The Morning After Halloween Diet

If you're like me, you most likely will get into trouble with Halloween candy everywhere. And now you feel horrible and need to fix it fast before you start backsliding! Well, this is no time to slack as Halloween kicks off the 4 month legal binge, also known as the "holidays". That's when we all make excuses to overeat and miss our workouts!

BUT WAIT! Before you completely let go of the clean-eating reins you should know that every time you allow yourself to gain weight (more than 2 pounds) you damage your metabolism, making it feel impossible to lose weight no matter how hard you try. But don't worry, LynFit's Metabolic Boosting System is specifically geared for this and can fix any weight gain and metabolic damage you caused by overeating the wrong foods.

The secret to NOT gaining weight and also to losing weight is lowering your blood sugar levels and keeping them balanced. If you can balance blood sugar you can avoid gaining weight and cause weight loss. But I gotta tell you that you don't do this by eating small meals all day. What type of food you eat and when you eat matter more. There are specific things you need to do if you're serious about losing weight and melting that stubborn belly fat away!

Here are 5 ways to BALANCE your blood sugar levels that cause fat loss and PREVENT WEIGHT GAIN on the day of, and morning after your BIG eating event (daily is best).


  • Boost 1: Take (1) LynFit Cutting Edge before your workout to force your body to burn 25% more fat
  • Boost 2: Perform LynFit's Metabolic Booster Workout first thing in the morning on an empty stomach to drive blood sugar levels down quickly for faster weight loss. Only Metabolic Boosting Exercise will rev up your metabolism so your body becomes a fat melting machine vs. a fat storing machine. The Metabolic Boosting Workout is designed to work your body making it tighter and more toned and WILL NOT build bulky muscles the way most workouts do. It only takes 30 minutes to do at home and all you need is a pair of dumbbells!

Want to see results in 1 week? Do 3 Metabolic Boosting Workouts for optimal results! Make sure and stop all other workouts for best results except walking or biking while you're trying to lose weight.

  • Boost 3: Drink a LynFit Complete Protein Shake (or eat a LynFit Lean Bar) immediately after your workout or within 1 hour of waking, in place of (not in addition to) you usual breakfast to boost metabolism by 25% and help keep cravings in check. Be sure NOT to add fruit or milk of any kind as this is about lowering your blood sugar levels which boosts your metabolism. Even the sugar that's naturally in fruit can stop this process. Want a flatter stomach? Eat less fruit!
I should warn you that not all shakes or protein bars are created equal and most commercially bought shakes and bars contain too much fat and sugar, soy or other ingredients that spike blood sugar levels, which cause your metabolism to slow down and STOP fat loss. Only LynFit's Complete Protein Shake and Lean Bars are specifically geared and designed to keep blood sugar levels balanced. They boost your metabolism and the fat will melt off.

      • Boost 4: Take (1) LynFit Pure Omega-3 at 3pm. Taking LynFit Pure Omega-3 at 3pm helps you avoid the cravings that spiral out of control in the afternoon from blood sugar levels that are unbalanced. LynFit Pure Omega-3 is the only Omega-3 of its kind that's geared for weight loss and balances blood sugar. It contains the exact amount of "FATS that burn fat" called DHA and EPA. Fats take longer to digest so taking them at 3pm will make you feel full when craving time rolls around and you'll have more control over your food when eating and you'll be able to avoid temptations later on.
      • Boost 5: I make sure that every client I see in person has a bottle of LynFit Carb Edge with them at all times because we all fall into the "not-so-good" eating trap at one time or another. So here is a little "Lisa Trick" to keep you lean and mean - YOU CAN BLOCK ALL UNWANTED CARBS from being stored by taking (1) LynFit Carb Edge 30 minutes (or whenever you remember) before your "Cheat Meal" to block up to 65% of all unwanted carbs from being absorbed without causing gastric distress! Who doesn't want that?
      LynFit Carb Edge contains over 20 super-star ingredients, all seen on the good Dr's show. But the one I'm talking about today is Phase 2 White Kidney Bean Extract that literally paralyzes the enzyme that digests starch, preventing a portion of the carbs from being broken down into sugar and stored as fat. You can't just eat white kidney beans - you need to take LynFit Carb Edge for this effect.
        For the best results, I take LynFit Carb Edge at 3pm along with LynFit Pure Omega-3 (I need max power when it comes to candy and sweets) and then I take another one at dinner to block carbs if they should find their way into my mouth!

        So, try these "Morning After Rituals" anytime you fall off the wagon!

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