Buyer Beware: Not All Nutritional Supplements Are Created Equal!

Walk into your local CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, Costco, or your local vitamin store, and there are thousands of bottles of nutritional supplements. It can be confusing and downright overwhelming trying to decide which supplements to take and which ones to avoid.

Gummies, powdered greens, turmeric, collagen, and then there is the protein section where you'll find countless types of protein powders -- from vegan, whey, hemp, and pea protein. And if that's not bad enough, you have to decide on pre-made ready-to-drink cans or powdered versions for DIY smoothies and green juices galore.

It doesn't end there! Protein and energy bars are all the rage. There are literally hundreds of thousands of options. Every store now sells some version of protein, CBD, and this includes expensive vitamin waters. But, what you might not know is that not all nutritional supplements are good for weight loss. In fact, most of the store-bought nutritional supplements (especially the pre-made pop-in-your-mouth versions) are high in sugar, trans fats, and some even nutrient con artists. Not only can they stop your weight loss, but they can also be to blame for your weight gain and belly fat. 

Buyer beware: Not all supplements are created equal, and some can even be harmful, spiking blood sugar levels and also damaging thyroid and adrenal health.

If you want to improve and protect your health, or you're trying to lose weight or melt fat, or safely boost your energy levels, watch the video above to avoid making the common supplement mistakes that could stop you from losing weight and block fat loss.

If you've been lured in by bold false advertising claims or cheap pricing, and you thought it was too good to be true, you're not alone. I've been there myself when I first tried to lose weight. It left me more overweight, feeling more anxious, and kept me up all night. I was broke after buying countless individual bottles of seemingly good-for-me nutritional supplements that I trusted because I had purchased them from a well-known local vitamin store. 

Each of the bottles of the so-called vitamin counter guru suggested were expensive, so I thought it must be good. And since she said it was one of their best sellers, I trusted that it must work, and I must need each of the suggested nutrients. I never paused to ask myself: Do I really need this? What specifically will it help me with? Can it make it easier for me to reach my specific fitness, health, or weight loss goal? Will my sensitive, hypothyroid/sluggish digestion be able to digest and absorb it? Is it possible to combine any of these nutrients together to save time and money, and make it more convenient, so I might actually be able to stick to my plan and be more consistent?

Out of fear and desperation, and not knowing where to start, I fell right into the health halo supplement trap and handed over my hard-earned money, turned vegan, started juicing kale, and turned my strong, somewhat normal healthy body, into an unhealthy train wreck due to accidentally blowing up my thyroid, causing it to shut down due to overconsumption of goitrogenic vegetables, inhibiting my already sluggish thyroid. Sadly, my thyroid got worse and this affected every aspect of my health, including slowing my metabolism, making it seem impossible to lose weight no matter how clean I ate, starved myself, or how hard, long, or often I worked out.

My 15-pound weight loss turned into a 25-pound weight gain and made me feel hopeless and more depressed than ever. I gave up... until I met Dr. Fred Hatfield (Dr. Squat), who taught me how to eat, supplement, and work out specifically to reach my goal, lose weight, become fitter, and feel good.

I learned: It wasn't my fault and he confirmed it wasn't in my head. I could easily turn my situation around with a few simple steps . And YOU CAN TOO! Yes, you CAN turn your situation around (whatever you're facing) once you learn how to eat, supplement, work out, and improve sleep/rest specifically for your metabolic type.

All you need is the right meal/food plan and nutritional supplements that act like power tools, making it faster and easier to lose weight, improve and protect your health, and prevent metabolic slowdown that can stop your weight loss every time you try to reduce calories, or workout more as a way to control your weight. But, you have to have the right plan, combine it with how to eat, exercise, and incorporate the strategic use of safe supplements that provide the specific nutrients your metabolic, sluggish thyroid body type needs (in a form that's easy to absorb, so your body can actually digest and use), so that every cell becomes saturated with the essential nutrients your body needs, in the amounts needed. 

My struggles and how I overcame them motivated me to help those who struggle like I did. It's more than a mission to me; it's my life! I lost 40 pounds, kept it off, and while my weight loss history is like everyone else's when I did what I was supposed to, my weight went back down, and I lost the weight I had re-gained easily.

I can help you too! And I guarantee this plan will work for you. It will not only be the easiest diet you've ever tried, but also bring more deliciousness and improve your relationship with food. All you have to do is decide.

The only thing that can stop you is you! Say goodbye to dieting and hello to faster, easier, and healthier weight loss. You'll never need another diet or diet book again.

It works with your body NOT against it the way other plans operate. Besides, if there is one thing we have all learned through our struggles, it's diets don't work.

Following this program makes it super easy to unlearn your old not-so-healthy habits because it focuses on what to do instead and also how to make it taste good. You want to do it every day versus holding your nose to get down green drinks that taste terrible, have a negative impact on thyroid health, and cost a fortune.

This plan works and is healthy enough to do with your spouse and family, which says a lot about its safety and doability.

Remember, you don't have to worry anymore. I've got your back! You're not alone on this journey. I'll be right there walking right alongside you as I'm still living the leaner (leanest) lifestyle. And thank God, enjoying every minute deliciously and nutritiously, even at 52!

If you're finally ready to lose weight, burn off that stubborn belly fat, including that inch that you pinch every time you stand in front of a mirror naked (thought you were the only one who did that 😂❓), and feel better than you ever have, you're in the right place! All you have to do is take the first step, which is deciding to order your nutritional supplements and Complete Protein Shakes.

The only thing you have to lose is weight! Trust me, if I can do it, so can you, and I'll teach you how. YOU CAN DO IT!

I'm ready when you are...

Lisa Lynn

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