Is The School Lunch Causing Your Child's Weight Problem?

Could School Lunches Be Your Child's Weight Problem?

If you’re like me, there aren't enough hours in the day to do everything that needs to be done. So adding one more thing to your to-do list can send you over the edge. However, I have some information that might just motivate you to start packing your child's lunch every day.

Shockingly, most school lunches altogether lack nutritional value. Processed chicken nuggets, pizza and cookies for dessert are the norm. It’s also the reason our children are growing more overweight by the second. If they serve vegetables (most schools do not because kids throw them away), chances are it’s a tiny portion of frozen peas that are salted to preserve them and lack flavor.

The fact is that most school lunches are downright unhealthy, not appetizing, and expensive compared to the simple, delicious lunches you can make yourself at home. Your kids might even eat them if they are involved in the decision-making process.

School lunches rightfully get a lot of attention. Positive nutritional steps are beginning to be set into motion, but the truth is we still have a lot of room for growth. It’s still, and will always be better if you save money and make the lunches at home. You have better control over your child’s balanced diet this way, and you’ll be improving his or her health while assisting in the weight loss process should your child be overweight.

One of my big tricks is to have a "big cook night" where you make large portions of everything so you can pack the leftovers in reusable containers for lunch. I like to do this on Sundays after I’ve gone grocery shopping. I invite my kids to help me. This working together is good, not only for the diet it's also a good time to stay close and reconnect with your kids. Almost always, if your child takes part, he or she will gladly eat what they pack for lunch. Don’t forget the "I love you" notes or "I’m so proud of you." We all need to hear more of that.

I can hear the moaning now — it takes too much time. But, it takes less to do this than it does to visit the doctor when your child is sick or to deal with issues caused from being overweight — saving you both time and money. Most of all, your child will be happier, not just healthier.

DID YOU KNOW THAT children who are overweight are more likely to be bullied at school?

School lunch rescue recipes can be the remedy for your overweight child. Your kids will inevitably still be eating lots of sandwiches, wraps, and not so healthy carbs. That’s ok—it’s all about balance. You can make any meal much healthier by swapping out the heavily processed and potential allergy-triggering wheat bread and carbs for some creative options instead. Don’t forget most kids (grown ups too) prefer to eat with their hands making these foods fun alternatives that are good for us.

Here are some simple solutions to your kid’s school lunch issues:

Turkey "Not" Wraps: Simply use turkey as your wrap instead of bread. Pack/stuff it with ½ cup of shredded vegetables such as carrots and lettuces. Top it with a delicious and healthy gluten-free honey mustard and add a side of peanut butter balls (see The Metabolism Solution for the recipe). You’ll have a lunch that your kids could sell it's so delicious. It's exceptionally nutritious too. It’s high-protein, full of good for you carbs that won't jack up blood sugar levels. It contains healthy good-for-you fats to help keep them full. It also boosts brain power and sustains energy levels that help them focus.

Does it get any better knowing your child eats what he or she loves, and it’s good for them? Moms, you should eat this too and don’t forget to pack dad's lunch too if he is struggling with his weight. Heck, even the dog can eat it’s so healthy. Top it off with an apple and bottle of water and it’s a lunch suitable for a king or queen. If your child needs to gain weight, add a homemade smoothie for extra protein without all of the sugar and food dyes.

Blueberry Smoothie Bomb (big trend for teens):
2 scoops of Vanilla Complete Protein Powder
Coconut water or milk
½ cup of berries or fruit (mango is in)
*This is less expensive and much better for your child. In fact, it can even be a lunch on its own.

For more information on keeping your child healthy:
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The Metabolism Solution by Lisa Lynn

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