Craving Carbs?


Craving Carbs?If there is ONE thing you SHOULD do EVERY DAY if you're serious about losing weight and losing belly fat, it’s drinking the LynFit Complete Protein Shake every day for breakfast!

One of the benefits of drinking a LynFit Complete Protein Shake isn’t how inexpensive it is ($1.42 per serving), but the fact that it boosts your metabolism 25% and offsets those not so good eating days we all have from time to time. This is my personal secret to helping celebrities lose weight FAST! It not only delivers THE VERY best source of protein for your body that helps you lose belly fat, but it also helps you lose weight right away while you’re learning how to eat for weight loss.

I don’t know about you, but I am always struggling with food, especially if I start my day off eating the wrong thing. That’s why I start every day off with my Complete Protein Shake, and I find it’s the easiest most satisfying thing I can have for breakfast! There is NO thinking, planning or cleaning up a big mess! Simply stir and go and if I don’t have time to mix a shake I grab a LynFit Lean Bar.  Most bars are made from inferior sources of protein BUT not LynFit’s Lean Bars!  LynFit’S Complete Protein Shake and Lean Bars are made from the highest grade whey possible and are always gluten free as well as lactose free (99.9999%) and virtually free of carbs and fats, unlike other protein bars and shakes. If your weight loss has plateaued it's time to boost your metabolism FIRST by drinking the Complete Protein Shake or Lean Bar

Weight loss is all about what you’re eating so if you’re trying to lose weight, substitute breakfast and lunch with a Complete Protein Shake and focus on fish and veggies for dinner and you’ll drop a pound a day no matter how stubborn your metabolism is! For more info follow the Slimmer by Dinner Meal Plan found on my website. 

DID you know?

A study from the Pennington Bio-medical Research Center in Louisiana found that people who eat Protein for breakfast are more likely to feel full during the day than those who eat cereal or other grains.

People who eat grains for breakfast tend to crave more carbohydrates later in the day compared to subjects who ate complete protein found in egg whites or high grade whey such as LynFit's Complete Protein Shake.

DID you know?

    • People who eat Complete Proteins/or Protein for breakfast every day are 43% less likely to develop obesity
    • 40% less likely to develop fat around the belly
    • 32% less likely to develop diabetes 
    • The less carbohydrates you eat the healthier you’ll live and the LEANER you’ll be!

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  • Lisa Lynn