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Good morning. Can I use the System if I am on a plant-based diet? What would I replace the protein (white fish and chicken breast) with? -- Jackie


Thanks for the great question, Jackie!

Congratulations on taking steps for optimal health and weight loss by following a plant-based diet!

Yes, you absolutely can follow the Metabolic Boosting Lose 1 Pound Per Day System while adhering to a plant-based diet. I strongly suggest this as eating lots of plants (vegetables) is the best thing any of us can do. You'll get faster results doing this by simply leaving out the protein at dinner versus trying to replace it. 

Since you're consuming two (2) Complete Protein Shakes daily you're meeting your body's protein requirements; therefore, you do not need more unless:

    • You exercise intensely for more than 1 hour a day, or
    • You are recovering from an illness or injury

The only other reason you would need more protein is if your metabolism was so fast you were underweight or losing muscle.

All of these situations create a larger protein demand, but we can't just eat more at each sitting as our bodies can only digest 24 grams per meal (roughly speaking).
If you needed more, you could simply add another LynFit Complete Protein Shake. I suggest using multiple types versus using only one source. Rotate LynFit Complete Whey and LynFit Egg White.

However, be careful trying to add in processed proteins such as crackers
or any other vegetarian sources that aren't listed on the plan because they aren't good for weight loss, and despite what the packages and marketing say, their protein source is inferior and better for weight gain.

I was once a very strict vegetarian and as odd as it sounds, I couldn't lose weight until I began drinking the Complete Protein Shake and consuming white fish because I was consuming too many carbs trying to combine enough food to get enough protein daily because of my busy lifestyle .

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