Does Taking A Collagen Supplement Hurt Your Weight Loss?

Collagen is the "hot" new supplement right now, and every guru article you read is talking about its benefits. Studies confirm that collagen can boost joint, skin, hair, and nail health, and it’s very popular for those “growing bolder“ (over 50 crowd) because it slows the aging process. But what you might not know is that if you’re not taking the right amount or type of collagen, you might not receive the benefits you're hoping for. Even worse, it can prevent you from losing weight and make you feel full and bloated and block fat loss.

Lately, I’ve seen several successful weight loss programs come to a screeching halt because of collagen supplements being added... bone broth, powders, supplements etc.

A few of my in-person clients, for whatever reason, decided to randomly add powdered collagen to their morning coffee, and some dumped it into their smoothies. Almost immediately, their weight loss stopped and the scale began to creep up, which always alarms me. When I asked if they were doing anything different, they, of course, said "no, I'm 100 percent on" (I don’t believe perfection exists, so right off the bat I knew to begin looking everywhere for the cause because there is always a reason). Eventually, we figured it out and I suggested they stop using the supplement. Within 24 hours they began losing weight again! 

The reason collagen is getting so much attention now is because researchers finally figured out what bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts have known for centuries, and as a Certified Sports Nutritionist, I have been suggesting supplementing with collagen for over 20 years. Why? Because it’s the most abundant protein in the body, or should be anyway. Yet most of us, especially women over 35, are deficient in this nutrient (aka protein), which is why it’s a good idea to supplement daily. 

It’s only gaining popularity now because the marketers (aka salespeople) found a way to make money selling you separate collagen products whether you need them or not.

Supplementing daily with the right type of collagen, in the specific doses needed by your body, can work wonders in every aspect of your body. Collagen improves joint health and slows the aging process, tightens skin, keeps it healthy and supple, and wrinkle-free. Collagen plumps every cell in the body (if you're not careful, it will plump up your fat cells too) and anyone over the age of 40 (both men and women) should be taking it daily to protect and nourish joints, which helps them ache less and glide better. It also makes ligaments more pliable, which helps prevent injuries that happen as we age due to the lack of elasticity. 

What, how much, and when should you take collagen?

I suggest starting right now... today.

Prevention is always the best cure. Don’t wait until your joints ache or your skin becomes crepey and begins to sag. The secret to successful supplementation is start with the best form of premium-grade collagen, like the kind we use in LynFit Daily Joint Recovery & Repair.

Each shot delivers a clinical dose, which is the exact amount needed to deliver results you can see and feel in less than seven days!

Why is the collagen found in LynFit Daily Joint Recovery & Repair better than all the bone broths and powders seen in the market place today?

It's the best collagen you can buy anywhere because it contains all the different types of collagen your body needs in a highly absorbable colloidal liquid. Your body uses every ounce it gets versus storing it and plumping up your fat cells, making you feel bloated. And, it won't clog up your system (if you know what I mean). 

Here’s your guide to the types of collagen found in Daily Joint Recovery & Repair.

Type I Collagen: Best known for skin, hair, and nail benefits. It makes up 90 percent of our skin, hair, and nails, as well as our organs, bones, and ligaments. Type I collagen has been well known in the fitness industry for decades because it helps tighten and firm skin, delay aging, and helps reduce wrinkles and stretch marks.

Clinical studies have shown that this type of collagen has been shown to improve skin thickness, function, moisture content, and appearance, but buyer beware if you're buying collagen elsewhere... most store-bought collagen do not contain this type and have been found to be contaminated with heavy metals. Exactly what you don’t want when trying to lose weight.

Type I collagen is the best type of collagen for these beauty benefits its collagen peptides come from fish, which is why it's considered superior in its ability in raising overall body collagen while greatly improving your skin, hair, nail, and even your bone quality. 

Type II Collagen: It's in there! We've all heard it... that chicken soup is good for the soul, but it’s also good for our immune system, and that’s why it’s so great for us when we’re sick: Type II collagen is mainly sourced from chickens and is found in chicken broth made from chicken bones.

Type II collagen is important because it strengthens and protects our gut lining by acting as a barrier between the substances we consume. This helps our fragile digestive systems to work properly, which also helps improve and protect our immune health.

Type ll collagen is a major building block of cartilage, which is why it’s so crucial for every aspect of our health, especially our joint health. LynFit's is a pure, micro-filtered source and all contaminants, toxins, and impurities are checked and re-checked to keep you safe and get you the best results possible.

Yup, it's got type III collagen too: Type III collagen helps to form our arterial walls, which is paramount when it comes to protecting our cardiovascular health. Type lll is often found next to the type I collagen in our body (think bone, cartilage, dentin, tendons, skin, as well as other connective tissues), but in smaller amounts. It offers many similar benefits for skin and bone. Why settle for one when you can have both? 

And also...

Type V And X Collagen: Collagen type l, ll, and lll are the most common because they are the most abundant in the body and the most commonly found in supplements. While they are less popular, they are also important for numerous body functions. Type V collagen helps form cell membranes and the tissue in women’s placentas. Type X is critical when it comes to bone formation. 

If you have been using a collagen supplement, whether it’s in a pill or bone broth form, and your weight loss has plateaued or even stopped, I suggest you stop taking it immediately! Weigh yourself and cleanse to reboot your system and stay on it long enough to allow your system to clear itself out, and make very sure you're going to the bathroom (#2) several times daily (you may need more than 2 Raspberry Ketone Cleanse & Restore to do this after using collagen supplements) and remain on the cleanse until you begin to feel better and your weight loss begins to move again. Nine out of ten times you’ll lose between 3-6 pounds of build-up after using store-bought, unpurified collagen supplements. Your stomach will be flatter, and you’ll notice that bloat disappears too, so your pants will button again. Your skin will clear, your joints will ache less, and you'll feel like your self again.

A word on bone broth supplements...

Bone broth has many caveats, but for the sake of this blog, I’m going to list briefly:

  • It’s yucky
  • It slows weight loss and prevents fat-burning
  • It's cumbersome to make yourself 
  • It's high in preservatives, pesticides, and chemicals (Yes, even if your packaging says it isn’t.) 

    Rain, water drainage/runoff cannot be controlled, and, you might not want to know this, but our rain is a direct byproduct of our water supply that’s also made up of pollution, chemicals, and cleaners (you know the stuff your husband sprays the grass with when you leave hoping you won’t notice).

    You might not notice, but the meat we are eating and broth made from bones of these poor animals are absolutely affected regardless of its organic claims. Sorry, I had to let my inner scientist out!

If I sounded like an "almost" vegetarian, it’s because the more I learn about avoiding cancer, the less I eat meat, including chicken. In my house, red meat is never served. The truth is, we love animals more than people (LOL), and red meat's not good for us. Turkey breast is our meat of choice, and we feel better eating it less than three times weekly.

This is why supplements such as LynFit Daily Joint Recovery & Repair are superior when it comes to meeting our body's collagen needs!

With supplements, you can guarantee the dose you take is going to get results (if you're using LynFit -- this is not true if you're using warehouse and chain store brands).

You can do it daily—supplements, that is, and consistency and frequency counts most.

Here's the best way to take LynFit Daily Joint Recovery & Repair...

Saturate every cell in your body by taking (1 shot/1 oz.) of Daily Joint Recovery & Repair 2-3 times daily (morning, noon, and night is best). Be consistent with these specific dosages for the first two weeks or more, if needed. 

Drink a cup of water for best assimilation, or pour it right into your water for a delicious hydrating drink that also helps keep your whole body healthier, including your skin.

So now you know why it's best to rely on LynFit Daily Joint Recovery & Repair when it comes to collagen versus drinking bone broth or using a powdered type if you're trying to lose weight and melt belly fat. It delivers a clinical dose (clinical doses are the amount that’s proven to get results or bring about change) without empty calories.

It turns superhero ingredients into a delicious colloidal liquid, meaning the nutrients are suspended in a more stable form. They are absorbed more efficiently by the body and utilized by cells, whereas some supplements... scratch that most store-bought (especially warehouse brands)... use inferior quality that is not easily used by our body, leaving a sediment, or as I refer to as "supplement sediment" that clogs up the body just as bad as consuming red meat and cheese in the same meal. The end result being blocking weight loss and fat burning.

Take more if you're super-busy, stressed, or healing and recovering from, illness or injury. Most people don’t realize that if they're stressed or recovering or highly active, trying to saturate the body with the nutrients it needs is like filling a glass with water that has holes in it—you're pouring, but it never fills the glass per se. I suggest that my clients "pump" the dose of Daily Joint Recovery & Repair Liquid up to 5-6 times daily to saturate their body with the nutrients it needs to feel better. It’s important to understand that your body needs to be properly hydrated in order for these nutrients to be carried and delivered to the desired locations, like where you ache most.

"Pump" your body meaning increase your dosage to two shot glasses full 3-5 times daily for the first two weeks. If you have digestive issues, your body may be better off with one shot glass five times daily, depending on your metabolism, due to absorption issues that can impede absorption.

Once your body is saturated with the nutrients it needs, begin to taper off and you can go back to a maintenance dose, which is 1-3 shots daily, or more, depending on your pain, activity level, health, and physical and emotional issues that all affect the body's metabolic function and depletes the body, literally robbing it of the nutrients it needs to feel good and be healthy. It’s important to note that some of the most common medications can also deplete the body of essential nutrients.

How do you know if your body is depleted or in need of supplement assistance?

Fatigue, aches, pains, creaky joints, and tight muscles that won’t release no matter how much stretching you do. Also, hair loss, low nail or hair growth, and the most common reason women need and love collagen (I sure do) is to combat loose, saggy skin and skin that begins to wrinkle.

Another big depleter is surgery, both pre and post. I’m not a fan of surgery, but sometimes it’s necessary. What amazes me is that people prepare for marathons, yet not for surgery. Surgical intervention increases your body’s nutrient needs more than running the Boston Marathon!

How your body heals or refuses to heal is a direct correlation to whether you're moving it correctly (not too much or too little) as well as whether or not its nutritional needs are being met. This gets tougher as we get older because our body's digestion becomes impaired (ages), which is why it’s not as simple as how much you take and taking more. It's now a question of what you assimilate (absorb), and if your metabolism is working correctly, your body can also make sure these nutrients are transported to your cells and utilized efficiently.

So what are we supposed to do if we struggle in all of these areas? Can’t we just take more?

Nope! It’s not quite that simple. Taking more of any supplement is never a good idea. It’s like throwing money at a problem to fix it versus addressing the underlying issues first, so the problem goes away or can be managed efficiently.

If you read my book, The Metabolism Solution, you’ve heard me say, “More isn’t better, better is better." At LynFit, we use only the highest quality ingredients, in clinically researched doses, making sure all nutrients are stacked or teamed up with other nutrients that all work together synergistically. You may actually end up taking less and feeling better than if you're taking “lumberjack“ doses.

We also turned Daily Joint Recovery & Repair into a delicious flavored, tropical liquid that delivers the most effective collagen, combined with glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM, and of course, vitamin C.

So, now you know, which type of collagen should you be taking?

The one that delivers all of the benefits listed above that’s also derived from the safest, most efficient forms of collagen. That’s hard to find, and that’s why we added Daily Joint Recovery & Repair to our line two years ago. Daily Joint Repair Recovery & Repair Liquid contains types I, II, III, V, and X, and is a good option for anyone seeking the overall benefits of collagen protein. And, unlike broths or powders, it’s delicious, fast absorbing, and easier to take. In fact, it’s so delicious you’ll want to!

So, if you’re looking for the best, most comprehensive collagen supplement that contains all the versions of collagen in one simple, easy-to-take supplement, look no further. Daily Joint Recovery & Repair Liquid is like taking a multivitamin for your hair, skin, and nails.

What makes Daily Joint Recovery & Repair different and super-special?

LynFit Daily Joint Recovery & Repair uses premium brand nutrients that are the purest, in exactly the doses needed by the body, to get results fast... without affecting your weight loss. If you’ve been taking collagen, we challenge you to try LynFit's instead. Throw out the bone broth, powdered or pill forms of collagen, don't take any other collagen supplements and start taking Daily Joint Recovery & Repair today. We guarantee that no matter why you decide to take it, whether it be to relieve aches and pains, improve joint health, or to improve your skin, hair, and nails, you’ll notice a difference in seven days, or we will refund your money! (Terms and conditions: Take one shot, twice daily (increase to three if your issues are severe) and take no other collagen supplements.)

Who should be taking Daily Joint Recovery & Repair?

Everyone should be taking Daily Joint Recovery & Repair (in addition to their LynFit Daily Power Shot and Complete Protein Shake) because most people have multiple deficiencies. Make sure that if you're taking Daily Joint Recovery & Repair that you are not taking any other collagen supplement.

Isn’t collagen a good form a protein?

It’s a form of protein, but it does not replace the need for protein shakes, which is why you want a collagen supplement like Daily Joint Recovery & Repair versus using broth, powder, or other forms, especially if you're trying to lose weight.

So, to answer the question: Does taking a collagen supplement hurt your weight loss? Taking the right kind of collagen supplement can not only enhance your weight loss but your overall health as well. And, that right kind of collagen... LynFit Daily Joint Recovery & Repair!


NOTE: Collagen sources may vary due to nationwide shortages. We take every step in choosing premium, pure, fresh collagen sources to protect your body and weight loss.

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