Celebrating Words of Hope from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

As one of our nation's most inspiring leaders, there are lessons we can all learn from the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Yes, even when it comes to weight loss and living a cleaner, healthier.


"Have a Dream!"

Dr. King had a vision so clear that he devoted every aspect of his life to align with his dream. Without a vision, without that dream, the chances of your expectations coming to life are slim. Putting the time and effort into coming up with a clear vision will not only get you going in the right direction but will also keep you focused through the tough times.

Dreams are critical to our success and should not be overlooked. Our dreams inspire us to achieve and bring hope and strength to get through another day and look forward to tomorrow, with determination to continue.

Print this out, grab a pen and write them down. This cements the goal subliminally, making it more likely you’ll achieve them. What’s your dream (be specific)? __________________________________________________


"Make it Relevant and Meaningful"

Straight from the words of Dr. King, “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, what are you doing for others?'” Your experience must be meaningful and bring value to others. Don’t forget that taking care of your personal health is the #1 thing we can do for our family and friends. Ask yourself this question as you make decisions like which diet or workout you should follow.

If your health doesn’t improve in the process, it’s going to hurt your health or harm your body (think CrossFit kills knees), and the diet you follow clogs arteries, it’s probably not a good idea. If you wouldn’t suggest them to your kids, you probably shouldn’t be doing them either.

I’ve had people share stories about how they damaged their thyroid health by juicing too much of the wrong vegetables. Also, stories of burned esophagus’ from drinking excessive turmeric teas. And my least favorite story is over-exercising to the point they needed joints replaced, and back surgery from injuries caused by not using good form or too intensely to punish themselves for overeating.

Dr. King was all about love, not war, and this is even truer when it comes to health. Always choose love when you create your plan. Loving yourself means eating foods that promote health and weight loss, even if you’ve put on a few pounds.  


"Work Together"

Dr. King's vision was to work together in the hope of achieving a greater goal and bringing a more meaningful experience, which requires more than one idea, more than one trial, more than one partner, and more than one concept. 

Connect on a deeper level with your family and friends by having new experiences together like meeting friends for a walk instead of always making it about food. Meet for black coffee and say no to eating in-between meals. The most determined, successful “losers” communicate what they need from those they spend the most time with.

For even greater success, they bring a support person to help keep them on track until they achieve their goal and have become strong enough to stay on track themselves. This not only makes it more fun for you (yes, losing weight can be fun), but it also builds morale and helps motivate others to take charge of their health. 


"Help Others"

This is exactly what Dr. King meant when he said, “How are you helping others?"
Are you inspiring them to eat cleaner and move more, or going to eat pizza with them when you know they need support? Think about it!

What are some ways you can help others who are in need of improving their health by losing weight? Sometimes it’s as simple as inviting them over for a delicious Complete Protein Shake after your walk. You’d be shocked how bonding and delicious this can be. It’s how I met most of my celebrity clients who now share their shakes with those closest to them, and now they too have lost weight.


"Be Bold, Be Brave, Be Courageous"

Dr. King dared to share his message, and look at how many people he has helped. Be bold and stand out from the crowd.

Just because the trend is to eat Keto, despite that fact that it's loaded with saturated fats doesn't mean you should! Do what’s right and don’t be afraid to shout out what you know is true. If you’ve blown out your back over-exercising, help spare your friends. Or if you know high saturated fat diets are causing major damage to hearts and cardiovascular systems in America, share your story. It's the reason God put us here!


"Now is the Time - Create a Sense of Urgency"

Dr. King never waited! He never put anything off that needed to be addressed that day. Will you? What exactly are you waiting for?

LynFit wants to help you. Please email us at Support@LynFit.com if you're r not sure where to start. Now is the best time for improving your health physically, mentally, and spiritually.

You've got this!

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