you're getting in your 10,000 steps daily, and avoiding intense exercise. Make sure you don't get constipated, to ensure this process is fully functioning.

Metabolic boosting, thyroid nourishing supplements play a critical role in this process. As we cleanse, our nutritional needs actually go up and our bodies and thyroids need nutrients more than ever. But, not all supplements are created equal. LynFit supplements are specifically geared for this special task that's also the best way to promote weight loss and fat burning.

In addition to being highly effective, they are also safe. So safe, in fact, that you can live on them, and just might decide to when you experience how good you feel and how much your health improves. Even your doctor will notice! From gum health to your blood pressure levels... the change you experience will be like none you’ve experienced before.

Most cleanses remove the unhealthy food and drink (primarily alcohol) from our diets, which is good. All cleanses focus on clearing our digestive tract, giving our body a break, so it can flush out toxins and improve our body's assimilation of nutrients we ingest. This improves digestion, which helps us lose weight, burn fat, reduce inflammation, balance hormones, reduce hunger, kill cravings, improve mood, ease depression, and increase energy.

Every ailment we struggle with, including fatty liver issues, arthritis, bursitis (all itis's), headaches, menopausal issues, low immunity, autoimmune issues (from allergies to thyroid issues), and even skin, hair, and nail health can improve if you cleanse the right way... the LynFit way. NO, drinking an icky green juice CANNOT do all of that and can, in fact, makes things worse.

For starters, they are too high in sugar, which causes rapid spikes in blood sugar levels, even for the healthiest of people. This hits the kill switch on weight loss, in addition to all of the health issues I just mentioned. All bets are off when blood sugar levels spike and our thyroids slow down due to a lack of nutrients or excessive amounts of others, like eating too much kale.

I can hear you now: but aren't they good for you? Sure, you might get some nutrients out of them, but the cons outweigh the benefits, and there are better, more effective ways to nourish your body without causing harm. Thankfully, they taste better and are more affordable, too, making it easier to include them as a healthy way of life. After all, diets don't work, but living a leaner, healthier lifestyle is the secret to lasting change.

Should You Cleanse?

Unless you're already living on the Leaner Lifestyle (aka Metabolic Boosting Cleanse), it's a good idea to do this easy cleanse, at the very least, quarterly. Even if you are, it's always a good idea to clean up our diets as we all get a little loose when it comes to our eating and exercise habits. If you're one of those who likes to be on top of your health and make sure you don't gain weight, I recommend living on this type of plan 90% of the time. Allow yourself to be human 10% and enjoy the not-so-healthy foods in moderate amounts. 

These pre-planned upzig days should be limited to the amount that won't cause you to gain weight. If you're already a fast metabolizer and can get away with more fun food eating, you can, of course, accommodate the plan to suit you -- maybe a 80%-20% split.

The truth is that your body will tell you, and the scale never lies, so if you're gaining weight, decrease the fun stuff and cut the booze down more often (yes, that includes wine). NOTE: If you haven’t watched it already, I strongly suggest you watch The Truth About Alcohol on Netflix. It's released just in time for the new alcohol guidelines set by the CDC, which are now lower to protect your health and guard your liver.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • Are you feeling run down or tired all the time?
  • Do you feel bloated and uncomfortable in your body?
  • Have your aches and pains increased in frequency or severity?
  • Do you suffer with intense cravings and hunger that’s hard to control?
  • Have you gained weight?
  • Are feeling depressed or moodier than usual?
  • Have you fallen off your clean eating routine?
  • Do you drink more than two alcoholic drinks a week?
  • Do you take medications daily (over-the-counter or prescribed)?
  • Does your skin look dull and/or have breakouts?
  • Are your hormones out of whack, exacerbating menopausal symptoms?
  • Do you suffer with brain fog or other memory issues?

If you answered yes to even one of these, I strongly recommend you cleanse, especially during these COVID times, because the metabolic boosting cleanse strengthens the immune system. This unique cleanse strengthens and improves every system in your body, starting at a cellular level, including the health of your hair, skin, and nails!

The Metabolic Boosting System (aka cleanse) allows your body to focus on healing and recovery while providing the nutrients your body needs to stay healthy. It cleanses gently and naturally, and most importantly, it restores every aspect of your health, starting with gut health, which is where all health begins, thanks to the prebiotics and probiotics it delivers. Most other cleanses destroy gut health, leaving you more vulnerable to cold, flu, and viruses. Not this one!

This cleanse can be adjusted to fit your way of life. While I suggest using the system as a way of life (yes, that means every day, seven days a week, all year long), some people like to do a 5-day type diet where they follow it Monday through Friday and go off on weekends. While this beats nothing, it's best to follow 6-7 days and allow yourself to go off for 1-2 meals weekly max, especially if you're trying to lose weight, or at least until your metabolism is fully rebooted. Then, live it!

Weigh yourself daily; the scale will keep you in line. It never lies, and what we do in private always shows up. You can't exercise off a bad diet or the wrong diet for your body. Promise yourself that starting today, you'll place your focus where it belongs, and that's cleaning up your diet and eating/drinking habits. Make sure you're eating clean, the Metabolic Boosting way, at least 90% of the time, and the remaining 10% is the time to enjoy what you want, versus the other way around.

Since I've made this cleanse my full-on lifestyle because after trying every diet out there (and none worked), this one worked. I've not only lost 40 pounds, despite hypothyroidism and spending countless hours in the gym that made my hunger and cravings worse. It's allowed me to keep the pounds off and continue to burn fat, even in my 50s and menopausal. I also love that I don't need to count macros anymore or wonder if my body is getting all the nutrients it needs, even with the demands of today's stressful times and lack of sleep.

This cleanse and detox killed my cravings for all the wrong things and removed the decision-making for me, which was paramount as I kept making the wrong decisions. It's simplified my life and made it easier for me to live a healthier lifestyle. While my health is not perfect (my allergies are my nemesis), I still fit in the same pants, and I no longer have Monday morning food hangovers or feel boated. Just sayin... ;)

I haven't gone back to my old eating habits because this one tastes so good, and I've learned how to cook meals that satisfy my hunger, physically and mentally, that my family loves too! 

If you're not ready to fully commit, no worries! We all start somewhere, and even if you do one or two days a week, that's one or two more days you're doing something good for your body to protect your health in every way possible. You'll feel so good on this plan that even if or when you fall back into your old eating habits, you'll crave how you feel on this plan, making it easier to get back on track.


  • Do your best and leave the rest.
  • Focus on progress not perfection.
  • Let go and let God help you! Bring your faith into it. We need it most here.

If your life is busy, this plan is for you! It takes less time than all the decision making, calorie counting, and deciding where or what to eat. It costs less too, plus you'll save money on health care from not being sick.

Do you know how much you're spending on food every day? How about alcohol and that other not-so-healthy stuff or eating out? What about your health care costs or medications to help correct health issues that can be remedied by losing weight (for the most part)?

Sure, there are some genetic health issues that have nothing to do with our weight or lifestyle habits, but in my more than 30 years, I can personally vouch for the fact that living a leaner, cleaner, healthier lifestyle is the single most important thing we can do to protect and improve our health. I've never seen anyone’s blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol, or triglyceride levels get worse by living a cleaner and healthier lifestyle. 

If I were president, I'd make every Monday a Metabolic Boosting Monday nationwide to help protect and improve our health at every level. It's the least expensive way to live and can help avoid the insanity of the money draining health care system. This includes doctor visits, unnecessary tests that can do more harm than good, and medications that many doctors now get kickbacks from.

We all have more control over health than we think, and rather than letting fear govern your life, lean on God and take charge of your health instead. No matter how many times you fall off your clean eating regime, make every Monday a metabolic one and watch what happens then!

All of this for less than the cost of a cup of coffee from Starbucks! I’m living proof it works. If I can do it, you can too! I guarantee this system WILL work for you, or I'll personally help you myself. Now all you need to do is decide to live healthfully ever after.

Your Fit and Faithful Friend
Lisa Lynn




Lisa Lynn, Clinical Metabolic Nutrition & Fitness Expert. Best known for her 18+ years as Martha Stewart’s trainer, who was responsible for Martha’s over-50 amazing physical transformation that caught the attention of Dr. Oz, leading to her many appearances on the Dr. Oz Show. Lisa is not just another trainer; she herself lost 40 pounds and has kept it off, even with a sluggish thyroid and menopause.

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