Hair Loss Causes & Symptoms

August is Hair Loss Month, and if you're like me and battle autoimmune/hypothyroidism, aging hormonal, and genetic issues, you know firsthand how frustrating hair loss can be. I'm going to let you in on a little backstage TV secret … anytime you see a good head of hair on a woman over 40, you can guarantee that she is aggressively approaching her hair health and regrowth.

From a nutrition standpoint, hair health mirrors nutritional deficiencies affecting our hormones. Hair loss, thinning hair, and baldness affect both men and women, and there are some simple yet strategic-targeted nutrients you can take that can also help rebalance your hormones naturally. It's a combination of both nutritional and hormonal deficiencies. Let’s review the specific hormones you can easily address by naturally replenishing depleted nutrients.

Thyroid hormones are not just essential for your metabolism and weight loss; they are also critical for hair health and regrowth. Autoimmune hypothyroidism causes hair loss not only on the scalp but it’s notorious for eyebrow thinning/loss and hair loss all over the body. Sadly, the prescription medication used to treat it also causes hair loss. Both hypothyroidism and the medicines to treat it also cause hair to become thin and dry, which affects whatever hair you have left.

Sex hormones play critical roles in hair as well. Estrogens help to thicken women’s hair, while a deficiency in this hormone causes hair loss. Testosterone strengthens the hair of men. During testosterone treatment, it is necessary to block its transformation into dihydrotestosterone because the latter is responsible for hair loss in men and women.

Growth hormone and IGF 1 also help to thicken the hair.

Melatonin/LynFit Lean Sleep taken orally effectively reduces hair loss, and alopecia studies show it can also help promote hair regrowth.

Cortisol. Daily life can cause unbalanced cortisol levels, also known to cause hair loss compounded by the fact that stress causes nutrients to be rapidly depleted.

Chronic physical stress increases your body's nutrient needs, such as gaining or losing weight, getting injured or recovering after surgery, or emotional stress. Supplementing daily is the best way to combat, correct, and encourage balance, followed by hair regrowth.

Remember that even good stress like losing weight or happy events like wedding planning or strenuous workouts (which boost endorphins) can also cause an imbalance of cortisol levels that affect hair health.

The combination of nutrient therapies of LynFit Advanced Thyro-Boost + LynFit Natural Whey Protein + Melatonin (found in LynFit Lean Sleep) can help exponentially. I recommend starting here and adding collagen later or as your second phase.

Sure, collagen (LynFit Metabolic Collagen) is okay to use right away, but make sure Thyro-Boost + Natural Whey + Lean Sleep are your TOP priority so that you're consistent when addressing the underlying reasons for your hair loss.

NOTE: The topical application of Lean Sleep/Melatonin can help support local stress-related hair loss caused by surgery, chemo, burns, psoriasis, and alopecia. (Consistency and patience are required for this method to get deep into the affected area.)

Next, let's talk about nutritional aspects. Zinc and iron are essential trace elements; even a little deficiency can cause hair loss. Vitamins A, B7, C, and D are all important for hair health in the proper amounts.

All of the above essential and non-essential vitamins are in LynFit Daily Power Shot in the proper amounts needed to support whole-body health and healthy hair, skin, and nails. They are in the most bioactive forms and can help hair regrowth when used consistently. If you once had hair in a specific area, you can regrow it. Yes, even if balding is hereditary (epigenetics plays a more significant role than we give credit).

NOTE: For hair regrowth, vitamin B7/biotin is required in slightly higher doses, so we sell a separate LynFit Biotin 10,000 supplement that should be taken between or two hours after Daily Power Shot. B vitamins are water-soluble; your body absorbs what it needs and excretes the excess, which is also why you must take them more frequently, especially when replenishing depleted nutrients. Allow two or more hours between taking Power Shot and Biotin 10,000, and STOP taking all other non-LynFit supplements, drinks, powders, or teas to avoid nutrient overdose. 

Macronutrient Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Supplementing with LynFit Pure Omega 3 orally helps stimulate hair growth, and for advanced hair loss, I suggest LynFit Evening of Primrose Oil as well.

Pure Omega 3 is rich in omega 3 essential fatty acids, and the Evening of Primrose/Gamma-Linoleic GLA acids (also known as the beauty supplement) is high in omega 6 fatty acids. It stimulates hair growth and helps reduce inflammation, helping to address the underlying issues of balancing prostaglandin. Supplementing with a combination of Pure Omega 3 and Evening of Primrose Oil works better together for more targeted nutrition support.

LynFit's Evening of Primrose is so pure that you can apply it locally to bald spots and inflamed skin (pimples, scars, etc.).

The All-Star Amino Acids

I'm not talking about LynFit Natural Whey, Vegan, or Essential Amino Acids. The sulfur-based amino acid MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) is THE MOST UNDERVALUED amino acid. Sadly, because it's a miracle worker, especially when it comes to hair regrowth.

That's precisely why I added it to LynFit Metabolic Liquid Collagen. It boosts all aspects of health, especially hair, skin, and nail health. And, more specifically, regrowing lost hair (hair regrowth). If you want beautiful hair, skin, and nails, it’s essential. 

Many products claim to be effective regarding hair loss/regrowth, but what's most important is addressing the underlying hormonal Imbalance and nutrient deficiencies first, starting with managing your weight. Nutrient deficiencies, chronic stress, and untreated weight gain are the #1 causes of hormonal imbalance.

When you correct them, your weight and metabolic markers (cholesterol, blood sugar, A1C) will be within normal range, and your health is easily managed, even as you age. Aging is NOT a disease, but simply a time when our bodies require more specific nutrients, and supplements are the best way to fulfill these nutritional needs. LynFit nutritional supplements make it easy to target your body's needs in the most absorbable form, which your aging body needs.

Targeted nutrition is even more crucial when it comes to hair loss/regrowth. The results can be noticed almost immediately, or for more advanced hair loss, within a few weeks if the nutrition protocol is followed as directed. It may take longer for severe hormonal imbalance that's been chronic, left untreated. However, my experience is that results are only a matter of time when nutritional supplements are used consistently and long enough.

Your Prescription for Hair Regrowth

Morning Correctors

Step #1: Choose your LynFit Protein (Natural Whey, Vegan, Essential Amino Acids)

Step #2: Choose your LynFit Mega Nutrient

Step #3: Choose your LynFit Collagen Corrector (Daily use as directed on the label of either one or a combination of the following LynFit Collagen Correctors. Once daily or twice for severe hair loss.)

  • LynFit Metabolic Collagen Liquid with MSM (one ounce twice or more daily, anytime)
  • LynFit Metabolic Collagen Powder (one or more scoops daily)

Evening/Nighttime Correctors

Daily, use as directed on the label. For hair regrowth, see specific suggestions below, and you can choose one or both.

LynFit Evening of Primrose is strongly suggested for those with hormonal imbalance, PMS, menopause, arthritis conditions, stiffness, soreness, chronic inflammation, eczema, and psoriasis (in addition to LynFit Pure Omega 3).

Take as directed once daily or twice for severe hair loss. PM use is strongly suggested when your body heals and regenerates.

  • LynFit Pure Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acid (two soft gels daily: one in the morning and one before bed)
  • LynFit Evening of Primrose Oil (one soft gel daily)
  • LynFit Melatonin/Lean Sleep

Additional Corrective Steps (optional)

  • Add LynFit Advanced Thyro-Boost for advanced hormonal support cortisol/thyroid/hormone correcting. Use as directed on the label if/or as needed once daily. Twice daily for severe hair loss or if additional hormonal rebalancing support is required. 
  • Add LynFit Biotin 10,000. Take 1-2 Biotin 10,000 in between meals. Allow two hours in between LynFit Biotin 10,000 and LynFit Power Shot.




Lisa Lynn, Clinical Metabolic Nutrition & Fitness Expert and Associate Chaplain. Best known for her 18+ years as Martha Stewart’s trainer, who was responsible for Martha’s over-50 amazing physical transformation that caught the attention of Dr. Oz, leading to her many appearances on the Dr. Oz Show. Lisa is not just another trainer; she lost 40 pounds and has kept it off, even with a sluggish thyroid and menopause.

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