Everyone Should Be Taking Omega-3 Every Day


Mom, kids, your dog, and yes, you! Why? For starters, we all get too much omega 6, and we don’t get enough omega-3 in our diets. This can negatively affect your weight loss and block fat burning, throwing your body out of balance and allowing inflammation to become exacerbated and aches and pains to get out of control.

Omega-3 is a daily essential, meaning we all need to take it regularly, even if you are a fish eater. Supplementing daily with LynFit Pure Omega 3 promotes muscle recovery following strenuous exercise (this includes housework) that can be repetitive or even typing every day (that allows the carpal tunnel to become inflamed and hurt). It’s a systemic helper, meaning it’s not limited, so it helps our entire body — from dry eyes, lackluster hair, skin and nails, sinuses, achy legs, shoulders, hips, and knees.

Pure Omega 3 helps balance the body's natural inflammatory response and supports heart and joint health. Add power to your workouts and improve your stretching with the cleanest (Pure Omega 3 is molecularly distilled, aka purified), purest omega-3 you can buy. 

It is also the freshest you can buy in capsule form, made in small batches from small sardines that have not had time to build up with mercury the way the less expensive larger fish can. We specifically use omega-3 from fish versus plants because it’s the most effective way to take it; however, if you are allergic to fish and you need a plant-based omega-3, you can use our Super Omega 3 Oil and Dressings (I should warn you, we can’t keep these on the shelf, so you’ll want to grab them when you can) or our Daily Wellness Liquid Drops.

Pure Omega 3, being one of the most important daily essential nutrients (meaning you need to take it daily), is best taken at night before bed. It will help you sleep naturally, help prevent hunger and cravings, and make sure your system stays regular.

LynFit Pure Omega 3 was recently honored as a #1 Purest Omega-3 Product Award among fitness trainers and health enthusiasts who know the importance of a pure omega-3 versus the kind you can buy off the shelves at stores.

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  • Lisa Lynn