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5 Ways to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain


“I'll start my weight-loss program after the holidays.” So many people say it, but that attitude can kill you. Literally. Every time you indulge in high-fat foods you damage your veins and metabolism, often permanently. For many overweight people the havoc wreaked by a poor diet can take years to correct.

To avoid such lasting problems, employ these 5 tricks to rev up your metabolism and force it to burn fat even when you’re not eating perfectly (say, when you’re surrounded by cookies, cakes and eggnog).

1. Don’t starve. You’ll be hungrier and end up overeating anyway. Instead, before a big gathering, drink a LynFit Complete Protein Shake, which can boost your metabolism by up to 25% and keep you feeling full. It is a fat-free, low-sugar drink that boasts fewer than 160 calories, 15 grams of carbs, and 25 grams of protein.

2. Know before you go. Admit to yourself what you’re likely to overindulge in before you enter a party. The three things we most often binge on are carbohydrates, fat and alcohol. Lower your intake of such items in the days leading up to the party so you have a little wiggle room.

3. Eat green and beige. This is a trick that fashion models and actresses use to stay slim and still live in the real world. Eat lots of leafy green salads (no cheese, croutons or oil, either a fat-free dressing or vinegar only) and beige proteins like whey protein, egg whites and white fish. Turkey and chicken are okay to add in once or twice a week. This simple eating plan can have great results.

4. Pop metabolism-boosting supplements. There are lots of supplements out there, but not all of them are good for weight loss. Take LynFit Cutting Edge with L-Carnitine, LynFit Carb Edge with Phase 2 White Kidney Bean Extract or LynFit Accelerator with Raspberry Ketones 30 minutes before your big meal. They’ll keep you feeling full, and block fat and carbs from being absorbed and turned into extra pounds.

5. Up your metabolism with the right kind of exercise. Not all exercise is good for fat loss. If you exercise too intensely, fat may be stored around your stomach and trunk. Studies show that people end up gaining weight because they are so hungry after intense exercise. Walk that fine line between too easy and too hard and your body will thank you.

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  • Lisa Lynn