Can I Cheat On My Diet & Still Lose Weight?


It is possible to cheat on your diet and still lose weight, or at least prevent weight gain. After all, we only live once, right? However, if you're a foodie like me, you will want to make sure that you take note and have the weight loss tools you need to protect yourself from the side effects (weight gain ) caused by eating too many carbs and excess fat.

It all starts with understanding how your metabolism works.

Metabolism Math

If you have more than 10 pounds to lose, or you’ve lost and gained more than 10 pounds, it’s going to be more difficult for you to avoid weight gain because your metabolism slows down by 11-14 percent. Your body resists weight loss, and due to high insulin levels, your body gains weight much easier, unless you take a few precautions. 

Hint... diet and exercise won’t work, and willpower won’t work. You need a clear plan; a plan doesn’t only tell you what to do, it tells you what not to do. No plan equals no protection.

Address the Underlying Issues and Boost Your Metabolism

The easiest way to do this is by drinking LynFit Complete Whey Protein (2 scoops in the morning and again) and take (1-2) LynFit Accelerator Advanced in the morning and again at lunch. 

    • Balances blood sugar levels which stop cravings and keeps you feeling fuller longer
    • Boosts metabolism 25 percent, preventing metabolic slow-down
    • Block 65 percent of the unwanted carbs and fats from being absorbed
    • Cleans up the damage caused by overeating the wrong foods (Aim to do this for breakfast and lunch the day of as well as the day after to clean up your system after a cheat day.)

All of these benefits without gastric distress!

Next, Protect Your Body from Harm

This is where LynFit Cutting Edge comes in to play. Take (1-2) in the morning and again at lunch to prevent new fat cells from forming. Taking Cutting Edge transports fats into the fat burning furnace to be burned off versus being stored. It’s also a good idea to take both of these 2-3 hours before you cheat. 

Most importantly, if you bite it, write it! If you drink, it ink it! Make a deal with yourself to write down everything you eat or drink and tally your calories. Plan to enjoy the food by eating mindfully versus shoveling everything you see into your mouth.

Download the LynFit Food Journal by clicking HERE.

In my 30 years of helping people lose weight, I’ve never seen anyone go on a binge and say, "wow that felt good... "

Ironically, when you set a goal and create a plan, even if you don’t follow it perfectly (hint... perfection does not exist), you'll feel better and more accomplished. You'll boost more than your metabolism; you'll boost motivation and self-esteem, which fuels motivation and your discipline muscles get stronger.

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What will your plan be this holiday season?

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