De-Stress & Kill Hunger & Cravings

It is possible to train yourself to de-stress without succumbing to stress eating that sabotages your workout and weight loss results!

Your diet (what you eat) is responsible for 90% of your weight loss results. Yes, that's correct; your daily workouts only contribute to 10% of our weight loss.

Please don’t misunderstand; I'm not saying you don't need to work out, I am saying, however, that if you do want to lose weight and reduce cravings, you SHOULD be focusing on your daily diet, reducing calories, carbs/sugar, and fat, making calorie reduction your top priority, not working out more.

WHY? Exercise is a form of stress, and despite it being a positive form, it's still stress and elevates cortisol levels and can increase your hunger and cravings and increase cortisol levels, which makes it feel impossible to lose weight or burn off that excess belly fat that you've wanted to lose before summer is in full swing.

You can teach and retrain yourself to STOP STRESS eating on cue! If I can do it, you can do it. It's a question of will you do it, NOT will it work. Sorry, I know sometimes the truth can be tough, but it's tough love, and I want to see you get results.

Before I fill you in on the solution, I do want to emphasize that the more stressed you are, the more nutrients and sleep depleted your body becomes, and the longer it will take you to refill your nutrient depletion. This is also true of over-exercisers too who become nutrient depleted. 

It's easy to see how doing more exercise can actually make it worse until you get your body back in balance. Exercise is received as stress to your body and uses up more nutrients (practically all of them). And, if you're not using enough of the right nutritional supplements, you can take a bad situation and make it worse, which is why many people don't lose weight, even though they work out all the time.

I'm not saying you shouldn't exercise. I am saying to focus on first things first, which is to nourish and protect your body. This, in turn, will reduce hunger and kill cravings before they begin, and regulate every single function in your body. That is, IF you use the right ones and supplement with a specific strategy versus throwing seemingly helpful nutrients into your body that don't help you reach your goal.

The most common ones I see way too often are:

  • Collagen powder - SKIP IT!
  • MACA powder - SKIP IT!
  • Green powders - SKIP THEM!

When it comes to easing aches and pains, reach for natural methods versus relying on Tylenol, Advil, and other methods that can deplete our bodies and cause weight gain and block fat loss (unless, of course, your doctor suggested you take them). You can always speak to your doctor and let them know you'd like to wean yourself off medications for a more natural approach instead. You would be surprised how effective these methods can be without all the side effects that can be worse than the symptoms you're taking them for.

Why, you ask? I'm not saying they are bad, but you wouldn’t use a hammer to do a screwdrivers job, would you? The same holds true when it comes to supplements. What you might not know is that some can BE THE REASON YOU'RE NOT LOSING WEIGHT. 

Maca powder, for starters, isn't the best nutrient when it comes to your skin, hair, or nails. And... drum roll... Maca contains goitrogens that interfere with normal thyroid function. This is still true even if you don't have thyroid issues because eating habits and supplements have become so out-of-balance that we are affecting our body's biology by overconsuming seemingly healthy vegetables like kale and spinach, and then using green powders, in addition to Maca, which can bring our thyroid function to a screeching halt.

The same is true when it comes to greens powders. Many contain excessive amounts of nightshade and goitrogenic vegetables that slow the thyroid and exacerbate inflammation, preventing weight loss and block fat burning. Since our thyroid is THE MASTER GLAND of our body, just about every function is affected - from mood, depression, anxiety, sleeplessness, cold hands and feet, hair loss, hot flashes, and the list goes on.

As for collagen, watch my videos where I explain more in-depth about collagen powders and why your collagen powder may be making you gain weight. As you know, there is no such magic pill; however, there is a nutritional supplement that can promise you these results and more: LynFit's Daily Repair Liquid!

That's why I carefully and strategically put together the Metabolic Weight Loss System. It has everything you need to safely lose weight and IMPROVE every aspect of your health. Most importantly, I didn't add ingredients like Maca, and we don't use goitrogenic or nightshade nutrients--avoiding them at all costs, whenever possible. 

That's the core and base, but sometimes we need a little extra support when it comes to hunger and cravings, sleep, and stress reduction. So here is short list of add-ons you can add to your metabolic base. While they all work alone, they work 10-times better when you follow the recipe for success... weight loss success, that is.

Simply follow the instructions the way its laid out in the Metabolic Meal & Supplement Plan (don't leave anything out or add anything in that's not listed), you're guaranteed to lose weight! In fact, most people report losing one or more pounds per day on this plan. And yes, it's okay to lose 1-2 pounds safely, and it's healthy if you're making sure to drink at least two Complete Protein Shakes daily and taking your supplements as directed. It's the healthiest choice you can ever make and will save you time, money, and lots of frustration because it makes it so easy you can't NOT DO IT.

The only thing stopping you is you!

So, to answer the MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION of what you should if you want to lose weight... THE METABOLIC BOOSTING SYSTEM, of course! It's the #1 way to lose weight for the last 30 years I've been in business. 

If you're already at your goal weight, or what you're doing is working for weight loss, but you want or need extra help when it comes to hunger and cravings, depression, anxiety, sleep issues, aches, pains, and inflammation, or you want to improve hair, skin, and nail health, or protect joints from deteriorating/boost recovery, read the list below for natural ways to help that won't stop weight loss or cause weight gain.

  • Hunger, Cravings, Anxiety, Depression: Add 5-HTP Lean. If your anxiety levels are above a three on scale of 1-5, I suggest popping a CBD Daily Wellness Gummy in addition to 5-HTP Lean as a daily anti-depressant. Take (1) one gummy when you feel anxious and continue every 60 minutes until you feel regulated and less anxious. This is the best way to kill cravings as it addresses the underlying issues that fuel them.

  • Sleep issues: Take (1-2) Lean Sleep every night. Don’t skip taking Lean Sleep, even if you're tired. It regulates your circadian rhythms and brown fat, rebalancing them, in addition to managing cortisol levels and enhancing belly fat burning. Lean Sleep is premium grade, pure melatonin, which is the best antioxidant you can take.

    For severe sleep issues, take CBD Daily Wellness Liquid Drops along with your Lean Sleep. And, if you're waking up in the middle of the night, taking a gummy can help you stay asleep.

  • Improve Hair, Skin, and Nail Health: Add some Daily Repair Liquid with Collagen Peptides to your Complete Protein Shake for maximum hair, skin, and nail health. For hair regrowth/loss due to weight loss, thyroid, or stress issues, add Thyro-Boost as directed to your Complete Protein Shake with Daily Repair Liquid. 

  • Thyroid, Autoimmune, Adrenal Issues, Chronic Stress: Add Thyro-Boost daily, and be sure you're drinking a Metabolic Complete Protein Shake at least once daily.

  • Menopause, Hot Flashes, Moodiness: Follow the above and add 5-HTP Lean.

  • Basic Everyday Aches and Pains, Joint Protection: Add Daily Repair Liquid. For severe or chronic aches and pains, arthritis, joint pain, heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, restless leg syndrome, knee, back, hip, ankle, foot (this can include nerve pain), stack Recovery Agent + Pure Omega 3 + Daily Repair Liquid daily, and for extreme pain, you may want to add either CBD oil or 5-HTP Lean.

  • Nerve Pain: The longer you’ve waited to address your nerve pain, the longer it may take to nutrify your body. Once it's re-nourished, you'll feel the relief. Stack Daily Wellness CBD Liquid Drops and/or Gummies, Pure Omega 3, Recovery Agent, and a Complete Protein Shake daily. Nerve pain is extremely depleting to our bodies and our minds, and once nerve pain is severe, it's going to take you longer to shut it down.

I hope this helps you navigate your way to natural weight loss and healing. If you have a more specific or personal question, please feel free to email me at I love to hear from you and will be glad to help you in any way I can!

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