Afraid Of Getting COVID? Here Are Some Important Reminders!


Hey there! Lots to talk about with another wave of COVID (the Delta variant) among us. And I've been getting lots of emails from readers asking me what I'm doing to prepare or stay as healthy as possible. Sadly, I've also heard from people (unvaccinated) who contracted COVID and were hospitalized for two weeks or more and were told by their doctors to get on a good supplement regimen to replace the nutrients depleted by COVID.

The short answer is that I'm doing what I've always done. For starters, I got vaccinated fully, even though I’m not a fan of vaccinations. This one was a no brainer for me. I continue to limit my exposure to large crowds, parties, or unsafe environments (and sadly, to those unvaccinated), and also wear a mask. Actually, I wear two :)

With my thyroid and autoimmune issues, I tend to be on the weaker immune side than most. Also, because I am overworked and overstressed, it weakens my body's ability to defend itself, so I do my very best to protect myself and my family (and also out of respect for others, including my dog -- dogs can get COVD too, ya know). I also...

  • eat lots of fresh leafy greens (not juices or juicing-- fresh is best).
  • drink lots of purified or filtered water.
  • walk every day for 60 minutes on the treadmill and walk my dogs throughout the day (sit as little as possible and stay active).
  • strength train three days a week (whole-body workouts) using heavy weights and doing fewer reps (fewer reps and heavier weight improves strength).
  • get outside for fresh air and 10 minutes of sunlight daily.
  • keep stress in check by grounding myself daily with prayer and feeding my koi (what do you do?).
  • avoid alcohol, processed foods, and saturated fats.

You've probably figured out that these are the basic principles of the Leaner Lifestyle. These simple lifestyle principals have served me very well over the years.

I'm frequently asked if I've adjusted or shifted my supplement routine with the Delta variant among us, or with cold and flu season approaching, and the answer is yes, which I also do when or if I travel.

In addition to drinking two Protein Shakes daily (one Metabolic Boosting Whey with Prebiotic Fiber and one Vegan with Superfood blend) to make sure my body gets the amino acids it needs to stay healthy and fit (amino acids are potent antioxidants and because both protein powders are complete proteins, they have a high concentrations of the amino acids cystine and methionine, which enhance immune function better than any other protein source), my normal protocol also includes...

  • Every AM: Take (1 oz.) of Daily Power Shot Multivitamin Mineral that contains herbs, adaptogens, enzymes, amino acids, and essential fatty acids in the amounts needed to work (such as zinc, vitamins C, D, B12, COQ10, along with some of the most powerful natural botanicals like cat's claw that strengthens immunity and fight viruses).

  • (1) Pure Omega 3 in the morning and again at bedtime to reach the higher numbers I require for inflammation. (Daily Power Shot has omega 3 and 6 but I suggest taking more than what's in there.)

  • (1) Lean Sleep before bed for maximum strength antioxidant protection. Most people don’t realize that Lean Sleep, in addition to helping manage cortisol levels, is one of the most potent antioxidants for nighttime protection... and also gives you the best night's sleep!

I do this all year long every day as my basic go-to protocol. Starting around back-to-school time (Fallish) is when I'll start building my system with a few extra supplements for the cold and flu and travel season.

  • Vitamin D3 BoostAs the UV index drops here in Florida during the winter months, so does our vitamin D production. I'm still getting plenty of sun in Florida, so I'm not taking it every day, but I do take it more often during the winter months. If you live in the northeast or further north, I suggest taking Vitamin D3 Boost in the morning and again at bedtime regularly to meet your vitamin D needs. This is also good to do if or when you feel like you're getting sick or have been sick with COVID, as it depletes vitamin D levels.

  • Recovery Agent: Our immune systems are always busy fighting foreign invaders, whether we feel sick or not. Most of us come into contact with more pathogens in the Fall, between going back to school, traveling for business trips, or simply because we spend more time indoors. This is why colds, viruses, and the flu are more common this time of year, in addition to inflammation spikes that make us ache more. For these reasons I use Recovery Agent to replenish the nutrients that get consumed faster during these times.

  • Stress and your immune system aren't friends. Somedays, when stress is high, I use Thyro-Boost with Adaptogenic Ashwagandha to help calm my body and protect against it from stress so that my physical defenses are available to fire on all cylinders to maximize my protection.

  • At/After Dinner, I take (1) CBD Daily Wellness Gummy to help ease the stresses of the day. It's a GREAT source of phytonutrients as well. It works without putting me to sleep, but it does help prepare my mind for sleep, so when I’m ready, my mind is at ease.

  • PM/Night-time: I take (2 or more dropperfuls) of CBD Daily Wellness Oil, especially now with COVID anxiety being high. CBD Daily Wellness won't get you high, but IT WILL get you healthy as it's loaded with phytonutrients that nourish your body and mind, keeping them well-rested and healthy.

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    • Lisa Lynn