Are You Wasting Your Money Taking The Wrong Supplements?

While it's best to get nutrients from our food, supplements can help us fill in the blanks. Supplements are meant to improve our health, but if you're not taking the right ones, you could be wasting your money. Here are a few tips to make sure you're getting the biggest bang for your buck!


Liquid form is more absorbable by the body. In fact, liquid form is about 98 percent more absorbable than taking tablets and much better for weight loss and fat burning, especially those over age 40 whose digestion is impaired.


Liquids should almost always be stored in darker bottles to preserve nutrients and refrigerated. Darker bottles make sure they're protected from the light that destroys nutrients by the hour.


Most of the supplements that are purchased in warehouses or drug stores have expired before they even arrive, which is legal. At LynFit, we make them in small batches. That way we're constantly turning them over. Just like fruit, you want a fresh supplement.

Storage matters when it comes to keeping these nutrients fresh. LynFit's warehouses are all 100 percent climate-controlled environments. We store all of our products this way since we don’t add any preservatives to our products. Most warehouses are in the warmer climates and do not have air conditioning, so products bake and lose their effectiveness. In fact, that’s how I met my husband... he installs air conditioning and humification systems (like the type found in high-end wine cellars)... that’s how much I baby these supplements. 


When you take a-little-of-this and a-little-of-that or combine your own nutrients together, things can get messy. This is also why most people don’t experience the results they seek when they take supplements. Some nutrients go together well while other nutrients can compete, so it's best to take a multivitamin-mineral like LynFit Daily Power Shot or LynFit Recovery Agent that has been meticulously formulated for you and is fully complete. This is the best way to get results and protect your health and you won't have ingredients that slow weight loss or negate each other.


We want to make sure that the nutrients we take in supplements are synergistic, meaning they not only work better together, they also complement each other and magnify effectiveness. If you're putting your own supplements together, you don't really know if they're fresh, if you are taking enough of the right things, or if they are working correctly together. It's better to leave the supplement scientist up to the professional, and we'll figure it out for you. At LynFit, we specialize in weight loss (full whole body metabolic health) and fat loss, so we make sure that nothing you take will slow or prevent you from losing weight, lowering blood sugar, cholesterol, or blood pressure. 


Most people don’t realize when they are scouring the internet that when they read about supplements and their benefits, that in order to be effective, they need to be taken in special doses in order to achieve those benefits. At LynFit, we always use the most efficacious dosing, also known as clinical strength. Cheap supplements are often a sign that they do not contain the amount needed to bring results, so it's better to buy higher quality and use less than to save a buck and not get results, or worse, hurt your health In the process.

Lastly, pay attention to dosage. What we don't know about dosage can hurt us because if you don’t use a supplement consistently or you take too little, it's not going to help. If you take too much, it's not better. More is not better... better is better!

LynFit is all about helping you improve your health and getting you results. That’s why we only carry the products that are proven to work in the exact combination your body needs, and we teach you how to take them for the best results. All of our supplements are made in GMP facilities, inspired by nature, and perfected by LynFit Nutrition.

Every supplement we make is gluten-free, non-GMO, and organic. Most importantly, we answer to a higher authority and every product is blessed!

LynFit supplements are also free of preservatives. Preservatives should always be avoided.

If I won't give it to my family, I won't sell it... it's just that simple.

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