All you have to lose is WEIGHT!

If you've tried every diet and spent hours in the gym, yet no matter how hard you try, hunger and cravings always win, sabotaging your weight loss efforts, you're not alone. I've been there and I know how depressing and frustrating that can be.

Most people see me now and assume that I was born the way I look today (40 pounds lighter with lots of energy) and wonder what I would know about intense hunger and cravings. What you might not realize is that I really struggled with losing weight.

I struggled with sugar cravings from the day I started walking and could get myself to the refrigerator. Sad, but true. I have photos of myself as young as age two in the refrigerator eating icing off cake. That kind of sugar habit doesn’t usually lead to a healthy, fit body or mind, and it certainly affected me mentally and physically in more ways than I have time to write about.

Fast forward to my teenage years through my early twenties when I began to try all kinds of trends and diets, including starving myself to fit into my clothes (which didn't work and is not healthy at all). That's why I became a certified fitness and aerobics instructor, and spending countless hours obsessively working out as a way to control my weight and offset my overeating eating, none of which worked. Actually, it slowed my metabolism even more and made it more difficult to reboot.  

The obsession with learning new diet trends also included me working in these facilities to learn the science behind them. Some of these weight loss centers included Atkins, Weight Watchers, permanent weight control, and eating for life diet, all of which left me heavier than before I started and even more depressed. I was doing one of three things: working out, or spending time on the couch, which almost always led to mindless overeating.

I decided I would go to school for basic nutrition to become a dietician. I was already an elite trainer at that point (by God's grace), I had credentials that landed me a job working for a world-renowned doctor in a clinical setting doing research. We conducted studies that compared several different diet types such as the American Heart Association to what was then called ICO PRO, which was an acronym for integrated conditioning and weight loss program, as well as Cybergenics, a physical transformation workout, supplement, and meal plan system that the fittest were using to lean out their already buffed bodies.

The results were very impressive. Everyone who participated in one of the studies lost weight, became leaner and fitter, and every aspect of their health improved.

Good sugar, cholesterol, blood pressure, triglycerides, even hormones became balanced again, which included stress hormones (cortisol) and thyroid hormones that usually got worse when calories were reduced.

The American Heart Association's clinical trial program got minimal results, if any. Their program was basically an exercise more, eat more veggies, and watch what you eat approach. It lacked the kind of specific structure that delivers lasting results. And, it did not address the underlying reasons why a body would not budge when it came to weight loss. Namely, a sluggish metabolism.

Don't get me wrong, when it comes to our health, any improvements we can make are always good. But for bodies like mine who gain weight easy, but have to work very hard to lose it, the watch what you eat and workout more approach isn't enough. 

What I didn't know back then was that all of the issues I was facing were connected and each played a starring role in my weight gain/lack of weight loss. And nothing was going to change until I really understood and accepted how my specific metabolism worked, and that it was different than my skinny friends who could eat what they wanted, spend little time in the gym, and still lost weight, or didn't gain weight.

My body required me to address these underlying issues before I could lose weight, regardless of how much I was a working out or ate an obsessively clean/ vegan diet.

What I didn't know at the time was that my struggles were very real and they weren't all in my head. I didn't need more willpower or to work harder. I needed to work smarter, starting with addressing my nutrition and eating habits, along with nourishing my body with nutritional supplements that were specifically designed to help my body break down nutrients easier and turn them into fuel. 

My weight loss struggles led me to begin my lifetime of research and schooling in the specific area of metabolic weight loss versus the basic nutrition studies that are much too vague.

Everything I had I learned up to that point was all wrong, at least when it came to metabolism. And none of them addressed the underlying issues, which is exactly why I couldn’t lose weight, even though I was working in clinical diet settings and diet centers. From Weight Watchers, Atkins, permanent weight control, as a nutritionist at Gold's Gym, and other top fitness centers helping thousands of people get in shape, burn body fat, and improve every aspect of their health.

Everyone’s body changed but mine!

After trying all of the different methods in an attempt to control my weight,  I was 40 pounds overweight which may not sound like a lot, but I was working out intensely for three hours or more every day, including one hour on stair master. I was teaching a high impact advanced level aerobics class and powerlifting (which did get me a 2nd place trophy) but growing my body larger was never my intention.

To this day I deal with joint issues from repetitive stress injuries from overdoing it in my younger years trying to reach my weight loss goals, which were a lot easier than I realized. I had lost all hope and given up my dreams to have a normal-sized body that wasn't stocky.

For the last 31+ years, I have devoted my life to helping others who, like me, struggled to lose weight, thought that battling with hunger and cravings was normal, and that reaching health and weight loss goals was for the “skinny girls,” who also got to wear all of the cute clothes.

Talk about depressing! I've been stuck and so depressed that I quit trying, which for me was hitting bottom. This sparked the change you see today and birthed the Quick Keto Metabolic Reset System and Plan that’s helped hundreds of thousands of people lose weight, even when all of the other weight loss programs failed them. Every aspect of their health was improved by simply addressing the underlying issues that can prevent weight loss and block fat-burning.

How does it work?

96% of overweight Americans have an undiagnosed metabolic condition that makes it harder to lose weight and block fat-burning, which requires a specialized approach.

The Quick Keto Metabolic Reset Lose 1 Pound Per Day Plan is a 5-in-1 plan that naturally and safely creates a fat-burning state in the body. It targets dangerous hard-to-lose belly fat that drives inflammation, hunger and cravings, and makes it harder to lose weight, while also keeping you feeling full and preventing cravings before the begin.

This plan has a 100% success rate (99.9999% to be exact) and works no matter how old you are or how stubborn your metabolism is, whether it be from issues such as hypothyroidism, autoimmunity, adrenal, or digestive issues including SIBO, or celiac disease. Weight gain caused by medications, chemotherapy treatments, or a lifetime of blood sugar or hormonal imbalance, can also be helped.

Bottom line… the Quick Keto Metabolic Reset Plan addresses the underlying issues that have been preventing you form losing weight and living your best life. It uses a holistic approach that includes structured calorie and carbohydrate control and low saturated fat, while providing the proper amount of clean metabolic boosting protein that contains the essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and super foods developed by physicians who specialize in metabolic health. This plan is proven safe and highly effective when it comes to losing weight and burning fat, so you can lose weight quickly and preserve lean muscle tissue, which prevents metabolic slowdown and slow the aging process, while improving every aspect of your health, both physically and emotionally.

With the Quick Keto Metabolic Reset Lose 1 Pound Per Day System you pay about $10 per day, which is less than the $20 per day that the average American spends on food. Your Metabolic Boosting Lean Bars or Complete Protein Shakes go with you and are easier to prepare (less than 5 minutes). Your nutritional supplements are always handy, so the Quick Keto Metabolic Reset fits into every lifestyle. The busier you are the more you’ll appreciate its simplicity.

How do you know if your metabolism needs a reset?

Metabolic health plays a vital role in achieving your weight loss goals and maintaining a healthy weight. This system check list can be used to help understand how your metabolism may be affecting you.

  • You’ve gained weight
  • You have a difficult time losing weight
  • You can pinch more than an inch of belly fat
  • You struggle with hunger and cravings
  • You're tired all the time and lack energy
  • You have digestive health issues such as SIBO, IBS diverticulitis, and constipation
  • You have high blood sugar
  • You have high cholesterol and/or triglycerides
  • You have fatty liver disease
  • You're hypothyroid, or have Hashimoto's, autoimmune issues
  • You have high blood pressure
  • You take medications daily (over the counter or prescribed)
  • You have aches and pains
  • You have inflammatory issues such as arthritis, tendonitis, bursitis, gout, (all ITIS falls under this category)
  • You have thinning hair
  • You have premature aging (loose, crepey skin)
  • You suffer from migraines
  • You feel stressed, have foggy thinking, are anxious more often than not
  • You suffer from hot flashes
  • You are moody and/or irritable
  • You sleep less than 8 hours per night

If you answered yes to three or more of the above, it's likely your metabolism needs to be reset and boosted to rebalance it to improve how you feel every day and find relief from these symptoms, making it easier to lose weight.

Following the Quick Keto Metabolic Reset can help! It changed my life for the better and has helped me keep the 40 pounds I lost off, even with hyperthyroidism, menopause, and the stresses of living today. All you have to lose is WEIGHT! 

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