5 Reasons You May Be Sabotaging Your Weight Loss & Fat-Burning

Burning off that stubborn belly fat you’ve been carrying around for too long is more important than you might think. In fact, belly fat makes it harder to lose weight, making it feel like you're driving with the brakes on. Do you relate?

Fat-burning, specifically belly fat-burning, is essential to your health and makes it easier to lose weight. It's also the BEST way to kick metabolic syndrome to the curb. If you’ve ever noticed the number on the scale go up after a week's vacation, or indulging a little too much like being in quarantine, it's definitely not a good feeling when your pants won't button.

Here are the Top 5 reasons you're sabotaging your fat-burning and not getting the results you want, or as fast as you'd like them.

  1.  You're not eating clean enough or sticking to your fat burning diet every day.

    Be honest with yourself... have you been you sticking to your diet during the week and on the weekends? If you’re like most people who fall off the wagon at some point when it comes to fat-burning, that’s very normal, and it's not a sin. However, if the scale keeps going up and your clothes no longer fit, it's time to reboot your thinking and re-program your plan, so you're eating clean enough, often enough, to get the results you seek.

    Sure, when you're in your 20’s you can get away with taking the entire weekend off your plan. But after that, it's crucial that you plan your “cheat meals” (I choose to call “Upzig” meals) ahead of time, and make sure they aren’t an all-out binge. Remember, you still need to protect your health, so even if fat loss isn’t on your to-do list, you still want to honor your body.

    The truth is, when you do Upzig or allow yourself a cheat meal, it can shock your body and actually be good for it, as long as you're saturating it with good nutrition. It's best to do this for one meal each week when you're trying to lose weight and burn off stubborn belly fat. Be honest with yourself, plan it ahead of time, and remind yourself it’s not okay to continue this overindulging for several days. This is how we cause damage to our bodies, and sometimes it can be permanent.

    You're also sabotaging all the clean eating and hard work that you've put in at the gym from the prior week, or maybe two. Since Saturday's and Sunday's comprise almost 30% of your total week, it's crucial that you stick to your plan for both days and limit your cheat/Upzig meals to once a week.

    When you look at it objectively, it's easy to see why you aren't seeing the weight loss you're wanting, and you won’t burn off belly fat either this way. The best way to prevent weight gain rebound is by following the Metabolic Boosting Lose 1 Pound Per Day Plan. It will explain how to plan your Upzig meal and how you're supposed to be eating during the week.

    PERFECTION DOESN’T EXIST, so focus on progress instead. The best way to do this is by following the 90/10 rule. Aim to follow the Metabolic Boosting Plan (it's the cleanest form of keto, with intermittent fasting and cleansing built into it) 90% of the time, then relax and have fun for the remaining 10%. This usually works best by allowing yourself a cheat meal weekly, as life isn’t perfect, and you won’t be either. By aiming for one upzig you're leaving a little wiggle room for additional calories/macros you may not have planned for.

    If your upzig is too clean (that’s funny, isn’t it -- it happens to some), the worst thing that can happen is you’ll end up losing more weight, even though you upzigged! This is THE BEST part of the Metabolic Plan! It allows you to indulge a little, and it also makes it easier to stay on the right track, so you're not upset the next time you step on the scale.

    Remember, it's critical that you're always honest with yourself about how closely you are really following your diet. If you’re going off too much, you're only hurting yourself!

  2. You're working out in the gym for all the wrong reasons!

    There are three “what, why, how” questions we all need to ask ourselves. What is your main goal/objective? Why do you want to burn fat in the first place? How do you plan to achieve them? Be specific!

    For most of us, working out can be another task on our long to-do lists, especially when you work long hours and combine it with all your other obligations from your spouse, mom, taking care of your house, etc. All these things require a lot of planning, discipline, and hard work. Lately, it’s tough to stick to anything with all the distractions going on. If your only goal is to get into shape or be fit, or you’re the guy who just wants to muscle up and lean out, or a woman who wants to fit into the little black dress for a special occasion, don't be fooled into thinking that killing yourself in the gym is the solution to not eating as clean as you should. Or, maybe you think that burning off calories quick (aka working it off) in the short term will solve your fat-burning problems long term. You'll likely see your weight fluctuate up and down, and sometimes it just keeps going up, unless you change your lifestyle by cleaning and leaning it up first! 

    You’ve heard it before: nothing changes if nothing changes. If you’re ready to make a change and melt off that belly bulge that’s costing you more money than you want to know in health care and medical bills (not to mention how you feel about yourself and how it affects your energy levels every day) this plan can do all of that, and then some, for you. It makes it easier to live a leaner, cleaner lifestyle and help you put an end to self-sabotage.

    It helps you stay on track with your eating, which is 90% of your fat-melting success. By melting fat off, you're taking the brakes off your weight loss, which will make losing weight easier. Of course, you’ll need to work out, but you’ll now be working out for the right reasons. You’ll have more energy (cleaner eating energizes), and you won't have to kill yourself in the gym. You’ll actually spend less time in the gym and get better results.

    It's always good to have a special date or event to kickstart your progress, but it shouldn't be the only reason you're doing it. Once you make the decision, simply start and focus on one-day-at-a-time or one-meal-at-a-time. Stay on track, and most importantly, make this lifestyle change a leaner one. Bring it with you everywhere you go -- vacations, through the holidays, and more, so you can be healthier, which leads to you being happier. It'll be one less thing to stress over. 

    And remember, nothing changes if nothing changes, and it all starts with you!

  3. You're not drinking enough water.

    Almost every person I talk to underestimates the hidden value of drinking enough water. Maybe it's so simple we overlook it?

    Burning fat and losing weight can only be accomplished when you're giving your body the amount of water it needs, in addition to enough nutrients. The two go hand in hand. When you aren't keeping your body hydrated, your body cannot do its job efficiently. Nutrients can't be transported, and we can quickly become dehydrated. In fact, a slow metabolism is often the result of a water-starved metabolism that can't burn fat efficiently.

    It also makes you feel bloated and clogs up the "systems" if you know what I mean. The fitness pros I work with, as well as the pro athletes, all carry huge jugs of water around everywhere they go (even on Saturday nights) because they know it’s the best-kept secret when it comes to burning fat off.

    Water shuttles nutrients throughout your body and helps rid it of toxins. Water also lubricates joints, helps with digestion, and regulates your body's temperature.

    Being even a little dehydrated can slow your metabolic rate down by 3%!
    You should be drinking half your body weight in ounces every day of water. For example, if you weigh 110 pounds, you need a minimum of 55 ounces of water daily as your starting point. And if you sweat a lot or drink lots of caffeinated beverages, you may need even more, so your body can do its job. If you want to burn off excess fat and lose weight, you need to up your intake of H2O!

    Need a little more motivation to drink your water? Add a shot of Daily Power Shot and/or Daily Repair Liquid. These health-boosting nutrients turn dull, boring water into a delicious, nutritious, hydrating boost you'll crave. You can also make ice cubes with the shots and add those to your water. The hyaluronic acid in Daily Repair hydrates like no other. Try it and share your "mocktail" recipes with us on social media (@LisaLynnFitness).

  4. You're not taking the right supplements.

    If you're serious about getting leaner, losing weight, and improving your health, it takes time, courage, and yes, you’ll need the right tools to help you reach your goal (aka the right nutritional supplements).

    In order to get that leaner, tighter, firmer look you’ve been hoping for, with shapely muscles, you have to invest in yourself, starting with taking the right supplements. Sure, there are lots to choose from and plenty of brands, but only a few will help you succeed in your fat-burning goals.

    The good news is that we did the hard work for you by combining all the right, most powerful nutrients in the specific amounts needed (the amounts research has proven works), so you don’t have to take 55 different bottles of single-nutrient supplements anymore. We save you time and money, and the best part is they make it faster and easier for you to reach your goals.

    When it comes to fat loss, our popular Cutting Edge is the best. It helps you burn the fat off and keep the lean muscle, which prevents your metabolism from slowing down. This is critical to your long term plan.

    Cutting Edge is a premium grade, all-natural, high potency, custom-engineered fat burner that uses cutting edge technology (known as nutrient partitioning) that helps to force your body to burn off stored fat. It also accelerates the fat loss process while blocking certain nutrients like the bad fats and blood sugar-spiking carbs from being stored as fat.

    Cutting Edge is my personal favorite, and you’ll quickly see that when you take the proper supplements and make your eating a lifestyle rather than an on-again, off-again diet. Your results will be hard to miss, and your friends will notice.

    Knowing which supplements you need, especially which fat burner to use, along with the right nutrition (found in the Metabolic Plan), and doing the right kind of exercise, will help get you to your goal weight, melt off that stubborn belly fat, and improve every aspect of your health. You'll kick metabolic syndrome to the curb!

  5. You're not adjusting your macros or workouts as your body changes.

    It's no secret that in order to make changes, you need to be consistent. Occasionally, you’ll need to either eat even cleaner or kick things up a notch in the gym.

    Most people fail to realize that as our bodies shrink and we lose weight, we need fewer calories than when we first started. Each time we lose weight, we need less and less, but here's the catch... we still need the same amount of nutrients. But we need to constantly reduce our caloric/macro intake, which is why taking supplements is crucial.

    As we become more fit, we need to change up our workouts more frequently by doing supersets and giant sets, and increasing intensity or volume. Keep in mind that increasing the volume of your workouts will wind up bulking you up as volume is for growth. If you want a smaller, leaner body, less is best.

    Diet is responsible for your weight loss, NOT your workouts! That's one more reason to clean up your eating and develop some healthier habits. If you're seeking a leaner, more toned and defined body, you'll want to check out my Metabolic Booster 1 Video Download. It’s a 30-minute HIT training you can do at home. All my workouts are designed to consistently help transform your body and keep your metabolic fire burning HOT! CrossFit and other methods of workouts can be counterproductive, and so can running if you're prone to binge eating or cravings as they ramp up your appetite. Stick to the plan and let the fat melt!

    For some people, changing their workouts can be the hardest part as no one likes change. And if it’s not broken, why fix it, right? WRONG!

    Ask any top trainer, and they will tell you the same thing: Our muscles require different and new forms of stimulation as they get stronger. That’s why it's always good to cross-train and try new things, especially if you’re hooked on your usual routine. Save the judgments and try something new. You’ll be amazed at how your body changes.

    Bottom line... as our bodies change, and we lose weight, our workouts and eating needs to change too. As we lose weight our caloric needs are reduced (think smaller gas tank = less gas), so it's crucial that you're adjusting/reducing your caloric intake. And, this is where nutritional supplements are an absolute must if you're serious about losing that belly fat and reaching your goal weight and keeping it off for good.

    Nutritional supplements not only make it easier, but they also make sure your body gets the nutrients it needs and stays out of starvation mode and prevent metabolic slowdown from occurring.

    Need a new, better mood? Supplements can help there too. They give you the new mood you've been hoping for. So, if you're ready to optimize your insulin sensitivity and release of the hormone leptin, which makes it easier to lose weight and maintain body weight, Cutting Edge is a perfect start!

    Let me know if you have any questions, and share your success stories! I love to hear them!

    Lisa Lynn




Lisa Lynn, Clinical Metabolic Nutrition & Fitness Expert. Best known for her 18+ years as Martha Stewart’s trainer, who was responsible for Martha’s over-50 amazing physical transformation that caught the attention of Dr. Oz, leading to her many appearances on the Dr. Oz Show. Lisa is not just another trainer; she herself lost 40 pounds and has kept it off, even with a sluggish thyroid and menopause.

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