Hot Chocolate With A Boost Of Bliss

Looking for a way to switch up your routine or boost your chocolate bliss? Want more peace in your day? Here’s one of my favorite ways to harness the natural botanical benefits of Pure Hemp to improve bliss and improve health, while relieving aches and pains… “Hot Chocolate with a Boost of Bliss”!

Boost Bliss Smoothie


  • (2 scoops) LynFit Chocolate Truffle Protein
  • (1 cup) Black coffee (the coffee is great for cleansing)
  • (½-1 dropper full) LynFit Daily Wellness Hemp Drops (


Add the Chocolate Truffle Protein and black coffee to a high-powered blender and blend to desired consistency.

Pour into a glass, add (½-1 dropper full) of LynFit Daily Wellness Hemp Drops and stir, if needed.

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