Here's Why You Should Be Taking Daily Repair Liquid

Most people take our popular Daily Repair Liquid because it contains collagen and for its joint protecting and pain-relieving abilities. But what you might not know is that it also contains one of THE VERY BEST nutrients on the planet, which is exactly why I added it! If you're wondering if you can benefit, keep reading and see what this reader's doctor had to say about it.


"I’m a cancer survivor and recovering from COVID. I've lost 25 pounds on your metabolic weight loss system, thanks to my doctor suggesting I try it due to it being the healthiest because it lowers blood sugar levels and is very doable, making it easy to lose weight on. Now, my doctor suggests that I add your Daily Power Shot Liquid Multivitamin Mineral and Daily Repair Liquid Collagen with MSM to help nourish my body and replenish the nutrients depleted from COVID and its treatments. He also suggested I double up on them to protect myself against the flu and prevent breakthrough COVID infections that occur due to my immune system being weak. I am now fully vaccinated and will be getting the booster soon, but I don’t want to go through that again.

My doctor mentioned that he likes the Daily Repair Liquid Collagen because my stomach is no longer the same since cancer, its treatments, and now COVID. He likes its 98% absorption rate and that it contains MSM.

I don’t know much about MSM and how it can help to strengthen my immune system. Can you tell me a little more about MSM? Also, is it safe to take Daily Power Shot and Daily Repair at the same time as my blood pressure and cholesterol medications?

Thank you for making losing weight easy. I love your protein powders; they are the best I’ve ever tasted and don’t hurt my stomach!"

Dodi J


Your doctor is very smart and caring to take the time to educate you on the best way to replenish the depleted nutrients due to having contracted COVID, along cancer and its treatments. All of which severely weaken your immune system, making your body significantly more vulnerable.

I’m relieved to hear that your doctor understands the power of a healthy body and strong immune system, and understands why liquids like our Daily Power Shot and Daily Repair are superior to other methods, due to their higher bioavailability. Better bioavailability equals better absorption, which is required due to gut health being impaired from illness and treatments.

Most nutritional supplements sold today are no better than ground up rocks and our bodies are unable to absorb or utilize the nutrients they hopefully supply.

Not only that, but you would have to eat or juice more than 30 pounds of organic produce to match the nutrition that one ounce of Daily Power Shot and Daily Repair provide. You would be busy eating all day and it would cost a small fortune. Worse, your blood sugar would spike, which is not good for your health as it weakens immunity and causes weight gain; neither of which are suggested for cancer survivors, patients, or anyone for that matter.

I completely agree with your doctor when he says that everyone should be taking these Daily Essential Nutrients to help protect themselves and their loved ones from killers such as COVID, cancer, and heart disease, to name a few. I’m sure he also likes the fact that liquids like these are safe to take with meds as they are absorbed so quickly in your gut that they don’t compete with medications, making it easy to be consistent.


MSM (which stands for Methylsulfonylmethane) creates new healthy cells
to replace damaged old cells, like the ones caused by being sick. MSM is an organic sulfur compound that occurs in nature and is the most common substance found in every cell of your body.

MSM also helps reduce and rebalance systemic inflammation in your lungs and respiratory tract, all of which strengthen immune, hair, skin, nail, joint, and bone health. Daily Repair Liquid with MSM also heals, repairs, and improves gut health that’s responsible for 80% of your health. It's where health originates.

As we age, our MSM storehouses decrease, which is why our bodies begin to age and health declines, unless we provide our bodies with sulfur to maintain, preserve, and prevent further decline.

The body uses sulfur to continuously create new healthy cells to replace old worn-out ones. Our body uses vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, along with sulfur, in this regenerative process. If our bodies aren’t receiving the specific nutrients in the proper amounts, including sulfur, it produces weak, dysfunctional cells, setting the stage for aging, and making us more vulnerable to disease.

Sulfur promotes and protects nerve health, in addition to a long list of our bodies metabolic processes which includes but is not limited to ...

  • relieving pain, easing arthritis, reducing inflammation, pain, and swelling. MSM/sulfur counteracts oxidative stress and improves your body's ability to absorb and utilize antioxidants that help reduce and rebalance inflammation, protect cartilage, and relieve pain.

  • slowing the aging process and regenerating tissues and cells. Tissue/cellular respiration is the process where oxygen and other substances are required and used to build new healthy cells throughout your body and release energy.

  • balancing blood sugar and energy. Sulfur is a necessity for insulin production. Insulin is an important hormone that regulates the uptake of glucose by your cells to be used as energy to fuel metabolic process and carbohydrate metabolism, meaning, the carbohydrates you eat are used and burned off, providing energy versus stored as fat for later use.

  • detoxification. It works with the liver to secrete bile, which helps improve digestion, breaking down fats and turning them into fatty acids that can be used versus stored. This ensures toxins and waste products exit cells.

  • maximizing gut health and boosting nutrient absorption which improves every aspect of your health. Nutrients are delivered to your cells and absorbed and efficiently utilized. While thiamine, pantothenic acid, biotin, and lipoic acid contain sulfur, MSM is the richest source of sulfur, which is why we add it to Daily Repair Liquid.

  • helping improve brain health and memory. Sulfur increases circulation in your brain, nourishing brain tissue and reducing oxidative stress. This protects against memory loss as well as diseases like Alzheimer’s, while helping to regenerate and heal damage caused by aging, stress, injury, or medications.

  • improving and protecting thyroid, adrenal and pituitary function. Sulfur nourishes the thyroid helping to increase concentrations of thyroid hormones, which help control proper balance, increase circulation, and protect against oxidative stress that can damage these sensitive glands and affect proper functioning.

Sulfur can be found naturally in foods such as the smelly vegetables like cabbage, Brussels sprouts, eggs, garlic, onions, fresh fruits, meat, and seafood. Dairy products are the main natural sources of MSM. Sadly, the level of sulfur in our soil has become grossly deficient and you would have to over-consume sulfur to provide your body with the amount required to fuel all of the metabolic functions mentioned.

Making matters worse, a large amount of sulfur is destroyed by washing, steaming, and baking foods, which is why supplementing is preferred over dietary.

In addition to nutrient-depleted soil, poor diet, aging, illness, disease, medications, and modern lifestyle also decrease the levels of MSM in our bodies. That’s why taking Daily Repair Liquid Collagen is strongly suggested, in addition to the other essential nutrients, of course.

LynFit Daily Repair Liquid provides the proper amounts required, in the most absorbable and usable form, blended with essential nutrients that work together, making them more powerful than taking sulfur by itself. MSM, collagen, and the nutrients work in harmony with each other, strengthening them even more.



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Lisa Lynn, Clinical Metabolic Nutrition & Fitness Expert. Best known for her 18+ years as Martha Stewart’s trainer, who was responsible for Martha’s over-50 amazing physical transformation that caught the attention of Dr. Oz, leading to her many appearances on the Dr. Oz Show. Lisa is not just another trainer; she herself lost 40 pounds and has kept it off, even with a sluggish thyroid and menopause.

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