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Here are just some of the excellent questions I've received this week. Do you have questions? Please send them to me at I'd love to hear from you and help you with your fitness and healthy lifestyle journey!

Question: Can you explain how to use the Microderm Scrub? Massage on to skin with fingers, or washcloth?  

Answer: The Microdermabrasion Scrub is a great product and helps unstick the skin that doesn’t slough off. You can put a little (the size of a pea) in your hand or on a washcloth. I do both, depending on my mood or how lazy I am  :)

Gently massage it into your face in a circular clockwise motion. 

Rinse and apply toner to a large cotton ball, starting on the bottom of your face, moving in an upward motion/direction. Our skin is like a shingle, so going “up” helps lift the dirt underneath. You’ll be amazed at what comes off after you use the Microdermabrasion Scrub.

Question: Don’t I need a moisturizer? Will you be developing a night moisturizer?

Answer: Each product in the Anti-Aging System works as a moisturizer, so your skin should feel great once it sloughs off (if it doesn’t, that’s where the Microdermabrasion Scrub comes in). I use the sunscreen that comes with the system for moisture and protection – it's awesome and hydrates perfectly without causing breakouts. Lots of people, including my family use the SPF 60 as a daily moisturizer.

The Anti-Aging System is a very strong, effective system compared to what you can buy in stores, and like everything in our lives, requires us to know our skin, so we know when to ease up or move forward. Watch your skin change in front of your eyes and you'll know when a break is needed or when you need to do more in order to reach your goals. 

Question: You've mentioned you use this system during the week and take a break on the weekend. What do you use then? I'm still loving the system. Just wanting to tweak it:)

Answer: Yes I use the system intermittently because as you know, it’s super strong and sometimes it’s too much right before I do TV and because this cold air is so drying.

I sure miss what the Anti-Aging System does when I need to break from using it. I aim to use it for a week straight, or as long as I can until I have an event. I find the more I can use the system consistently, the tighter and healthier my skin looks. At 50, I need as much collagen as I can get, so the more I use it, the better. I do take a day off weekly, or for a weekend, more because I'm lazy than anything else, and when I see what happens to my face it motivates me to get back on track using it religiously.  

Question: Hey Lisa Lynn! What are your thoughts on a post-workout meal after weight training? I am trying to lose weight and doing everything right... cardio, weights, your metabolic training, and the right nutrition! I'm not into having fruit loops after I work out so hard, like some trainers suggest, lol. However, is there truth in carbs post-workout to help the muscles. Thanks! 

Answer: Great question and I love the fact that you are paying attention to your body’s nutritional needs.

This is a more complex question than it may seem. Whether to eat after a workout as well as what to eat is dependent on your goals. For increasing muscle and bulking - yes it’s important to eat after your workouts, especially carbs if you're having a hard time putting on muscle.

If fat/weight loss is your goal, your diet (what you eat, not diet meaning deprivation) and how you work out should be adjusted to support your goals so you shouldn’t be pushing so hard that you're ravenous after and in dire need of carbs.

This is where supplements are the most helpful because you can replace lost nutrients that your body is begging for after you work out without consuming too many calories that could prevent you from losing weight and burning off stored fat. Specifically, belly fat that relies on carbs to exist.

LynFit eating, workouts, and supplements are designed to boost metabolism (hence enhance weight loss) and fat burning, so that’s why I suggest replacing much-needed protein with a Complete Protein Shake vs. so-called real food.

Complete Protein contains the exact amount of protein required by your body, with a smidgen of carbs to carry it into your cells where it’s needed. People don’t realize that vegan and shakes that are “dairy” don’t contain the amino acids your body needs, and often are not digested easily, which is critical immediately following a workout.

Assuming you're trying to keep the muscle you’ve worked so hard for and continue to melt fat, I usually suggest that my advanced clients do the following:

Drink a Complete Protein Shake immediately after working out. I have them work out early in the morning on an empty stomach to align all of this perfectly and prevent overlapping meals, which isn’t healthy and causes any excess to be stored as fat for later. Yes, even if it’s so-called healthy food.

I also have them take:
(1 shot) of Daily Power Shot
(1) Pure Omega 3

And, an additional dose of Cutting Edge to promote fat burning. Cutting Edge also inhibits the “re uptake” of circulating body fat. Cutting Edge also increases healing and soreness after workouts, so it doesn’t get any better than this 1-2-3 punch 🥊.

Question: Can you please tell me if age 12 is too young for the Daily Power Shot or the liquid vitamin D? I purchased items for myself but was wondering if my daughter could also use (if I can even get her to take them). She has a terrible diet and currently takes the awful gummy multivitamin and gummy fiber supplements because pill form vitamins upset her stomach.

Answer: Thanks for your question, and your such a great mom!
You're right; the gummy bites should be called Gummy candies. They don't provide adequate nutrition and they are loaded with junk!

Yes, you can give your 12-year-old the Daily Power Shot and Vitamin D3 Boost, but it’s important to keep in mind she is smaller than a grown adult, so she should get less of both.

Kids/teens activities need more nutrients and get less, but they can't use them in the same way as we do. I suggest starting with ¼ of an ounce of Power Shot and if it agrees with her (it should), you can give her a little more.

As for the Vitamin D3 Boost, it's much stronger and better quality than what you can buy over-the-counter, so I would give it to her every other day to start, and give ¼ of a dropper for now and work up slowly.

My suggestions are conservative because I don’t know her weight, which is more important than her age.

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