Play 'Diet Detective' To Find Weight Loss Solutions

Turkey WrapIf you're trying to lose weight or your weight loss has stopped, this message is for you. In The Metabolism Solution, I teach you how to lose 1 pound every day the fast and easy way. The metabolic boosting program is the no-fuss way to lose weight and melt belly fat. 

First things first, however. Before you can move forward with your weight loss to overcome the inevitable plateaus you've got to know your numbers. Sometimes you will have to play 'diet detective' to find the solutions to your weight loss problems. Questions like: Do you know how many fat grams you're eating every day? When was the last time you counted your carbs? 

Many of us don't have a clue about how many fats and carbs we consume every day. This is exactly what stops us from losing weight. If you don't know your numbers, you'll never know when you're overeating. 

In this blog entry, we're going to look at some of the biggest mistakes I see people make when they're trying to lose weight when thinking they're eating healthy and they really aren't.


Let's get started by taking the Diagnose Your Diet Quiz to see where you might be slipping up. Don't forget to read "Food Sins That Stop Weight Loss" in The Metabolism Solution for more information.

SLIP-UP #1: You're eating a seemingly healthy bowl of bran flakes for breakfast each morning

This so-called healthy cereal starts your day off with carbohydrates that go straight to your waistline. It's high in carbs that spike blood sugar levels, making it almost impossible to lose weight. Since the bran flakes contains more than a third of the day's carbohydrate budget you sure won't lose belly fat either. If you add a banana and milk to the bran flakes, you make matters worse. Bananas and milk spike blood sugar levels, flipping your system into weight gain mode vs. weight loss mode.

Slimming Solution: Grab a LynFit Complete Protein Shake or LynFit Lean Bar instead.You'll not only save on the calories, you'll boost your metabolism by 25 percent, making it easier to to lose 1 pound each day and melt belly fat fast. WARNING: Not all protein shakes will have the same effect. The LynFit Complete Protein Shake has metabolic boosting properties that are geared specifically for weight loss. 

SLIP-UP #2: The so-called healthy Turkey Wrap lunch

While this wrap may seem healthier than a burger, hot dog, fries, etc.,—is it? Wraps contain more carbs and fat grams than most of us realize. This puts the brakes on weight loss and acts to accelerate weight gain. That's not even taking into account the fat and carbs included with the dressing in the wrap.

Slimming Solution: Grab a lean salad instead, but be careful how you top it. The absolute best method to lose that 1 pound every day and lose that muffin top in time for bathing suit season is to have another LynFit metabolic boosting Complete Protein Shake with a vegetable salad dressed only with plain vinegar. This will give your metabolism the boost it needs to shed pounds and melt fat fast. If you feel you need to chew, swap out the Shake with a LynFit Lean Bar.

SLIP-UP #3: The so-called Slimming Salad

I almost passed out when I first started trying to lose weight and switched from burgers to salads. I was gaining weight instead of losing. Little did I realize that the salads contained more calories, carbs and fats than those "unhealthy" burgers. Who knew? That's why it's imperative that you know your numbers before you dig into that salad. 

Slimming Solution: Go heavy on the leafy greens and always swap out fatty meats and chicken for some fish. Remember: The lighter and whiter the fish the better for your metabolism. Just by swapping out your chicken for fish you can jumpstart your weight loss and help you bust through that plateau you've been stuck at. 

Need more healthy, slimming, irresistibly delicious recipes? Over 100 of them can be found in The Metabolism Solution.


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