His & Hers 2-Day Metabolic Boosting Cleanse


Are you stuck in a weight loss rutt? You're not alone! I have the perfect solution to help you jumpstart your weight loss... the His & Hers 2-Day Metabolic Boosting Cleanse. This 48-hour plan will reset your metabolism and refuel your body, making it easier to lose weight and start melting off belly fat.

This plan works safely and quickly at the same speed, whether you're a man or a woman, how slow your metabolism is, or how old or fit you are.

This method is perfect for anyone who needs to lose weight and melt off that stubborn, dangerous belly fat. Not ready to commit to drinking protein shakes every day, prefer a slower weight loss approach, or feel like you need more “wiggle room“ while adjusting to your new post-pandemic normal? No problem! It's only two days, and anyone can do 48 hours.

You can choose the two days (consecutive days work best), or even one day, which prevents weight gain (including rebound weight gain) from occurring.
This is a plan that works!

Rooted in science and proven in research, you'll improve every aspect of your health by simply resetting your sluggish metabolism. Here is a list of benefits you can expect:

  • Improve metabolic function (safely & naturally) while killing cravings and reducing hunger
  • Reduce blood sugar levels
  • Reduce cholesterol and improve heart health
  • Lower triglycerides
  • Lower blood pressure/hypertension
  • Improve gut and immune health (GERD, acid reflux, bloated and full feeling)
  • Rebalance hormones (menopause, MANopause, PCOS +++)
  • Restore thyroid function and health
  • Rebalance inflammation/reduces aches and pains and halt arthritic damage

You'll bust through weight loss plateaus, lose weight easier, and burn off belly fat in 48 hours. Or, start where you are and commit to that. One day of clean eating beats no days and can make a bigger difference in your energy and happiness than you think!

Your “someday” starts right here, RIGHT NOW! All you have to do is order the following weight loss tools to start.


Choose Your Metabolic Nutrition: Metabolic Boosting Complete Protein Powder with Prebiotic Fiber (NOTE: Metabolic Boosting Complete Protein is lactose and dairy-free due to our proprietary microfiltration process that removes all traces yet leaves the specific amino acid profile required for healthy weight loss).

  • Chocolate Truffle, or
  • French Vanilla Crème, or
  • Salted Caramel

(* Lean Bars can be substituted or combined on this plan)


  • Cutting Edge
  • Raspberry Ketone Cleanse & Restore

Anyone can commit to 48 hours... just two days. Just imagine how much weight you could lose if two days slowly became five days a week! No food logging or counting macros, and you don't have to weigh or measure your food, as long as you follow the plan and stick with the program 😉

This plan makes it easy to bust out of that weight rut and start losing weight the same day you start. Dads can quickly kick “Dad Bod” to the curb. Brides or family and friends of the bride can still fit into those dresses made for you too.

Grab a friend, ask your spouse, and let's get back to feeling healthy and fit again, one day at a time. We really are stronger together!

Let me know If you need help. I'm just an email away, but you WILL need the tools I listed above. They are safe for everyone and anyone who wants to reset and restart their weight loss, so they are required to start your journey. They are THE MOST EFFECTIVE and important nutrients your body needs.

I'm ready when you are! Make sure you're signed up for my VIP text messaging, so you're the first to know when this plan is available next Tuesday.

Lets Do This‼️
Lisa Lynn

PS: If you prefer to follow your own plan, phone consults are available.

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  • Lisa Lynn