How Should 'Use By' Dates On Complete Protein Powders, Lean Bars, & Vitamins Be Interpreted?


After the date, do vitamins lose potency? Do they become unsafe?

If you've been wondering if that Protein Powder, Lean Bar, Daily Power Shot Multivitamin & Mineral, or Daily Repair Liquid Collagen is still good, I have great news!

By law, nutritional dietary supplements are not required to carry expiration dates on their labels. So, why does the product you purchased have one?

Our LynFit Nutrition® premium nutritional supplements are stamped from time to time, voluntarily. Every product we make is inspired by nature and perfected in pharmaceutical manufacturing companies located throughout the continental US, which means each state has different laws regarding dates. We have to adhere to each states laws or differences. Having different suppliers can certainly can make things tricky, but we do this because it allows us to have back-up suppliers in the event that one of ours runs out of a crucial ingredient and thus, running out of product.

And while our standards are higher than most nutritional supplements sold in stores and online today, it doesn’t mean we don’t experience fluctuations from time to time. After all, everything we sell comes from nature, and no two sources of vitamins or flavors will ever be exactly the same. It's not an excuse, but the reasons behind what we do. I find it interesting, so I thought you might too. 

My hands on ability is the one area where our nutritional supplements differ from the rest. I choose what's used the same way I buy apples in the grocery store... by hand. It also means that I'll never be able to find the same apple twice. Natural is nature, and nature is unique.

These pharmaceutical companies that make prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications are subject to more stringent regulations, which can include printing a “use by” or “best by” date. And since our precious products are made in their labs, we follow each companies unique guidelines, directed by the state they are in, so you will see differences across the board, and can also differ batch to batch.

While we don't have to print “use by” or “best by” dates, we frequently do so voluntarily. We are required to have stability data demonstrating the product will still have 100% of its listed ingredients until that date and honor the claims. So, there is no need to worry; I've got your back!

Like all natural ingredients, the majority of nutrients used in our nutritional supplements can break down and decompose over time once they have been opened, which can make them less potent. That doesn't mean they are unsafe, however.

And, since our nutritional supplements are premium grade compared to a lower grade used by many store-bought brands, I personally stand behind the fact that even after you’ve opened a bottle and stopped using it, if you decide to start it again years later, our nutritional supplements will still be more effective than any product you can buy in stores. They will still be safe to use unless, of course, yours should happen to grow mold as a result of not closing lids properly or somehow moisture got into your bottle (this can happen as a result of swigging from the the bottle or touching capsules and putting them back in the bottle).

Like any real and natural food ingredient, saliva is never a good thing and breaks down nutrients quickly, like our digestion. Disintegration is inevitable in this case, but if you're using it as directed, you'll most likely finish the bottle before there is a problem.

As a premium, clinically dosed nutraceutical company, we almost always add more (within the margins allowed by clinical guidelines) than the amounts of ingredients listed on the label, especially vitamins that decompose quickly like B12 and C unless, of course, doing so would be harmful or slow weight loss, like in the case of listing carbs and fats where we lean toward less and tend to have lower amounts than what's listed.

As long as you store your LynFit products away from light, heat, and humidity, they will generally last about two years after the date of manufacture or any date you see on our products. This includes the concentrations falling below 100% of the amounts listed on the label.

However, this window is only about a year for liquids, probiotics (such as in the new Power Shot 2.0 Powder, which will arrive soon), omega 3s and oils. These are more fragile, and since ours aren't preserved and are all-natural, they may break down sooner; UNLESS you do this super simple trick that stops and blocks them from breaking down...



Did you know that you can freeze LynFit Products? Yes, and you should if you live in a warm climate or don't have air conditioning. Freezing our Lean Bars, Omega 3s, Daily Power Shot, Daily Repair Liquid, Protein Powders, and all of our preservative-free nutritional supplements can stop them from breaking down and help keep them as fresh as the day they were made. It's the same way that freezing fresh berries stops them from aging.



It's always best to quickly return your Daily Power Shot and Daily Repair Liquid supplements back to the refrigerator before moisture or heat can affect them, as a precautionary measure, of course. 

So, just to summarize what the dates you may or may not see on your LynFit products mean… they can either mean they were made on that day, it might be a best by date, or lately, it may even be due to us using labels we had that already had dates that had to be substituted and used due to the COVID-19-imposed paper shortages, so we chose to use them versus being out of product for a year. 

And remember... FREEZE IT! Yup, it's that simple. Place used or unopened supplement bottles, Lean Bars, Protein Powders, and even your pre-made protein smoothies in the freezer!

So, next time you see a sale, STOCK up, SAVE more, and LIVE leaner!

Lisa Lynn

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  • Lisa Lynn