LynFit 30 Day Fitness And Fat Loss Challenge

NOW is the perfect time to lose that excess weight you've been carrying around BEFORE the holidays roll around (you do know that they are right around the corner)!

LynFit's 30 Day Fitness and Fat Loss Challenge is unlike other fitness challenges because each and every tip will cause you to melt fat, not just lose weight! These tricks will transform your body faster than lipo and it will take your body to places it's never been before no matter your age or how slow your metabolism might be. If you've been stuck in a rut this is the best way to break out of it!

You can expect to lose up to 1 pound a day if you follow the LynFit Metabolic Boosting Meal Plan. By adding these extra tricks each day you will rev up your metabolism so you'll melt fat. CHALLENGE yourself to do at least 1 healthy habit every day for 30 days.

Why 30 days? It takes 21 days to break a bad habit and start a new one. So I added 10 extra days for practice! I encourage you to go out of your comfort zone and try new things. You might be surprised at what challenging yourself can do!

How will you ever know what you can do if you don't try? Invite a friend to join you for accountability and to help you stay on track. Post your experience on Facebook to help inspire others.

I DARE YOU TO try each and every one of these tips over the next 30 days. Your body will be transformed faster than you can say "Good-bye Junk Fund!" Are you ready? ALL that's left to do is LOSE WEIGHT! Ready..... Set..... Go.....

  1. Replace 2 meals with Complete Protein Shakes. DO NOT add any fruit or extra calories to the Shakes.
  2. Plank for 2 minutes!
  3. Walk for 60 minutes. Already walk for 60? Add another 15 minutes!
  4. Don't eat between meals! You'll survive, I promise!
  5. Do the Lean Core workout in addition to The Metabolic Booster!
  6. Eat at least 10 servings of vegetables today!
  7. Lift heavier weights during your workout today and do the same amount of reps!
  8. Drink your coffee black!
  9. Do LynFit's Metabolic Booster workout and walk 60 minutes today!
  10. Eat ONLY between the hours of 9am and 5pm!
  11. Do 30 repetitions instead of the usual 12-15 while doing the Metabolic Workout!
  12. Take Pure Omega at 12 noon and again at 3pm to halt cravings before they begin and balance blood sugar levels!
  13. Exercise 2 times today - before breakfast and after dinner!
  14. Add a set of 100 repetitions of power squats to your day!
  15. Eat a Lean Bar for lunch with a cup of tea!
  16. Do 10 push-ups every hour today!
  17. Drink an 8oz. glass of water every hour!
  18. Do the Recovery Stretch at the end of your day!
  19. Take Carb Edge 3 times today instead of 2!
  20. Do a set of 15 jumping jacks in between each set of exercises (hit pause during Metabolic Booster)!
  21. Take Cutting Edge before your workout to burn more fat!
  22. Do your favorite stretch 3 times today!
  23. Eat only leafy greens today to incinerate fat (use only zero calorie dressing)!
  24. Double or triple your cardio today!
  25. Skip that one food you crave. You'll prove to yourself that you can do it!
  26. Do Power 30, Recovery Stretch, and walk today. It's a fitness marathon!
  27. Go to bed 1 hour earlier tonight and wake up refreshed. Can't sleep? Take Lean Sleep!
  28. Do as many rounds as you can of plank for 2 minutes, 100 squats, 20 push-ups and 20 jumping jacks - time yourself!
  29. Drink a Complete Protein Shake for dinner tonight and have egg whites for breakfast instead. You'll wake up lean!
  30. Congratulate yourself if you did even 80% of these tips. You nailed it! It takes courage, perseverance and willpower to do new things. Celebrate with a massage or your favorite non-food item!

Want even more daily fat loss tips? Here are some bonus tips that blast fat fast!

  • Swap your usual fruit with a green vegetable instead
  • Don't drink alcohol for a month
  • Don't "cheat" for 30 days
  • Workout every day for 30 days
  • Don't eat carbs (except vegetables) for 30 days
  • Don't eat cheese for 30 days
  • Skip the creamer or milk (skim too) for 30 days
  • Eat fish for 2 weeks instead of chicken
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