Boost Metabolism & Weight Loss While Supercharging Fat Loss!

LynFit Fat Loss Stack 101

Wanna drop a few pounds and melt off that stubborn belly fat? You can — all you need is a boost to jumpstart your weight loss and turn up your fat-burning by stacking your fat loss supplements.

  • Burn fat
  • Boost metabolism
  • Crush cravings
  • Improve energy and focus

The goal is to reduce body fat levels, and the best way to do this is to feed the muscle and starve the fat. Since muscle burns calories it's critical that you keep it. The best way to accomplish this is to follow the LynFit Advanced Metabolic Boosting Meal Plan.

The Advanced Metabolic Boosting Meal Plan is a low carb, low fat approach to losing weight and melting fat. It's the #1 way to lose weight faster and easier. It's also the healthiest way to lose weight. Since it's low in bad carbs and fat, but high in fiber (from vegetables) and lean proteins (such as LynFit Complete Protein Shakes, LynFit Lean Bars, and white fish), it helps to slow down the aging process as well. You cannot find a faster, easier, or better way to lose weight and melt belly fat.

Make sure you're drinking at least two LynFit Complete Protein Shakes daily to increase your metabolism and keep your hard earned muscle from being burned as fuel.

LynFit Complete Protein is unique due to the superior quality of whey that's used. This high-quality whey is also why it blocks cortisol levels from rising that may allow your body to store more fat. (NOTE: LynFit cannot guarantee theses results using other protein shakes and vegan proteins as they will not work the same way)

It doesn't matter if you're male or female, boosting your metabolism is the best way to supercharge your fat loss, creating fast, visible results that can be seen the first week you start.

The secret is stacking your fat loss supplements for maximum results. You'll burn more calories all day long, even while you sleep. Stacking fat loss supplements also prevent the metabolic slowdown that occurs when you reduce calories. LynFit's fat loss stack is the only fat loss formula that helps you overcome the common obstacles that will stop you from losing weight by addressing the underlying issues at the source, such as:

  • Metabolic resistance (inability to lose weight)
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Hormones
  • High blood sugar
  • Hypothyroidism
  • High blood pressure
  • Depression and anxiety caused by improper diet
  • Many, many more.....

Sometimes diet and exercise just aren't enough. That's where the smart use of safe supplements comes in. Below, are simple steps you can take to boost your metabolism and weight loss while supercharging your fat loss and reducing cellulite.


Step One: Turn up the heat to increase your metabolism

LynFit Accelerator is a thermogenic supplement, meaning it heats up the body, creating a fat-burning environment. It tricks your body and metabolism into acting like a thin person.

LynFit Accelerator is a unique blend of ingredients specifically designed to boost the fat-burning process. Mixing all these ingredients together is far more effective than taking them individually (cheaper too). This special blend of herbs and nutrients acts as a catalyst to jumpstart your metabolism and create a feeling of fullness. These ingredients may help rid your body of excess water, balance blood sugar levels, and generate energy.

Take (1) LynFit Accelerator at breakfast and another one at lunch time. For an accelerated boost, take (1) at breakfast, mid-morning, and again right after lunch, as long as you feel you can handle it. Always take LynFit Accelerator with a full glass of water of green tea.

Step Two: Prevent thyroid slowdown, regulate metabolism, and balance blood sugar levels

Preventing thyroid slowdown, regulating your metabolism, and balancing your blood sugar levels, while killing hunger and cravings, is the key to melting belly fat and reshaping your body. 

LynFit Carb Edge contains guggul, a herb that helps safely boost thyroid function and regulate metabolism, keeping your weight loss on track for awesome results. Guggul works best when combined with other fat burning, metabolic boosting ingredients. Instead of just one workhorse, you have five or more ingredients in LynFit Carb Edge helping you lose weight and fat.

LynFit Carb Edge is a custom blended supplement that contains over a dozen ingredients, made from the highest quality sources that help suppress appetite and cravings—our worst enemy when it comes to losing weight.

Take (1) LynFit Carb Edge capsule mid-morning and again at lunch and mid-afternoon with a full glass of water or green tea.

Step Three: Burn fat, kill cravings, and reduce cellulite

LynFit Cutting Edge is a custom blended fat-burning supplement that contains over 19 highly effective fat-fighting agents who work together to fight fat from every angle. This means that stubborn body fat doesn't stand a chance. 

The ingredients in LynFit Cutting Edge have been used for decades. Modern research continues to validate them when it comes to losing stubborn body fat. L-Carnitine is the superstar among these ingredients. It works as a shuttle, pulling fat from storage and dragging it into the cell so it can be burned off. 
Take (1) LynFit Cutting Edge capsule in the morning, again mid-morning, and then again mid-afternoon, with a full glass of water or green tea.

The most important time to take your fat loss stack is when you're not eating clean, so it's critical that you take your stack on vacation and your "off" days. Be sure to take them with a full glass of water or green tea each time. 

You can download and print out an easy to use usage guide HERE.

More information about all these supplements can be found in The Metabolism Solution.

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