Feel More Like Yourself & Enjoy A Little More Bliss This Holiday Season


'Tis the season for most of us to feel run down and stressed. I love the holiday season, but with all the extra stuff added to my list, it can get hectic and leave me feeling more like a scrooge and make me forget the real reason for the season.

If you're like me and have been feeling less merry, your body aches more, your sleep has gotten worse and you feel exhausted, you've gained a few pounds since Halloween, and you're in need of a jumpstart (physically and mentally), you're going to want to try this quick fix kit. It's one of my personal favorite trios that I use every day and suggest to family and friends who tell me they aren’t feeling well, their head hurts, and they feel dizzy, confused, and achy all over. 

In fact, most of the world is feeling this way since COVID began. And some have spent thousands of dollars getting tested for all kinds of diseases because they felt so bad. I too have had these issues and have had to stay more focused than ever, choosing faith over fear, which I find hard to do when my body is showing physical signs.

When our physical symptoms escalate, we need to escalate our healthy habits to meet its needs, both physically and mentally. Our bodies and minds are connected, and our thoughts and feelings can manifest themselves physically.

In addition to taking your daily essentials, which should include the Daily Power Shot, Pure Omega 3, and Vitamin D3 Boost at the very least, I take the following boosters, and so do my family and friends who ask me for direction.

Add the following to your Daily Essentials once daily (you can add more if needed):


In addition to collagen that improves hair, skin, and nail health, Daily Repair Liquid contains 100mg of the highest quality, freshly sourced, pure vitamin C. 

Daily Repair has the highest absorption rate, so you don't need as much. It won't hurt your stomach or cause diarrhea, depleting your body even more and leaving you feeling worse.

Daily Repair can help you feel better and nourish your immune system for a more natural approach to strengthening your immune system without overdoing it to the point that it weakens your immune system.

Daily Repair also contains 500mg of MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane). This natural compound is my personal favorite for several reasons. It has been scientifically linked to improving immune health quickly, in addition to improving joint, heart, and overall health. It has been used for thousands of years safely as an anti-inflammatory and is superior to the trendy turmeric, Acai, Goji berries, or any other trendy nutrient when it comes to reducing and rebalancing our body's inflammation that's driven by our immune system and weakened from stress.

MSM helps our bodies recover faster from stress, injuries, and illness, while also helping to prevent against future attacks. Adding Daily Repair Liquid to your Daily Wellness Essentials is the best way to protect your health and slow the aging process.

The specific combo in Daily Repair Liquid of liquid vitamin C, MSM, collagen, glucosamine, chondroitin, and hyaluronic acid is one of THE VERY BEST immune enhancers that's safe for everyone to take, including those undergoing chemo. It will help keep your overall health in tip-top shape, in addition to improving your skin, hair, and nail health!

Daily Repair Liquid will keep tissues (like respiratory tract, sinus/nasal cavity, bronchi, and lungs) and organs hydrated, which is paramount when it comes to staying healthy. This includes our mental health too, as it nourishes every cell in our body, our brain, which can shrink when stressed and become dehydrated, making us feel sluggish and more depressed.


For starters, our LynFit Daily Wellness CBD Gummies and Liquid Drops are THC-free. We isolated it out for safety so it won't trigger hunger and cravings. THC can make depression and anxiety worse and cause all kinds of issues and increase hunger and cravings, as well as cause heart palpitations. None of which are good for our body.

What makes our Daily Wellness CBD Gummies and Liquid Drops different, and actually more effective than the rest, is that we use a special and unique process where we remove THC containing molecules, filter out all of the bad stuff, and then we extract the good nutrients and add them back in. You get all the physical and mental health benefits without the psychoactive or bad side effects.

I pop 1-2 Daily Wellness CBD Gummies in the early evening and/or again after dinner, when the day's stress begins to build up and my body feels more tense. in spite of my efforts.

It's important to note that COVID stress has affected the healthiest people, including myself, who are normally carefree and happy all the time and keep a positive outlook.

In addition to wreaking havoc with our cortisol levels, chronic stress depletes our bodies of nutrients that keep us healthy, physically and mentally, leaving our bodies (which includes our immune system) weaker. We tend to gain weight and become more vulnerable physically and mentally. The solution is to give our body more of what it needs to meet its demands. This translates into how we feel mentally too.

What I love about our Daily Wellness CBD Gummies is that it makes it easy to take the amount my body needs and works in 15 minutes or less, taking the edge off stress without knocking me out. They taste delicious and hit my cravings for sugar right on the head, without the added sugar or triggering a food binge, which can happen when under stress.

Did you know that the special strain of hemp used in our Daily Wellness CBD Gummies and Liquid Drops are a great source of omega 3 and 6 from plants, and is a good source of zinc, iron, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, pyridoxine, folate, vitamin E, calcium, potassium, magnesium, and phosphorus? The list is endless, but I'm sure you get the point. I call it the nighttime vitamin that won't keep you up or get you high, but it will get you healthy, physically and mentally.

Our THC-free Daily Wellness CBD Gummies and Liquid Drops are the most bioactive form and can help boost dopamine, the feel-good chemical in our brains. You'll feel more like yourself and enjoy a little more bliss this holiday season!




Lisa Lynn, Clinical Metabolic Nutrition & Fitness Expert. Best known for her 18+ years as Martha Stewart’s trainer, who was responsible for Martha’s over-50 amazing physical transformation that caught the attention of Dr. Oz, leading to her many appearances on the Dr. Oz Show. Lisa is not just another trainer; she herself lost 40 pounds and has kept it off, even with a sluggish thyroid and menopause.

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