How To Burn Fat Faster & Lose Weight

In order to melt off that stubborn belly fat or those last 10-20 pounds you're still struggling with, you're going to need to eat less than you burn. Sounds easy, right? Simply subtract 500 calories from your daily expenditure total and you'll burn fat and hit your weight loss goals. Once your body begins to see that you are no longer going to overfeed it, you'll quickly see that it will begin burning fat for fuel since it's not being overfed any longer. Unfortunately, while you may see an initial weight loss, you will most likely notice your weight loss slow, or if you're like me (and most of us these days), come to a screeching halt.

This happens because our metabolism is adaptable and slows down to adjust for this lowering of calories, even though weight loss, and especially burning off belly fat, requires us to reduce calories and clean up our eating further, which is non-negotiable and can get tricky if you don't know the science. You can't run off or over-exercise to hack your metabolism, and this can actually make things worse. Even if you're one of the lucky ones who gets away with that, it's always short-lived as our bodies age a little every day, bringing with it joint health issues, lack of time, and life gets in the way. And, for OCD exercisers, it's joint and chronic issues that prevent this from being a good option anyway. We would all just exercise all the time if it worked.

So, what do we do when we feel we are doing everything we can or don't think there is room for improvement when it comes to our weight loss? If you have weight to lose or body fat to burn, there is always something you can do. But first, it's time for a mindset change. It starts with your thinking.

Right now, this moment, set your mind right by focusing on the right things, starting with making healthier and better choices that are specifically advantageous when it comes to your metabolism versus the haphazard eating I witness every day.

I'm certainly not judging. I've been there and said and thought all the wrong things. I felt that while all the people I was helping were losing weight, it must not have been in God's plan for me. Looking back, I can see I was leading in fear, not faith, and I also see how that fear-based reaction killed any hope I needed to keep making the right choices... until now. Fast forward to lockdown and stress, and if there's one thing I've witnessed lately, it's that we need hope. Hope helps us keep going when we want to quit. Hope of a good outcome will motivate you to keep drinking the shake and taking your nutritional supplements, even when you don't want to.

Let's get back to fat loss now that you are being honest about room for improvement in your diet in order to convince your body to burn off stored body fat. In short, it's the cleaner keto concept, which boosts metabolism, and the reason we need to think fat loss first, and then weight loss second to burn fat for fuel and make losing weight easier.

Your body is jumpstarted to get it to the fat-burning lane, which is where most other programs fail. They are too liberal with fat calories, which is why they are so slow at delivering results, and can often cause weight gain after all that suffering (that’s what happened to me). Which also why most people quit. Are you ready to burn off that stubborn body fat?

There are a few specific things you need to do in order to be successful losers (get it?). And, if you're in need of a "hope boost" and faster, easier results every time, it’s simple science. Yes, it will work 100% of the time. Here's the catch: You do what is required and follow the metabolic boosting guidelines. It's also a good idea to commit yourself to this 100% -- All in, and all on.

In my 30 years of using this metabolic boosting method, I've learned that if you're not fully committed, you'll allow that 1% to take you off-course. This shows up and presents itself in the form of your old habits, whether you are eating unhealthy foods, going back to your big seemingly healthy breakfasts you know aren't the answer and aren't even close to the nutrition you get when you drink a Complete Protein Shake, or drinking alcohol to help deal with stress. Or, if you're like me, you're prone to skip a few doses of your nutritional supplements here or there, which is never a good thing as it allows hunger and cravings to ramp back up, or you get so busy that you don't drink enough water, and your body gets dehydrated (which slows metabolism 3%), or your sleep habits have disappeared or been thrown off due to your body's cortisol levels being elevated from chronic stress.

The bottom line is that our metabolisms are modifiable, and each one of the obstacles I mentioned above modifies our metabolism, making them go slower or speeding it up. The good news is that there are things we can do to modify metabolic function in our favor, so our body adapts to these changes by burning off fat for fuel.

Since our metabolisms adapt to our environment, we must continuously decrease our caloric intake as we lose to continue to lose weight and melt off body fat. Be careful not to focus on how good you're being. This kind of thinking will trip you up every time. Focus instead on right thinking, which is always do your very best. Go easy if your best isn’t quite as good right now during these stressful times. Being too hard on yourself isn't going to help. In fact, it hurts your motivation and is harsh. Make a promise to be good to yourself, to take better care of yourself, and to always continue learning and progressing, and don't stop until you reach your goal. Do your best and leave the rest!

Don’t let that lower-calorie scare you because once you're fully boosted metabolically, you may get more wiggle room. Did you know your body only needs 1/3 of what you eat?

As a 52-year-old female in menopause, who has been 40 pounds overweight and by Gods grace I've been able to keep it off for the last 30 years, I can tell you this didn't happen because I went back to my old ways of eating red meat, burgers, cheese, and hot fudge sundaes. It happened because I refuse to quit. I live by the "failure is not an option' saying, and it happened because I kept practicing, and I've gotten better at these good habits.

Of course, in the beginning, I wasn't 100% committed. Sure, I was 95% committed, and the old me use to think isn't that enough, I can't do anymore? Translation: I didn't want to. I can now see how I was unwilling and needed to surrender my old ways.

Here is where it gets good and easier... I changed my thinking, removed any and all stinking thinking (including people who could infect my thinking), and I worked very hard at making my new healthier habits so delicious that I craved them, and I got really good at what was needed of me to burn off that wad of belly fat that used to live on my stomach, preventing my clothes from fitting and made me feel very depressed. I'm a believer that what I had was a bad attitude. Yikes!

When we surrender, the suffering ends!

Okay... back to "it"... decreasing calories.

Yes, you do need to decrease calories, It isn't the calories we need, it's the nutrients, which is why the metabolic system is the tool you need to burn fat and lose weight, especially if you're just starting. If you're overweight, you’ve been eating too many calories, despite what your head tells you. That's exactly why we need to drink the Complete Protein Shake and take our metabolic boosting supplements, especially when we are working to improve our metabolic health, which leads to improved fat burning and also makes losing weight easier.

For all of you who ask, "what should I take, is it right for me, what if I have a thyroid issue or autoimmune issues" ... Yes, yes, and yes, the Metabolic Plan IS especially for you. 

The easiest way to reduce calories and prevent metabolic slowdown is to replace two meals daily with a Complete Protein shake made with water, not almond milk or fruit (see the Metabolic Plan for metabolic boosting recipes, meal timing, and food list), and take your metabolic optimizing supplements, which are:

NOTE: If you're over 200 pounds, double up your dose unless the B-vitamins are too much for your body; in which case, you would start low and move up slowly, paying attention to how you feel. It's also important to note that this B-feeling, which is often good energy, can feel jittery or even create a hive-like effect, which is often a sign that your body was depleted. This will begin to dissipate as your nutrient-stores are replaced. Drink lots of water (the solution is always dilution) and take less for a while. Also, stop taking any other supplements or multivitamins that may contain the same vitamins and cause overlapping of nutrients. Pay attention to properly spacing ANY and ALL supplements, including LynFit's. For instance, allow 2-3 hours in-between taking metabolic boosting supplements and/or Power Shot to avoid this, and see the product page for explicit instructions.

I’m sure you're saying, “But we have always been told we need to eat more, and if we eat less, we slow our metabolic function." That was correct back in the day when we were all healthy weights. Remember how small everyone was then? Take a look at your parent's wedding picture; its amazing!

In today's world, things are actually reversed. We are so overweight that when we try to decrease what we eat, our new, larger bodies do slow down to prevent us from losing weight because it assumes you want to stay overweight (in a short speech). Again, this is why you need a little help from Mother Nature, who has shown us that having a metabolic boosting meal replacement, delicious Complete Protein Shake for breakfast, hacks our metabolism by providing it with protein and all the amino acids it needs with very little calories. It nourishes our bodies and protects lean muscle, which in turn prevents our metabolism from slowing down.

I should also mention that LynFit's Complete Proteins Shakes and Lean Bars are the only proteins that do this, so if you’ve been cutting corners and trying store-bought, vegan shakes, or juicing to do this, you won't get the same results. Our Complete Protein is specifically designed to improve metabolic function whereas, the others are simply to provide more calories, which is what we don't need more of. Life will take care of that organically.

While we need to reduce calories to lose weight, our main goal is to feed the muscle and starve the fat, so it leaves, which requires you to eat MORE white fish and leafy greens, and LESS meat (including chicken). Stay away from the foods that made you gain weight in the first place. This isn't punishment; it's a privilege (remember, we're improving our thoughts), it's simply the way we lose weight and melt off stubborn body fat. Thankfully, this plan teaches you how and when to have a cheat meal without hurting your weight loss. It also shows you how not to quit. Quitting doesn't make it any easier or faster!


EATING OUT yields more calories than home-cooked meals. When you do eat out, make sure you eat as healthy as possible. For example, right now, I'm craving a Frenchy's Seafood salad in Clearwater Beach. Instead of the taco shell it normally comes in, I have them replace it with leafy greens instead. I don't miss it, and I stay on track with my fat-burning!


Here are four recommendations to optimize your weight loss and boost your burn.

1. Replace two meals with Complete Protein Shakes made as directed with water (no almond milk or fruit).

2. Take both Cutting Edge and Accelerator Advanced morning, noon, and 2-3 PM (versus at night, as they do contain nutrients such as B-vitamins that can possibly keep you up at night). Keep in mind, as discussed above, if you're over 200 pounds, or have been, your body may require more. On the flip side, you may require less if your body is nutrient-depleted, which happens as a result of stress. 

3. Space your meals and fast at night. This allows your body to digest and assimilate before you load it up again. This promotes fat-burning, especially if you have the nutrients in Cutting Edge available to help transport them into the fat cells. I do this every day. I think it's being assimilated better because it's not competing with anything. This may not work if you have a sensitive stomach. Sometimes this gets better, and you may need to drink more water when you take supplements before and after, so the supplement lands in water per se, which makes it easier to flow.

For example (this is also in the Metabolic Boosting Guide):

  • Stop eating by 7 PM.
  • Take your supplements when you wake up.
  • Drink your shake 12-14 hours after your last meal of the previous day.
  • Take your supplements in-between to avoid needing to take them too late or too close to bedtime.
  • Have your 2nd shake 3 hours after the 1st shake.
  • Snack on a green apple, celery, or a Lean Bar (these are the best). This helps avoid starvation, which leads to overeating on the wrong foods.

4. Plan your cheat day ahead of time, so you're in control of it versus it controlling you. More on how to UPZIG (aka how to have a cheat meal without harming weight loss) can be found in the Metabolic Boosting Guide.

If you feel like you need additional support, you may want to consider adding the following to your regimen. These are listed showing need and solution to make it easier. Each of the solutions works best when your core metabolic plan is in place, which is the Lose 1 Pound A Day System.

For cleansing, detoxifying, and thyroid issues (stress and anxiety escalate cortisol levels, which block fat-burning), take Thyro-Boost (aka Immune Boost) 2-3 times daily.

For pain and inflammation, swap out over-the-counter, metabolic slowing pills that harm the liver and slow weight loss and can block fat burning for Recovery Agent stacked with Pure Omega 3 or CBD Daily Wellness Drops instead. CBD is a great source of omega 3 fatty acids that rebalance inflammation. If your stress has been super-high, you may want to do both CBD and Recovery Agent as your daily multi-nutrient instead. That's what I do.

For anxiety and depression that increases hunger and cravings, swap out overeating, drinking, smoking, or the use of Xanax or other opioids (these are being handed out at record pace and are bad at every level), for 5-HTP Lean and either Pure Omega 3 or CBD instead. They work better and address the underlying issues that are causing discomfort, which is often caused by the lack of nutrients or a nervous system being overstimulated.

These stacks work as good, if not better than most prescribed medications. And, they allow you to be mindful in choosing your thoughts, making it easier to choose the right ones.

Please feel free to contact us at if we can help you. We're here waiting to serve you!

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