Are Cravings Killing Your Weight Loss?

This week, the most popular question I received (#asklisalynn) was, "How can I avoid getting into trouble with all of the Halloween candy everywhere. I seem to be addicted to sugar, so once I start, I can’t seem to stop. All this after I’m finally starting to lose weight. Help!"

Don’t worry; there is more hope than you think. I’ve been there, and it's no joke. Seriously, I’ve paid my kids hundreds of dollars to get rid of their Halloween candy because I can’t be trusted with it around the house. I’ve had them hide it, and I spent the day looking until I found it. It’s sad but true. I'm not proud of that, and I’ve devoted my life to helping people in need. I promise you that if I can do it, you can do it. But you’ve gotta keep the faith.

Here is the secret to overcoming those spooky, scary cravings. Killing cravings is all about eating the right foods first before you indulge (if you decide you can indulge safely) in the wrong ones. It's critical that you fill yourself up with foods that will make and keep you feeling full, so your indulgence won't trigger a binge.

Why do we crave? Just about every person I’ve ever worked with over the last 28+ years who craves food and struggles to stay on track losing weight has had a serotonin deficiency. If you don’t think you have one, you may want to hear this.

Stress, gaining weight, anxiety, depression, eating the wrong foods, not eating enough of the right foods, health issues, medications, and workout addictions all deplete our body's store of its serotonin, throwing our system out of balance, making us crave all the wrong things. They can also cause binge eating disorder. We start eating food and can’t stop (this means any food, not just junk food). That’s also why we crave comfort food when we have had a hard day. It's always for food that provides a quick fix or happy-like high but then leaves us lower than we were before we ate the food, and so on. You know how the story goes... 

What is serotonin? In a short speech, serotonin is a neurotransmitter that makes us feel happy and calm. The body makes it, however, living in today’s fast-paced world, most of us can't help but be depleted in it. That is why we need to eat right to provide our body with the nutrients it needs to produce serotonin. Supplementing with LynFit 5-HTP Lean helps this process and provides the extra boost most of us require.

What is 5-HTP Lean? 5-HTP Lean is a plant-based, naturally occurring amino acid chemical precursor that the body uses to make serotonin. By providing it in a more usable form, you feel better faster, so you don’t feel like eating.

5-HTP Lean is good for more than just killing cravings, easing anxiety, and boosting mood. It's also used to treat insomnia, depression, headaches (including migraine and tension headaches), relieves aches and pains (including unexplained aches and pains caused by fibromyalgia), arthritis, and more. It also helps with weight loss, PMS, and ADHD. I love the mood boost it provides because I tend to be prone to depression, which led me to my food issues. As I get older, I find it harder to get out of bed, especially here in the cold, rainy northeast where SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) makes depression worse and unbearable at times.

I take one 5-HTP Lean every morning, and if my symptoms don’t seem better, I take another at bedtime, along with my Lean Sleep and Pure Omega 3 to help me get the rest I need to power through my day. I really love this supplement because it actually allows me to walk by sugar and stop obsessing about it. I no longer need to bribe my kids to buy their candy... I don’t even want it, as long as I can chew on a LynFit Lean Bar instead!

The only side effect is that you'll feel better. For those of us who really need it, it can make you feel nauseous, but that’s actually a sign that your body is releasing serotonin and that you really needed it. Once your serotonin levels are back into balance, nausea wears off. Plus, you won't want to eat, which is a huge plus for me!

I am loaded with testimonials, but that will have to wait for another article. If you have questions, visit me on Facebook (@lisalynnfitness) and don’t forget to use the hashtag #asklisalynn. I'll answer them personally to help you through the holidays, which can be a tough time of year to lose weight and stay on track.
I'll also provide more information in the coming weeks on the right foods to focus on and why. In the meantime, STAY STRONG, and GOD BLESS YOU!

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