60% Of People Who Are Overweight Have A Thyroid Issue

I received an email from a customer who was struggling with hypothyroidism and had lots of questions about how she could find answers to many questions she had. I also struggle with hypothyroidism (just as many of you do), so this subject hits home for me. 

Here is her email...

"I have hypothyroidism. I saw you on a today show or some morning show talking about the thyroid and wanted to see if you could help me. I take nature thyroid 65 mg. I would love to talk to someone by phone if possible. I have lots of questions."

And my reply...

"Yes, I do take Armour thyroid like yourself, and I was up to more than 2 grams, and I still was exhausted all the time and couldn't drop an ounce. I started gaining weight when menopause struck. The doctors I use had me divide the Armour thyroid into 2 doses, spread out for maximum efficiency, but the stress in my daily life was preventing even that from working, and I couldn't add more thyroid medicine as it makes my heart race.

To make matters worse, TV adds 25 pounds to our bodies, thanks to HDTV (it used to be just 10). To be honest, I didn't want to go out any more than I already do, so I did what I've always done... hit my knees in prayer and researched my butt off and consulted with endocrinologists around the world, while I waited for an answer, which I got loud and clear...............GO BACK TO THE REASONS YOU STARTED THIS COMPANY TO BEGIN WITH. NOURISH the body, especially/specifically the thyroid, to correct these nutrients imbalances caused by stress that slows our thyroid even more.

I had lost sight of the fact and forgot (thyroid issues can make us forget lol) that our thyroid glands require specific nutrients in order to function properly. If you're prone to hypothyroidism, you need these nutrients every day in order to keep your thyroid in good working order. If you're taking thyro meds, they deplete the thyroid even more, making Thyro-Boost a MUST for a healthy thyroid.

Most people don't realize there is no cure for hypothyroidism and the meds don't fix anything. They simply address the symptoms we face, and most of the time they fail at that, not to mention make your hair fall out. Basically correcting one problem and creating two or more............

I suffered from all of these issues and created Thyro Boost for selfish reasons, and now my thyroid is almost working too well, and I have to ease up on the doses I take. I take 2 dropper fulls twice daily, and IF my thyroid speeds up too much, I go back to 1 dropper full twice daily.

Since my days are stressful, I use Thyro Boost every day, as its an adaptogen, and works when needed, and is discarded by the body if it isn't, which is awesome about adaptogens and makes them safe for everyone to use.

I strongly suggest that if you're trying to lose weight, burn belly fat, and become healthier, that you start off by replacing 2 shakes a day with Complete Protein Shake and 2 dropper fulls twice daily of Thyro-Boost. And, if you have more than 10 pounds to lose, I would suggest the Lose 1 Pound A Day system with Thyro-Boost added for maximum efficiency (I'm a lot of maintenance, and that's what I use)!"

Did You Know That... 

Most people don't realize that more than 60% of us are struggling with thyroids that are not functioning properly due to today's stressful living conditions that impair thyroid function. Weight loss also causes our thyroids to slow down, and adding Thyro-Boost can help prevent this, and prevent weight gain. 

  • Processed food depletes nutrients the thyroid needs
  • Stress depletes nutrients the thyroid needs
  • Aging slows thyroid function and increases our thyroid nutrient needs

Thyro-Boost contains ashwagandha, which is one of the best adaptogens when it comes to reducing the harmful effects stress has on our bodies. Everyone should use Thyro-Boost, or at least have it in their medicine cabinet due to today's stresses that we all encounter. 

Thyro-Boost also helps offset stress hormones, making it easier to lose belly fat because it manages cortisol levels.

How Much and When?

Daily maintenance for wellness: Take (2 full droppers) 2-3 times daily, or as needed.

Stubborn weight loss/excess belly fat: Take 2 (full droppers) 5 times daily until the scale moves and you can feel the difference.

NOTE: if your stress is extreme, it may take longer, but do not stop taking it as you need it more than ever to keep your thyroid and your body nourished. Stress depletes nutrients like a leaky faucet drips water!

The short story is that every product we sell was born out of a personal need that wasn't being correctly addressed. And for the same reason Martha Swetart grows her own veggies, so she can guarantee the very best quality, I began LynFit over 30 years ago and making my own supplements.

As I age, my needs are increasing, and since I'm a research addict, you can bet there will be more supplements if needed. 
I've always turned to natural approaches and found homeopathic, holistic ways to deal with mine and my family's health problems. They address the underlying issues versus a medical approach, which is to throw a band-aid on it and hope it goes away. 

And that's when and why Thyro-Boost was created. You'll love it, and I personally guarantee it!

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