Build Your Metabolism Before You Boost It November 16 2012


Summer is finally here, but if you are like many of us, you may not be feeling ready to bare your skin. Luckily, you can be beach ready in as little as two weeks!  The key to losing weight is building up your metabolism so that you can boost it!


A huge mistake people make when attempting to lose weight is that they try to boost their metabolism before they build it. Many people begin using supplements as the first step in their weight-loss program; however, if their metabolism isn’t built strong enough, these supplements won’t work.


Here is the secret to creating a metabolic bonfire that will quickly melt fat from your mid-section: Researchers have discovered that people who diet and exercise shrink their abdominal fat cells twice as much as those who only diet.  This means that you need to combine both diet and exercise in order to build your metabolism. Not all exercises will work for melting fat; in fact some exercises will slow down your fat loss or even cause you to gain weight if they are not specifically designed to boost your metabolism. You want a program that melts fat!


Here are three steps to building a metabolic bonfire that melts fat fast!

Metabolic Building Step 1

Eat clean and eat oftenWhat counts as a clean food?  Clean foods are the best foods for building your metabolism. Lean proteins such as turkey and chicken breast, white fish, egg whites, high-quality whey protein shakes and leafy green veggies are all fantastic examples of clean foods.


To figure out how much protein you should eat per day, you should aim for eating one gram of protein per pound of lean body weight or per pound of your goal weight. If you want to weigh 120 pounds, aim to eat 120 grams of lean, clean protein every day spread over 5-6 mini meals. Be sure you’re weighing and measuring your foods so that you do not overeat.


Aim to eat 6-8 half-cup servings of veggies every day in order to burn fat while you sleep! More is better when it comes to veggies, but keep cheese and oils out of your veggies if you want it to burn fat!


Metabolic Building Step 2

Choose the correct supplements. Always choose high-quality supplements and remember that you get what you pay for. I suggest using “supplement multitasker.” Instead of taking multiple capsules for different supplements, such as white kidney bean extract, ketones or forskilin, take them together so they are perfectly balanced. Taking blended supplements helps you stay consistent with your supplements and that is what gets results! It is also much less expensive in the long run.  Supplement multi-taskers work well because they work in harmony and are always at work building your metabolism, lowering blood sugar, enhancing thyroid function, and curbing cravings.


Metabolic Building Step 3

Exercise intelligently. Build and boost your metabolism by exercising 3 times a week for 30 minutes with workouts that are geared to help you build your metabolism. Most of the commercial workouts that you find at your local gym or on TV are geared toward the 20-something’s that want to add muscle.  If you are over 30, then you need a very specific workout that is designed to not only tighten and tone your muscle, but also that create a fat-burning environment. For more information on metabolism-boosting exercise,click here