The Lean Sleep Secret

If your metabolism is DEAD, you’re storing fat around your mid-section and live in a chronic state of exhaustion; lack of sleep may be your problem!  I have battled with my weight and depression my whole life and that caused my cravings for sugar and carbs to spiral out of control.   I have learned that I NEED my sleep.  In fact, I revolve my life around going to bed on time because I feel that much better when I wake up.  The problem is that I can’t always sleep or I fall asleep but wake up a lot during the night.  I began taking over the counter sleep aids but that only made me feel worse.  I began waking up feeling groggy, bloated and felt like I was gaining weight by the day. I decided to go to the health food store to buy something all natural. Little did I know that just because it's 100% natural does not mean it won’t slow my metabolism down.  I have one of THE slowest metabolisms and I didn't want to make it any slower!  

This is part of my story and why I study metabolic syndrome aka; dead metabolisms for at least 1 hour every day and decided to create my own line of supplements that were high quality, clean & pure so they enhance your metabolism versus slow it down the way most commercially bought supplements and over the counter medications can.

There are so many different things we do daily that slow our already sluggish metabolisms.  Supplements & medications are some of the worst offenders!  Sleep aids, anti-anxiety medications and anything that SLOWS down our bodies processes will slow down our metabolism!  DON'T STOP taking them if you are under the care of your doctor BUT begin trying to ween off them by adopting a healthier lifestyle.  In the meantime, you can ease your symptoms with a better alternative that boosts your metabolism and improves your health!

Take a curious look into your medicine cabinet and look for the words "ANTI" .  Any time you see the word "ANTI", you’re most likely slowing down your metabolism!

Here is the secret about sleep that no one talks about yet is at the core of your cravings.  Here is why not sleeping makes us store fat especially around our stomachs hips and thighs not to mention.........

  • Crave sugar and carbs to pick us up/energize us
  • Raise blood sugar levels
  • Are tired/lack energy to workout
  • Depressed
  • Anxious
  • Achy/arthritic
  • Causes hormone imbalances
  • Lowers your immune response - GET SICK easily

Anxiety caused by fatigue is THE top REASON WE CAN’T CONTROL what we eat.  The best way to deal with chronic over eating, cravings and BELLY fat is to improve your sleep!   Improving my sleep has made a huge difference for me.  I wake up feeling better so I want to exercise!

Did you know that it's when we sleep that all of the magic occurs for weight loss?  During the deep sleep our systems heal & repair, blood sugar levels decline and our systems reset & reboot themselves. Most people think this happens in the gym, but it’s when we sleep deeply that our bodies perform these miracles.   Prioritize your sleep the way you prioritize your workouts (you are doing that right?) 

How do you know if you’re sleeping enough to affect your metabolism? Seven hours of sleep is best for your metabolism and it’s better if you sleep deeply for your system to be prompted to reboot.

Here's what the earth-shattering new research has revealed, and why lack of sleep could be stalling your ability to lose weight and keep it off:

  • We are more likely to experience major weight gain (defined as 11 pounds or more)
  • We are more likely to struggle with depression and anxiety
  • When we sleep less, we burn less -  General energy expenditure was 5 percent less than it is when you get a good night's sleep, and after our meals we burn 20 percent less calories. 

 Imagine how much weight you’ll gain if you over eat fat storing foods like carbs and sugar combined with the 20% reduction in caloric burn?  That’s an easy weight gain and belly fat prescription!

  • Sleep less, eat more – People who got only 5-6 hours of sleep at night ate 350-500 additional calories the next day.
  • Sleep less, crave more. This is probably the biggest revelation about the connection between sleep and weight loss—and the biggest challenge for you if you're not getting at least 7 solid hours of sleep each night. Sleeping too little impacts your hormone levels. Lack of sleep impacts them so much that it’s being blamed for the number one reason we eat out of control, crave and can’t stick to a diet.
  • Insufficient sleep raises the levels of ghrelin, the hormone that tells you to eat. When it comes to weight gain and loss, this hormone plays a leading role.

Ghrelin's job is to boost your appetite, increase fat production, and make your body grow—all of which are fine things if you're a lanky 12-year-old. But as you get older, Ghrelin's effects can seem pretty darned undesirable. It's a cinch to figure out why this hormone is the last thing a dieter needs to have circulating in excess.

I bet you’re wondering, if we are so tired why can’t we sleep?  Sometimes it's just how we are hard wired or maybe your life has been so stressful that you’re chronically over stimulated causing you to live in the high cortisol environment, causing you to store fat and gain weight.  Even positive stress like over exercising or happy events can affect our hormones and stimulate cortisol.  This is why living a lean Lifestyle is crucial for long term health and weight loss.

 Reasons we can’t sleep:

  • Lack of Melatonin – Natural Melatonin levels decline gradually after the age of thirty.  Some of us produce very small amounts of it or none at all.  This is why, if you are over the age of 30, you need to supplement with Melatonin daily!
  • What is melatonin you ask? Melatonin is a hormone secreted by the pineal gland located at the base of the brain that helps regulate sleep and wake cycles. This hormone is a derivative of the neurotransmitter serotonin and the amino acid tryptophan.  Guess what? Sluggish metabolisms tend to be hormonally imbalanced and make too little melatonin and it becomes a vicious cycle!
  • How does it work?   Melatonin’s role is as A SLEEP REGULATOR.  Our bodies have their own internal clocks that help regulate the natural cycle of sleeping and waking hours (circadian rhythm) by controlling the production of melatonin. Usually, the levels of this hormone begin to rise in the mid- to late evening, remain high for most of the night, and then decline in the early morning hours. 
  • Why do we need to supplement with Melatonin?  Because our natural production is greatly decreased and affected by lights and how we live, such as; light from TV’s (especially those left on at night), smart phones, computer screens and alarm clocks all inhibit melatonin production.  You’ll notice the shorter days of the fall and winter months, Melatonin production may start earlier in the day. This change can lead to symptoms of winter depression, when some people feel more tired and they need more sleep. 

The good news is................Melatonin can do more for you than just help you sleep!  Melatonin gets you lean while you sleep it's also very good for your health. Here's why!   Melatonin is the most powerful ANTIOXIDANT!  In fact it's considered the best!

Did you know Melatonin plays a role in stimulating other antioxidants. That’s what makes it a truly unique antioxidant. It is considered more powerful than vitamins C, E and A, because it is soluble in both fat and water and can enter cells that vitamins cannot. Unlike other antioxidants Melatonin does not store in the body which is why it’s important to take every night!


I was using a nighttime sleep aid and it wasn't helping because it was causing cravings by elevating my blood sugar and I was feeling terrible when I woke up in the morning.  I switched to the Lean Sleep and the cravings went away!   PF

I was using a store bought brand of Melatonin and although it "helped", I did not sleep soundly through the night.  I decided to try the LynFit Lean Sleep and I had the best nights sleep in a long long time!  SV

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