How Does Eating Leaner & Cleaner Affect Weight Loss & Whole-Body Health?

As promised in Tuesday's article, I am answering a couple more customer questions today about how the keto lifestyle and eating leaner and cleaner affect weight loss and whole-body health. I'll also look at how hypothyroidism plays a key role in not only weight loss, but in your skin as well.

"How does eating leaner and cleaner help make me healthier?" -- Sean in San Diego
"My wife and I are having a dispute. She says we have to eat leaner, and I follow the full fat keto. I haven't lost weight on it, but I do feel better not eating carbs. She claims I’m eating too much fat on full keto, and I need to clean it up if I want to be healthier. Can you help us sort this out? I know you are science-focused, what does the science say?"

Your wife is right, Sean! Keto IS too high in fat, and also the wrong kind of proteins, the kind that harm health. The scale doesn’t lie; if it isn't moving and you're not losing weight, you're eating too many calories. The best way to reduce them is to eat more fish and less chicken and red meat. If you want to be leaner and get rid of belly fat, you certainly can't be consuming butter, adding cream to your coffee, or chowing on bacon.

Here is the science. We only need 20 grams of fat per day to be healthy (men can go as high as 35 grams), but the only fat we need to run our brain, protect our skin, hair, nails, eyes, and keep our joints ache-free is omega 3 fats. They are called essential for a reason. The saturated fats found in most keto foods are non-essential.

When it comes to boosting metabolism and losing weight, I suggest lowering fat as much as possible to make it easier to get into ketosis, which teaches (you can say forces) our body to burn off stored fat as fuel. On the flip side, if you're consuming too much fat, your body has no reason to burn off that stored fat. It is simple science!

In the meantime, I hope that you and your wife are taking Cutting Edge and Pure Omega 3 to not only help nourish your bodies with what they need to stay healthy, protect your immune system, and encourage fat loss but to also help protect it against the harm caused by eating a high-fat keto diet, which is not LynFit clean.

So, yes, eating leaner helps improve metabolic health, also known as co-morbidities like heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, as well as all the others. They have been proven to reduce the risk of infection and improve recovery if your immune system is taxed from stress.

Studies prove that the omega 3 to omega 6 ratio is paramount. LynFit's Metabolic Boosting Weight Loss Plan makes eating clean keto easier and helps you lose weight faster because it's high in omega 3 essential fatty acids and low in saturated fats.


"Does hypothyroidism place me at a higher risk for corona and other viruses? Should I insist on my doctor prescribing medication for it?" -- Jennie in Las Vegas
"My doctor can't seem to decide if I should be treated for hypothyroidism. I have all of the symptoms: Weight gain, fatigue, chronic joint aches, I get sick all the time, my hair has thinned (so have my eyebrows), and I’m worried that my immune system isn’t strong enough to protect me. What can I do to protect myself, and should I insist that my doctor put me on prescription medication for hypothyroidism?"

Great question, Jennie, and you're not alone; thyroid issues are on the rise, and sadly, most of them will not be caught on a blood test. Hypothyroidism is one of the many health issues our country faces, and many cases of them are never diagnosed.

When it comes to treating them, it’s important to understand that there isn't a treatment or cure. The medications prescribed are not medicines to treat or cure but rather to help with the symptoms. Sadly, many hypothyroid medications don't do a very good job and may even make them worse. Most hypothyroid treatments cause hair loss, the very symptom that bothers us most, and is very scary. I, too, am hypothyroid and lost tons of hair, which is a whole other conversation. (Make sure to check out our Hair Regrowth System. I use it every day because it works, is gentle, natural, and free of sulfates and other harmful chemicals that can cause more damage to our endocrine system, making our thyroid issues worse.)

As a holistic metabolic nutrition expert, the first thing we do is ask what may be going on underneath that caused the thyroid to malfunction in the first place. Aging, stress, hormones, improper diet that is either too high in goitrogenic foods, or too low in the specific nutrients our thyroid needs most, like iodine and selenium.

Here is the kicker... when we're stressed, or our bodies are under attack (like during the coronavirus outbreak), our thyroid needs MORE of these to meet its nutritional needs. The good news is it's easy to address these nutritional needs and improve thyroid health with a few drops of Thyro-Boost under your tongue each day, and yes, that helps improve immunity. It will also help improve hair, skin, and nail health, reduce mid-life changes naturally, improve energy, mood, and even mental outlook. You’ll also see brain fog lift, and if you've cleaned up your diet enough, you'll begin losing weight again and melting off fat.

The proper diet for hypothyroid individuals is high in iodine, low on saturated fats and soy, and abundant in specific leafy greens (low in goitrogenic leafy greens like kale and broccoli) if your thyroid is stressed. The Metabolic Weight Loss Plan is just that: It helps you lose weight while you're learning how to eat for weight loss. It's the only diet that is 100% guaranteed to work if you follow the plan 100% and commit to it (especially the first week). It addresses all the issues that can prevent weight loss (no exclusions). Stop using vegan proteins, collagen, and taking any old supplements as they can make it worse and do not provide the nourishment your thyroid needs to stay healthy and protect your health, starting with your immunity.

Use the Complete Protein Shake Advanced as directed, and I suggest adding Pure Omega 3 or Super Omega 3 Dressings, so you can safely reduce all the saturated fats that have shown to slow thyroid function (you can also use Daily Wellness Liquid Drops as your omega 3 source).

The Super Omega 3 Dressings provide the essential fatty acids needed to protect health and nourish the thyroid without all of the soybean oil and saturated fats that most store-bought dressings and sauces contain. They are also delicious!

You'll want to reboot your sluggish thyroid with Thyro-Boost (also called Immune Boost -- it's the same supplement with different labels to make it easy to identify) for the first two weeks, or longer, if your body is severely malnourished, which can happen when it's under stress. Take (2 full droppers) three times daily, and if needed, you can add a fourth dose.

Yes, I suggest everyone do all this because it helps our bodies learn to adapt under stress while nourishing our bodies in a way that general multivitamins cannot. It attacks stress, which can act as a barrier, blocking nutrients from being absorbed. We all should be combining them right now to protect our immunity.


"Is it important to use natural, organic skincare, and what should I use to start? I'm also wondering if makeup being natural matters, and can it affect my thyroid health?"

During these stressful times, self-care is even more important, and so is what we use on our skin and hair. And yes, makeup too. Everyone should take inventory of what they are currently using on their faces and skin every day because our skin is our largest eliminating organ. Everything we put on it (eyeliner too) either adds toxins and harmful ingredients to it or if it's clean and pure, can keep toxins from reaching our bodies. Most times, we don't even realize it's happening until our health is harmed.

Yes, self-care should include skin health, and skin care is the best place to start!

Good skin care can help protect your health versus harm it. We’ve all heard don’t touch your face a million times, but have you ever wondered how applying a good hydrating face cream or tightening serum can help? Or why an eye cream should have antioxidants in it?

For starters, keeping skin hydrated is the best place to start, and all of LynFit's vegan, all-natural skincare products do just that. Hydrated skin also reduces the urge to itch and can prevent cracking lips or other areas that can create an easy entry point for viruses and bacteria to enter. All this hand washing also dries out our hands, so don't forget to keep them hydrated too.

Here are the things I suggest everyone do, especially if they have any sort of thyroid condition and/or are a survivor (I prefer to say thriver). 

  • Cleanse morning and night with LynFit's 100% All-Natural Exfoliating Enzyme Cleanser (pat dry and tone with natural witch hazel versus harsh chemical toners, or tuners filled with fragrances).

  • Hydrate and protect by liberally applying LynFit's Vegan Hydration Boost with SPF15 after both your morning and nightly cleansing (and again mid-day).

  • Nourish and seal in moisture (which is the secret to helping plump up and firm skin) with LynFit's Tightening Serum morning, noon, and night (and anytime your skin looks tired and dry). If your skin drinks in the serum, apply more. Most of our skin needs it, especially if you're a woman over 40.

    LISA TIP: Most people do not apply enough product. Their skin is so depleted of the nutrients it needs and dehydrated that they need to apply more often and use more product. I suggest spritzing your face after washing, and again after applying products, with purified water. I spritz all day, and that's why I make my hydration spritz myself by adding purified water to a spray bottle as my face dries out big-time, which makes wrinkles more pronounced and our skin on our face and neck look crepey and tired, and begin to sag.

  • Nourish and re-mineralize the sensitive skin under your eye (I do this to my neck as well since losing 40 pounds has left it a tad looser than I’d like) with LynFit's Antioxidant Eye Cream. Tap a liberal amount of cream under your eyes using your ring finger. If your skin drinks it up, do it again, or until you actually see some cream still left. I use enough so that I look like a football player by applying a thick layer of antioxidant eye cream so much so that it looks like paint. I leave it that way while I sleep, so when I wake up, my eyes look hydrated. This also reduces bloated, puffy eyes and diminishes fine lines and wrinkles. Do this morning, noon, and again at night, and always keep it in your makeup bag or in your purse, so you can apply it during those really needy times.

    Don't forget the neck and the skin on your upper chest area. Most women forget, and it gives away your age, no matter how healthy the skin on your face looks. I also use the extra on the backs of my hands, and anywhere skin is exposed, to hydrate, nourish, and protect the skin.

  • Your lips need love too, so after the morning self-health skin ritual, I apply LynFit Lip Booster. WARNING: This product is addicting, and I use it all day on my lips to hydrate them and prevent fine lines and wrinkles I notice appearing. Lip Boost should also be used all day, anytime your lips feel dry, and also before bed.

    Did you know Lip Boost can also be used as a hair glosser to help flyaway hairs or keep the ends hydrated, so they stay moist and healthy? 

  • I also apply LynFit Vegan Gel Eyeliner and coat my lashes with a little nourishment, too, to not only lengthen them but to feed and nourish them, so they stay long and lush.

If I skip the last two steps, I look tired, and every time I see myself in a mirror, it makes me feel worse. I believe it’s important to put our best face forward and keep it healthy too. It all starts with you and your self-help skin and hair care rituals. If you think these are expensive, try getting sick! I learned this when I got melanoma and really understand the value of protecting my skin and using good healthy products. Once you get your skin back on track and nourished, most people usually use fewer products overall, and you end up saving money in more ways than one.

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