An Interview with Lisa Lynn

Lisa, LynFit Nutrition founder and owner, talks about her company and shares her purpose, passion, products, and nutrient advice for those trying to lose weight and melt off stubborn belly fat when other programs have failed them. Here is a portion of that interview with a few edits for clarity. 

What inspired you to start LynFit Nutrition®, and did you ever think it would grow like this?

When we first started, I never dreamed we would get this big. It didn't start out as a business; we started by simply helping people. Once people began seeing and feeling the results of taking a higher quality nutritional supplement, and the word got out, we had to get systems in place to handle the need.

As a wife and mom of small children, I wanted to keep it simple, keep it to 5-6 employees, and make enough money to help pay the bills. God certainly had another idea for me, and I’m grateful.

In business, it's essential to keep being innovative and growing, which came easy to me. I simply listened to the people who bought our products and heard their needs (as well as my own personal needs that changed as I aged). Out of those needs, I created the best possible nutritional supplements because there was a lack or inferior or ineffective ingredients were used that prevented people from receiving the results they were seeking. Each and every product we sell was created out of a personal need of some kind.

Of course, I have “Martha Stewartitis,” and I’m sure grateful for her influence. Twenty-plus years as her personal trainer and friend did rub off on me, and I guess you can say I was taught by the best. She instilled a "solve a problem and make it better" mentality and pushed me to keep innovating. In business, you either move forward and grow or fall back and close, and that was never an option for me.

So, LynFit started out of necessity. There weren’t good options for people with stubborn metabolisms who were trying to lose weight that addressed the underlying metabolic needs, along with the health and healing/recovery needs.

Stores and health markets sell supplements and protein powders that are geared toward bodybuilding, not the kind that promote weight loss and fat burning. Today, even the nutritional supplements marketed toward health and weight loss are causing weight gain and blocking fat burning. Gummies, green powders, and powdered collagen have been contributing to weight gain and elevated blood sugars, preying on consumers struggling to lose weight.

For 30+ years, I have been using amino acids, micronutrients, enzymes, antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and purified protein sources to help make losing weight faster and easier while also improving energy levels that enhance fat burning. We address health issues such as high blood sugar levels, cholesterol, as well as unbalanced hormones (including the stress hormone cortisol).

I believe in a holistic approach, so I also deal with hunger and cravings (stress eating) and sleep issues that play a role in weight loss and fat burning.

As things evolved, I quickly realized the need for natural ways to ease aches and pains (arthritic or from injury) and to protect and improve liver health while avoiding slowing weight loss or long term-damage.

The first nutrient was, of course, the Metabolic Boosting Complete Protein Powder that helped Martha Stewart lose menopausal weight gain and offset the eating that her job required (as she used to say: "It's ten times better than starving yourself").  LynFit Complete Protein boosts metabolism 25% versus slowing it down.

Next came the nutrient combinations Keto Carb Edge and Cutting Edge, that are now known around the world after being seen on the Dr. Oz Show. This was followed by Raspberry Ketone Cleanse & Restore and Thyro-Boost, followed by the Daily Essential Nutrients that every person with a pulse should be taking. They neutralize the massive production of free radicals in our bodies that result from stress, weight loss, exercise, injury, processed food, lack of sleep, and injury.

People underestimate the free radical activity and the role of antioxidants that take place when stressed or losing weight, neither of which were common knowledge back then. 

We have had health food stores and big chains asking to carry our products, as well as others outside the United States, but we choose not to sell our products there because our products are natural and free of all preservatives and fillers. We would have to change our principles, lower quality, and put preservatives in our products, which could change our success rate. And that's not who we are.

We run a family business, and everyone of us uses these nutrients. We won't sell what we won't take. Are we foregoing sales because of it? Yes! But we refuse to go against our principles and lower our standards to make an extra buck.

Besides, as I mentioned earlier, helping people is our mission. It's not about making more money. Our priority remains the same 30+ years later… helping our customers and their families succeed at reaching their health goals. Now, three decades later, we help their kids kids (yikes, where is time going).

LynFit is known for its dedication to fresh, natural, metabolic boosting, great-tasting ingredients, which has earned the company many loyal customers, most of whom are friends and have been with us from the start. 

We aren't the cheapest supplements around, but we won't sell what we won't take. Sometimes it’s scary thinking how on earth do we compete with other companies? We don't really consider them competition. We offer very unique products and provide lots of free resources, teaching people the science of metabolism and how to harness its power. This is why our programs have such a high success rate.

We don't offer candy, gummies, or foods that make you crave. We offer a much different product that I choose to refer to as “solutions” to the problems we all face. Just about every other supplement company sells whatever makes a fast buck and doesn't care what the label says. We can do this because we don't have investors breathing down our back demanding growth and profits. It's just me and my entire family, plus others who we call family, because they are. 

Everything has to run by me before we even think about researching it. I am a scientist, so that means a real human research project where I use it first for 90 days, or more before we even consider carrying it. I ask my kids (now 22 and 27), my husband, my mom, and in-laws to try it first as well. They are brutally honest, which helps me perfect what nature has already created!

Sacrifice and backsliding are not in my vocabulary when it comes to doing the right thing. Just because another company is carrying it, or comes out with a new product, doesn't mean we will. In fact, 99% of the time, we don't. Take the gummy trend, for example — candy being sold as good nutrition, juices that are worse than soda, green powders that spike blood sugar, and the list goes on and on. I've never been a follower and I’m not about to start.

We make food for the metabolism that makes losing weight and melting dangerous belly fat easier. If someone wants candy or sugar-based trends, we're not a good fit for them. We are called to help those who take their health more seriously and are looking for healthy, solid, food-based nutrition, largely powered by plants, and all inspired by nature and perfected by LynFit. 

We continue to strive to make nutrition products that work great, fuel the metabolism, and improve the health of every cell in the body while making them taste the best they can without compromising their weight loss abilities.

In your experience, what is the most common mistake people who are trying to lose weight make when it comes to nutrition?

The biggest mistake I see people make is that they think all nutritional supplements are good for weight loss and will help them burn fat because the labels says “healthy.” Nothing could be further from the truth! In fact, over the last five years, as gummy vitamins, collagen powders, green and red superfood powders, and the vegan protein craze hit, it's been more important than ever to stick to the science of metabolic weight loss. We must stand firm on our beliefs to remain the answer to our nation's weight issues and health care crises.

The usage of these so-called healthy alternatives has caused more to fail when it comes to losing weight, which is sad because consumers trust some of these sources and think it's themselves or their body failing them.

Ten years ago, we had to educate people on eating more veggies and moving more, but today's new consumer craze has made it harder to educate on what's good for weight loss and what isn't. As a society, we are hooked on sugar and don’t realize that these supplements are no better than the candy. We never suspect that our blood sugar and weight issues could be caused by a nutritional gummy supplement sold as “good for you” when it's really expensive sugar.

Everything we put in our mouth affects the health and speed of our metabolism, and when we are trying to lose weight and improve our health, the main goal is to jumpstart it and get it working again. It shows up as weight loss, fat burning, energy, a clear mind, and a happy mood. The best way to do that is provide the body with the specific premium quality nutrients it needs, in the proper amounts and in a form that's more absorbable by our bodies.

We have customers emailing us every day sharing their amazing testimonies (we call these “praise reports”). We know that also means blood sugar, the enemy of weight loss, has also been lowered, cholesterol and triglycerides reduced, and blood pressure decreased, which always translates into a happy person, marriage, grandpa, or grandmother. That's all the motivation we need to keep doing what we do.

It seems LynFit Nutrition has made a conscious effort to help those in need the most rather than professionals and celebrities. Is this true? If so, why?

I've always struggled with my weight, and I know firsthand how depressing it can be. I've fallen into every weight loss trend trap, bought supplements that were a waste of $, and spent countless hours killing my body in the gym. I feel it's my duty to help others overcome these obstacles.

I’m grateful for the gifts I've been blessed with, and I get more out of helping others succeed, which is rewarding and keeps my passion fires burning HOT!

I'm grateful for the big names and pro athletes; they helped get the LynFit name out there. However, nothing motivates me more than seeing people who have given up hope and forgotten their dreams of succeeding at losing weight feel happier and healthier, which allows them to spend quality time with friends and family.

Sure, we have an impressive roster of celebrities and pro athletes, but we love helping the moms and dads who work full-time manage and reach their goals. We are focused on helping those who struggle most succeed when other programs failed them. We do want to continue to grow bigger while keeping our purpose in forefront of our mind, while keeping our product's integrity intact, and protect the earth in the process.

The world of weight loss is growing, and people are always looking for the next best thing, whether it be protein powder, multivitamins, or collagen. How does LynFit plan to continue to grow and what can we expect to see next?

We are currently working on moving all products into more eco-friendly bags to do our part in protecting the earth. I’m eco-obsessed, and I take this very seriously. We recycle and re-use and recommend our customers re-use containers versus throwing them into overcrowded landfills. We use ours to store things, organize, and even use the protein containers as plant pots.

I use a recycled Daily Repair Liquid Collagen bottle as my water bottle (which people think is so pretty), and, just like that, I’m doing my part. Why not?

You'll also see our new rock star Vegan Protein Powder evolve to a level unseen in this market. Also, our most popular Metabolic Protein Powder will be sweetened with a stevia blend, and pain relief that's better than CBD (without the side effects or legal issues), and many more to come.

We will continue to follow the same no compromise in our products while keeping premium standards and continue to do excessive research.

We will also be going back to offering coaching services in the near future now that COVID is becoming endemic. And we will always continue to offer free help to those in need via email, along with lots of free resources on our site, helping people understand how to use products correctly and eat right to support their goal.

We do this because even if you have the best products, some can get poor results due to how they are or aren't used. Since many have it all wrong when it’s comes to calories, keto, fats, carbs, fruits, juices, and many supplements they take, they need the education and help in understanding which to use and when to use them to achieve their goals.

We want people to email us ( and take advantage of this. They will get help from someone (most likely my husband or other team member) who knows how to use the products, along with their benefits, for each unique person, for guaranteed success.




Lisa Lynn, Clinical Metabolic Nutrition & Fitness Expert and Associate Chaplain. Best known for her 18+ years as Martha Stewart’s trainer, who was responsible for Martha’s over-50 amazing physical transformation that caught the attention of Dr. Oz, leading to her many appearances on the Dr. Oz Show. Lisa is not just another trainer; she herself lost 40 pounds and has kept it off, even with a sluggish thyroid and menopause.

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