Creamy Collagen Boosted Iced Coffee

Creamy Collagen Boosted Iced Coffee

Making this one small change to your morning coffee ritual WILL change everything about your metabolic health, starting with reducing blood sugar, which controls hunger and cravings for up to five hours! Try this delicious clean keto Creamy Collagen Boosted Iced Coffee, made with your favorite cold brew coffee (cold brew is less acidic). It’s super easy to make and an irresistibly delicious caffeinated pick-me-up.

Swapping out your usual milk or creamer for LynFit Nutrition® Collagen Boost Coffee Creamer will make it easier to lose weight and melt off belly fat. This includes seemingly healthy, trendy almonds, cashews, oats, rice, and soy. And yes, this includes coconut milk that is over-processed and loaded with “stuff” your body has no use for. It spikes blood sugar levels, triggering hunger and cravings, slowing your metabolism, and blocking the weight loss and fat-burning process.

That “little splash” in your morning coffee does more harm than you might think.

LynFit Collagen Boost Coffee Creamer feeds the muscle, which boosts metabolism and keeps it revved for 4-6 hours after each use, versus milk and other coffee creamers that feed your fat cells, so they never leave, and the vicious weight gain (lack of weight loss) cycle continues. 

For the next two weeks (30 days is better for stubborn, chronically elevated blood sugar and A1C levels), either drink your coffee or tea black or swap out the old processed empty-calorie milk and creamers and start using LynFit Maximum Strength Collagen Boost Coffee Creamer to feed the muscle and starve the fat so it leaves.

Feeding the muscle boosts metabolism and prevents metabolic slowdown even when fasting or calories are reduced.

This LynFit Nutrition® Creamy Collagen Boosted Iced Coffee is made with two ingredients. Use your favorite cold brew or other black coffee and LynFit Collagen Boost Coffee Creamer. It is super simple to make — clean keto and seriously delicious caffeinated pick-me-up. 🔥

  • (4 oz.) Cold brewed coffee or (2 tsp.) espresso powder mixed into [4 oz.] water) *You can use (2 shots) of premade espresso
  • (1 oz. [2 Tbsp.]) LynFit Collagen Boost Coffee Creamer
  • Add all ingredients to a coffee mug or glass that is large enough to combine, stir, and ENJOY. *You can blend in a blender and blend on high until nice and frothy.
  • Pour into a glass with ice and enjoy!
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