Gaining Weight? Your Nutritional Supplements May Be To Blame!


If you’ve been gaining weight and you're not sure why, the supplements you take every day may be to blame!

While most of us know how bad sugar is for our health, which is why we avoid drinking soda, juice, candy, and cookies, what you might not know is that the supplements you take may be part of your weight loss problem.

Many of the store-bought nutritional supplements do not contain enough of the nutrients your body needs to protect health, improve weight loss, and encourage your body to burn off stubborn belly fat. Making matters worse is that most are not digestible or aren't absorbed by your body and can clog your system, making you gain weight, feel bloated, and harm liver health.

If you're trying to lose weight and burn fat so you can see your waistline again, you won't want to miss this Zoom talk I had with KTNV The Morning Blend in Las Vegas with the dynamic duo of Shawn Tempesta and J.J. Snyder. Both are huge fans and use LynFit Nutrition's products and LOVE our Daily Power Shot and Daily Repair Liquid, to name two.

We have the best conversations when it comes to the reasons why full-fat keto diets don't work and are very bad for your health and the reasons behind lack of weight loss that are not as obvious as you'd think.

Here is our candid conversation revealing sneaky reasons we feel so tired and have nutrient deficiencies, in spite of the fistfuls of nutritional supplements many people living in today's fearful COVID world take.

I reveal a few of the vitamin con artists in this interview, such as:

  • Why gummy vitamin/minerals aren't good for your health
  • Which nutrients you should take if you're trying to protect your health, especially if you're trying to lose weight and melt fat
  • The best way to take supplements
  • Which gummy supplements to steer clear of, and why
  • What kind of results you can expect when you begin taking the right kind of nutritional supplements, and how quickly the right nutritional supplements work

Hope you enjoy the video, and let me know which nutritional supplements you avoid and why you feel it's best. I’d love to know and share your comments and questions.

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I want to be part of your healthy weight.

Love you all! ♥️ (mean it)
Lisa Lynn

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