Got Pain? We Have A Hack For You!

There are three pillars that are clinically proven to work when it comes to reducing inflammation (it's inflammation that causes pain), increase fat burning in brown adipose cells (most people don't realize that inflammation can impede fat burning), and improve our immune system, while boosting brain health. After all, it's our brain that directs the show when it comes to whole-body health. Yet sadly, it's our most overlooked organ.

Sustainable pain relief requires a holistic approach, meaning that in addition to behavioral modification techniques such as exercising and power prayer, we need to address our brain's nutritional needs that are elevated when we are in pain in order to influence and train our brain’s pain-relieving system for real lasting relief. In order for lasting pain relief to occur, the issues causing the pain need to be addressed. The good news is that regardless of why you're in pain, your body's needs are pretty simple: nourish it and it can heal itself! God is amazing in that He created a self-healing physical body and all we have to do is nourish it and keep moving!

Here is the holy trinity when it comes to drug-free alternatives for any ache, pain, or weight gain you may have. The more we understand the link between our brain’s physiology and its psychology, the more we can improve our whole-body health and live out the Bible’s promise for a happier life.

Pain Relief Hack

  • Power everything you do with Complete Protein. Complete Protein needs to be your first step in everything you do. Drink your shake every day, even if you don't want to lose weight... period. It's that simple. Complete Protein turbocharges the changes you're seeking.

  • Pure Omega 3 three times daily versus two. I should note that if you're not buying omega-3 from LynFit, your omega-3 might be making your pain worse and negatively affecting your health due to the impurities most store-bought supplements contain. They lack the clinical amounts needed to illicit the changes you're seeking. LynFit sources its omega-3 from sardines, which are smaller fish. so they contain almost zero contaminants. But that’s still not enough to satisfy us! We molecularly distill our omega, so we can be 100 percent sure you get the best, purest omega-3 possible. We keep our prices affordable to make it easy for you to be consistent. Omega-3s that contain clinical amounts of purified omega-3s like LynFit's Pure Omega 3 sell for $79.99+.

  • Provide more of the nutrients your body needs when it's working to heal and repair itself. Sadly, most of us do the exact opposite: we stop taking the nutrients our bodies need when it needs it most. We make it easy for you to nourish and protect and do it deliciously, so you never want to skip a dose. LynFit Daily Power Shot is a liquid vitamin and mineral formula that doesn't rely on digestion, so you absorb more of what your body needs. If your joints are squeaking, cracking, and stiff, your aches are telling you that your body also needs additional glucosamine, chondroitin, and MSM, to name a few, found in LynFit Daily Joint Recovery & Repair. You get a clinical dose (the dosage proven to work) in each delicious shot of Daily Joint Recovery & Repair. Take two shots every day: one Daily Power Shot and one Daily Joint Recovery & Repair when you drink your Complete Protein Shake, and pop a Pure Omega 3 and keep moving!

Youll feel better faster than you can say, “I’m drug-free and natural!”

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