The Power Of Your Posture


Posture PowerDid you know that correcting your posture not only makes you look better, but it also powers up your metabolism? Good posture is not just about appearing to be slimmer; it can help you shed unwanted pounds as well. It takes more effort to maintain good posture, and that is why proper posture burns more calories than slouching. Proper posture also improves respiration, which improves blood flow and revs your metabolism. Now you're burning even more calories.

Anyone can improve posture — anywhere, anytime. Even while you sit at your desk. And you thought you couldn't exercise, making you doomed to gain weight. We need to pay proper attention to our posture, whether we're walking, sitting, or lifting weights.

Posture helps keep our bones straight too. It's a fact of life that as we age our bone mass inevitably decreases. The spine becomes compressed, which is why we lose height. If you're prone to osteoporosis you're much more likely to develop that "hump back look" that is not only unhealthy, it ages us as well.

The simple, slimming, most efficient, posture solutions to maintain strong bones are to stand tall and lift weights. Orthopedists who treat pain are the first to suggest weight lifting as your priority training method. They don't suggest Pilates, yoga, or the fun class at the gym — for good reason. Weight lifting is the #1 way to strengthen your bones. You cannot find a better form of exercise. What comes in second place you ask?

Walking — not running and for good reason. Walking works your whole body. Every time your foot hits the treadmill or pavement it strengthens your bones. Running can be more injurious to your body and tends to cause stress fractures. They are not only painful but counter-productive to what you're trying to accomplish. If you're attempting to lose weight, the Metabolic Core Walk found in The Metabolism Solution is the answer. You can do it every day with no gym required.

Equally important is strengthening your core muscles. The LynFit Lean Core Workout is for everyone and can be done anywhere. What makes the LynFit Lean Core Workout different? It not only flattens your abs, but it also strengthens your core from a physical therapy perspective, vs. a bunch of pretty and fun moves.

Bottom line — no matter what ails you, poor posture makes it worse and worsens spinal compression. The best way to avoid excessive medical bills is to stop slouching and stand up straight.

Here is a little slimming posture power — do this now:

    • Stand up straight with your shoulders pulled back and your stomach pulled in
    • Avoid allowing your head to tilt forward or backward
    • Keep your head stacked on top of your spine (think of a bowling ball on top of a broomstick)
    • Keep your knees slightly bent (if your legs are excessively tight this may affect your posture more than you realize, negatively affecting your entire body and will "show" in your posture by your alignment)
    • Be sure to balance your weight on both feet equally. Doing this barefoot is best as it can help correct some of your foot problems
    • Now, it's all connected. Can you feel the difference? 

Read The Metabolism Solution for more information on Posture Power. 

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  • Lisa Lynn