Top 3 Habits That Slow Weight Loss

ScaleYou made up your mind. You psyched yourself up. You invested in videos. You purchased a brand new sparkly scale with all the bells and whistles. You even bought the latest and greatest workout clothes (after all, you feel good when you look good -right?). Now, the weight should just fall off. But it's not, and you can't understand why. You have the right mind-set, you're mentally prepared, you're watching the videos, and you even look good doing it. But that sparkly new-fangled scale must be broken because it won't budge in the right direction. Guess what - it's not the scale's fault.

That scale won't weigh your mind-set. That scale can't measure your mental preparedness. That scale doesn't see if you look good in your new workout clothes. That scale DOES weigh what you're eating. You see, the things that are slowing down your weight loss may not be what you think. Sure, you cut out, or cut down, eating greasy fried foods. Granted you don't eat a quart of Vanilla Bean ice cream while watching TV at night anymore. But are you now eating right for your metabolism? Even though you may be exercising; are you exercising for your metabolism?

Everything we put into our mouth affects our weight loss, or lack of weight loss. Most of the time it's not even the "big splurges" that derail us. Rather, it's the little unsuspecting things that we do every day that we don't even think about or mark down in our journals that do us in. I talk at great length about this in "The Metabolism Solution", giving you natural solutions to boosting your metabolism.

But right now you can change 3 little habits that will immediately begin boosting your metabolism. Changing these habits will allow you to lose the weight making you, and your new fancy scale, happy!

Top 3 Habits That Slow Weight Loss

1.  You think if you don't chew it then it can't affect your waistline - WRONG!

We all know that soda and juice wreck our waistlines, but did you know that there is a little "add in" that is full of empty calories that store as fat very easily? Can you guess what it is..........Non dairy creamers, coconut milks and any other type milk in your coffee! These add more calories than you think. Empty calories. Calories that are just stored as fat.

Not convinced? Give them up for a week and see the results. Most people who "give up cream in your coffee" lose 5-7 pounds by doing this one thing alone. Why? These non-dairy creamers; yes, even the non-fat ones, are loaded with hidden sugars, fats and oils you won't even recognize. They also affect blood sugar in a way that SLOWS weight loss.

2.  You're exercising (in your new workout clothes) so you should be losing weight - WRONG!

Exercise is only responsible for 20% of your weight loss. Diet is responsible for the other 80%. And, if you're a woman over 40 that diet figure is closer to 90%. Let's see......80 or 90 versus 20......yep, you get the picture.

And, performing the WRONG type of workout can actually slow your metabolism rather than boost it. We all know that the more we move the more weight we will lose, but what we don't think about is that over-exercising is just as bad for you. Over-exercising causes our body's cortisol levels to rise, which in turn slows metabolism and make it easier to store fat around your belly, hips and thighs. Talk about discouraging! You're working yourself to death and going in reverse.

So what are these types of workouts that are actually slowing my metabolism? High intensity classes, boot camps, and workouts like cross fit. They can slow your metabolism, especially if you are stressed. If you are in fact doing a metabolic workout daily and not seeing results, remember - 80 or 90/20? Take a good, hard look at your diet.

When it comes to weight loss it's best to work out every day. But in order to do this you need to adjust how you work out as well as how long. Stick to metabolic workouts. Metabolic workouts will even boost your mood, making you feel better and feel better about yourself. Need examples of metabolic workouts? See HERE.

How do you know if your plan is working? Simple, ask your scale.

3.  Fruit is good for you so it should be a free food, right? - WRONG!

This is a tricky one. When we are trying to lose weight we need to watch our fruit consumption because fruit contains sugar. Even though it's natural sugar it still slows weight loss because it causes our insulin levels to rise stopping weight loss dead in its tracks.

The fiber solution is to add Sunfiber to your LynFit Complete Protein Shake every day for breakfast. This will help you deal with hunger and constipation, which not only slows weight loss but makes us feel bloated and masks weight loss.

Sunfiber is the only fiber that has a healthy satiety affect (keeps you feeling full) and unlike other fibers, Sunfiber does not "block" the gut but rather slows gastric transit time. So if you suffer with IBS symptoms Sunfiber can help. Sunfiber also increases the satiation hormone CCK, resulting in a comfortable, full and satiated feeling without causing bloating.

Now that you know how to counteract these 3 top "bad" habits you can now run toward your weight loss goal. Not crawl, not stroll, not a casual walk, but RUN toward your goal! In fact, I challenge you to take the Metabolic Challenge for 2 weeks and watch your scale go into panic mode. Try the 3 tips above for 2 weeks and see how they affect your weight. Remember, you can't make a change in your weight without changes in your life!

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  • Lisa Lynn