Lose Fat Fast From The Belly, Butt, Hips And Thighs

If you've tried every diet on the planet, from paleo to gluten-free, from no-carb to high-carb, and yet you still struggle to lose weight you know first-hand that most times diet and exercise aren't enough. In fact, most conventional diets and exercise programs that prompt you to exercise more and eat less not only make you hungrier, they also make your stubborn fat even more stubborn and harder to lose.

These types of slow/moderate weight loss approaches not only slow your metabolism they can cause your body to bulk up and look even bigger which is exactly what you don't want. Actually, fast weight loss if done correctly, is safer and easier. In my book, The Metabolism Solution, I talk about how most weight loss plans fail because they don't bring results fast enough causing a loss of motivation.

So what makes fat so stubborn? The secret to losing weight and burning body fat is about safely boosting your metabolism through thermogenic eating and metabolic boosting workouts as well as the safe use of metabolic boosting, fat blasting supplements. This dynamic combination allows your body to burn more calories, even at rest. The real miracle lies in boosting your metabolism and balancing blood sugar, not killing yourself in the gym. The fat we carry around our belly, butt, hips and thighs is very stubborn and is more impacted by high blood sugar and cortisol levels when compared to other types of fat. Not eating right and over-exercising can adversely affect weight loss.

While this approach may seem different, it's the healthiest, cleanest and leanest way to eat. The best part: Everyone loses weight and sheds stubborn body fat on this metabolism boosting, fat blasting plan. The highly effective techniques described below will help you lose 2-3 times more weight and burn off excess body fat faster than diet and exercise alone. These 3 steps use targeted fat blasting supplements, metabolic exercise and easy-to-follow thermogenic (lifestyle) strategies to safely boost your metabolism (without stimulants) to suppress your appetite and lower blood sugar levels. It will force your body to burn and release fat from those stubborn areas. It all starts with this 3-step metabolism makeover.

Metabolic Makeover Step 1:

Create the right environment for fat burning by encouraging and enhancing fat loss with the LynFit Accelerator with Raspberry Ketones immediately after you wake up with black coffee and lots of water.

Perform metabolic exercise on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. For best results, do 3 workouts weekly with 1 day in between. Make sure your workouts are metabolic. If it doesn't say metabolic, it isn't! Metabolic boosting workouts are designed to lower blood sugar levels while tightening and toning without making you bulkier. Metabolic boosting exercise specifically increases your serotonin levels which lead to better mood and sleep. It also helps to manage your stress hormones (cortisol) effectively attacking that belly fat, allowing you to see results faster. While Zumba, Pilates and Cross Fit beat sitting on the couch, they won't boost your metabolism.

Lisa Note: Not all raspberry ketone supplements are created equal so look for LynFit's Accelerator. The Accelerator with Raspberry Ketones slices fat cells making them easier to be burned off while tricking your body into thinking like a thin person. Only LynFit's Accelerator contains Chocolate Bean Powder to boost mood which helps you eat cleaner. Using Accelerator and metabolic boosting exercise together may make cellulite disappear.

Metabolic Makeover Step 2:

Replenish lost nutrients and boost your metabolism 25% by drinking a LynFit Complete Protein Advanced Shake. It's only 120 calories, 1g of sugar, and 3.5g of carbs. It's free of soy, gluten and fillers, making it the best shake for weight loss. You can't buy a better tasting shake either. Be sure to mix the shake with water and ice cubes only. Do not add fruit or any milk (including soy or almond) as they raise blood sugar and block fat loss.

Just because fat is broken down and released during exercise doesn't guarantee that it will be burned as fuel. The fat can be restored as is often the case with insulin-sensitive people who have a hard time losing weight. That's why it's critical that you take (1) LynFit Cutting Edge with L-Carnitine immediately after your workout to encourage fat loss and discourage fat from being restored. Just one more reason why safe-supplementing can work miracles and make all the difference in the world.

Lisa Note: Not all protein shakes are created equal. Most commercially available shakes are made with excess lactose, sugar, soy and cheap ingredients that slow your metabolism. Buyer beware!

Metabolic Makeover Step 3:

Take (1) LynFit Carb Edge midday and before any cheat meals. This is the "prevention" piece. We all start to eat poorly as the day wears on and most times it's because we're getting tired and our blood sugar levels start to fluctuate. This step is key because it will keep you on track and help you make better eating choices. If needed, take another one at 3pm to help you through the late afternoon.

Carb Edge is loaded with a team of superstar fat burners that boost metabolism, block carbs and burn fats. Among those is Banaba Leaf Extract which helps to control blood sugar; Forskolin, which helps keep your metabolism running smoothly and Phase 2 White Kidney Bean Extract, which helps control cravings*.

Carb Edge also blocks 65% of unwanted carbs from being broken down and stored as fat. It also contains all of the B vitamins we tend to lack due to excess stress, making us feel tired and run down. If your mood and energy levels are balanced you're not as tempted to overeat.

*Lisa Note: White Kidney Bean Extract is known to stop the process of converting excess carbohydrates into fat and is also a known appetite suppressant that reduces cravings and decreases the urge to consume calories.

Are you hungry for more fat burning secrets? Check out "The Metabolism Solution"!

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