Are You a Carb Addict?

Ditch Food Cravings in 24 Hours in 3 Steps!

A new study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition shows that drug addicts and carb junkies have a lot in common when it comes to cravings. 

Did you know that findings show that the quick spike and subsequent crash in blood sugar that comes after eating highly processed carbs activates the reward and addiction center of the brain much like the cravings a drug addict would experience?  The study suggests avoiding refined carbohydrates as a good weight-loss strategy to offset strong cravings that carbs induce. 

But how easy is it for a carb junkie to go cold turkey?It can be extraordinarily difficult to just cut carbs out of your life and I find it’s one of the biggest obstacles most of my clients have to achieving their weight loss goals!  When it comes to carbs you have to have an intervention of sorts to really shock your body and brain into a new way of thinking.  Of course, not all carbs are bad! For example, whole grains and carbohydrates in vegetables take a long time to break down, raising the blood sugar slowly, whereas, refined carbs are the real culprits (such as sugar, corn syrup and white flour) that cause sharp spikes in the blood sugar. And it’s the refined carbs that most of us find ourselves struggling with that causes the brain to crave even more food as a reward. 

Here are three refined carb intervention techniques that you can use to recalibrate your mind and ultimately your body, from unwanted food cravings within 24 hours! 

Intervention Technique #1:  A Green Apple A Day – You can effectively shut off your hunger hormone having a green apple mid-morning, as shown in the LynFit meal plans. Green apples are a low-calorie snack that contain no fat or cholesterol and has less fructose than a red apple. They are effective at shutting down your hunger hormone because they have the ability to lift blood sugar to just the right level. Plus, the antioxidants in green apples may help prevent metabolic syndrome, a condition marked by excess belly fat or an "apple shape." 

Intervention Technique #2: Control the Slip Ups with Supplementation: In any intervention there will be an occasional slip up; someone in the office will order pizza or if you don’t have that slice of birthday cake you’ll offend someone. Sometimes it’s impossible to go through the day and not expect that we will encounter a carb dilemma which is why I recommend taking the LynFit Carb Edge (link to LynFit Carb Edge) which has white kidney bean extract called Phase 2 that literally paralyzes the enzymes that digest starch so carbs cannot be broken down into sugar. The Phase 2 white kidney bean extract has been clinically shown to reduce starch digestion and promote weight loss. It works by temporarily binding with the enzyme that digests starch, preventing a portion of the carbohydrates from being broken down into sugar and stored as fat. One capsule before a meal can block up to 65 percent of unwanted carbs without causing gastric distress according to a study published in Nutrition Business Journal. 

Intervention Technique #3: Make Your Own Dunkin’ – Dessert drinks and ice cream are some of today’s most tempting fast food pick-me-ups.  Turn any Dunkin’ Donuts dessert drink into a protein based treat that will not only kill food cravings but can also help boost your metabolism!  To fight against the urge, a home-made Metabolic Boosting Mocha Protein Latte (link to Protein Shake Recipes) can give you the satisfaction of a frothy dessert without hijacking your brain into addiction mode.

Whey Protein (link to Complete Protein Shakes and Lean Bars) is also known for halting the stress hormone known as cortisol (which increases blood sugar and depresses the immune system) and keeping it from rising.

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