2018: It's Going To Be Even Better, Healthier, & Happier

This year, the definition of health and wellness changed. At LynFit, we know that health is our wealth, and it’s bigger than our individual journeys. We are inviting you to band together with us in Power Prayers to help heal one another, our communities, and the planet. We know prayer works, and it’s the best way to make America strong again, one person at a time. This is our mantra and purpose in 2018, and we hope it illuminates the way to a better, healthier, happier 2018 for you and your family.

Believe. Begin. Become. #America Strong

The LynFit website will be getting a new look and feel that is reflective of our holistic and evolved purpose. A purpose that focuses on the physical, mental, and spiritual. LynFit believes that in order to be your best, you need to be spiritually strong.

We're excited about 2017's trends on LynFit. They set the stage for a more vibrantly healthy, leaner lifestyle that’s not just easier to do, but much more delicious than ever, so your healthy habits become your new way of life.

Last year LynFit was hard at work answering your questions and implementing your suggestions into our holistic living, lean system such as...

LynFit Accelerator and LynFit Carb Edge merged into LynFit Accelerator Advanced, one dynamite product that is outselling both products combined in half the time.

Taking Accelerator Advanced makes it easier and less expensive and now delivers more powerful, yet very safe, hunger and craving suppression while continuing to block 65 percent of the unwanted carbs from being absorbed. It now blocks fats as well, while accelerating your weight loss, boosting fat burning, and balancing blood sugar levels, all of which is the secret to lasting weight loss and enhanced fat burning.

The new kid on the block, LynFit Complete Egg White Protein became a reality for all of you who asked for another clean metabolic boosting protein option that’s lower in carbs and completely dairy-free. One of its most popular benefits is that it helps tighten loose skin that can be a problem after losing a lot of weight. If you haven’t tried it, you'll want to!

You can reconstitute Complete Egg White Protein and make egg white crepes, or you can mix one (1) scoop of Complete Egg White Protein with one (1) scoop of whey, blend as usual and enjoy. Complete Egg White Protein can also be mixed by itself and used for cooking. You’ll always have fresh egg whites! You can find even more delicious, metabolic boosting recipes HERE.

LynFit Vitamin D3 Boost received an upgrade! DBoost went liquid for maximum absorption and assimilation and is organic and Non-GMO. You asked, and we delivered because we know how important taking vitamin D is to boosting immune health and encouraging weight loss and fat burning. If you're not taking DBoost you should be; your life might depend on it. Simply add it to your protein shake or place a dropper full under your tongue. The best part is you'll see the results on your next blood test. Even doctors are asking for it now!

LynFit now offers premium-grade Anti-Aging Skin Care Products that you can't buy over the counter. We responded to your demands for better personal and skin care products that help tighten and firm loose skin that’s exceptionally vulnerable after losing weight.

If you're like me and over 40 and have lost weight, your face may need a boost. Using the right kind of skin care product can help you look younger fast. You'll see results the same week you start.

You also mentioned how you struggle with thinning hair and hair loss due to hypothyroid conditions, or thyroid or chemo treatments, so we set out to find the best clinical strength, all-natural hair products that help regrow hair and make it feel thicker and healthier. Most of us can relate to losing hair as we age, due to large weight loss, or the battle with unbalanced hormones and thyroid issues.

LynFit's new Hair Regrowth System also helps cancer survivors begin to grow hair back that’s been lost from treatments, which helps boost spirits.

Did you know that taking prescription thyroid medications to treat hypothyroidism can cause hair loss? We didn’t either, and that’s why LynFit teamed up with the top pharmaceutical company and our own medical advisors to make sure we delivered the best natural quality that works. And, it's not just for women. Men love it! In fact, my whole family uses this system.

Make sure you check out our vegan makeup. It's so popular we can barely keep it in stock!

Complete Protein is getting transformed. We are adding prebiotic fiber and also working on the flavor, so it tastes even better than ever. It will also become part of our Non-GMO, organic, clean, and pure line. It will be sweetened with Stevia® versus Splenda® for maximum purity. Stay tuned for more details!

You wanted to save money and have auto delivery, and we agreed. We now have AutoShip where you have total control and can save 20 percent! You can learn more about LynFit's AutoShip Program HERE.

You asked for Reward Points and VIOLA,  we've got em! Make sure you take advantage of this great opportunity to earn rewards points that can be used on future purchases.

LynFit is upgrading its sustainability practices, and at the same time, we will continue to share the latest cutting-edge research on intermittent fasting (our Metabolic Boosting Plan is an intermittent fast that cleanses at the same time) and the gut microbiome that continues to wow science.

LynFit has been using prebiotic fiber in our Lean Bars for over 10 years because we know how amazing it is for your immune health, faster and easier weight loss, feeling our best, and helping prevent or heal disease.

Lastly, you’ve all been asking, and this year LynFit is hosting a weight loss challenge where you can win cash and LynFit product prizes. Make sure you are following us on Facebook (@lisalynnfitness) for complete details.

Happy, Healthy New Year and thank you for allowing us to be a part of your health and weight loss journey.


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