Lose One Pound Every Day Doing One Thing


And what is that one thing you can do every day to guarantee weight loss? It's making sure that you drink a protein shake (or eat a LynFit Lean Bar) to ensure that your body gets the exact amount of lean protein it needs to boost metabolism.

Failing to meet your body's protein requirements slows your metabolism to a screeching halt. But there is a caveat: Not all protein is created equal. In fact, most proteins (commercially purchased protein shakes and bars) are actually geared to help you gain weight because they are made from inferior sources of protein and loaded with hidden fat and sugar. What you are taking with an assumption that it's helping you lose weight just may be sabotaging your weight loss efforts.

Over 25 years ago I searched the globe to find the cleanest, purest protein sources available. I established relationships with world-class flavorists (Martha Stewart was my taste tester) to create an irresistibly delicious tasting shake and protein bar that would boost metabolism to make losing weight easier and faster. It also needed to provide the body with needed amino acids and essential nutrients. LynFit's protein shakes and lean bars had to be made from the highest quality, cleanest ingredients and be free of gluten.

Now LynFit has done it again - Only better this time!
LynFit Complete Protein Advanced
I am pleased to announce the arrival of my latest creation, LynFit Complete Protein Advanced. For all the sluggish, "I can't seem to lose weight" metabolisms, the Complete Protein Advanced is for you!

Complete Protein Advanced contains only 120 calories, 2g of fat and 1g of sugar; making weight loss even better. Complete Protein Advanced comes in two delicious flavors, Vanilla Cream and Chocolate Cream; allowing you to crave what's good for you. See what makes Complete Protein Advanced different along with all the details HERE.

Protein Basics

By now you know that protein is critical for weight loss. But it's also just as important for your overall health. Ask any doctor, nutritionist or trainer. He or she will likely tout protein's benefits for preserving lean muscle as well as its recovery and immunity boosting properties. When it comes to boosting your metabolism and ridding that "hard to lose" belly fat, not all proteins are created equal.

Protein is a macro-nutrient that supplies 20 different amino acids for the human body. Amino acids are necessary and essential building blocks that are used to:

    • Enhance metabolism
    • Preserve lean muscle tissue, help heal and repair muscles and tissue
    • Make hemoglobin, which carries oxygen to cells
    • Form antibodies that fight infection and disease
    • Produce hormones and enzymes that regulate body processes

Protein can also play a role in weight loss. Research shows that eating adequate amounts of protein may help prevent muscle loss while dieting, and promotes satiety; feelings of fullness. Protein also increases thermogenesis which helps the body digest and absorb nutrients. However, that doesn't mean you can eat any kind of protein and still lose weight. As I talked about previously, the wrong kind of protein can actually stop weight loss as it may be higher in fat than than you realize. And since most of us don't weigh and measure our food, we tend to overeat on those foods, consuming too many calories and excess fat grams.

Here's a little Lisa weight loss secret - If you're over 30 and trying to lose weight you absolutely need to replace your current breakfast with a Complete Protein Shake. If your metabolism is really slow, use the Complete Protein Advanced in order to boost your metabolism, provide the needed protein and nutrients without all the excess fat and calories.

How much protein do I really need?

Determining your protein requirements is easy. While trying to lose weight, plan on consuming 1g of lean protein for each pound of lean muscle. If you want to weigh 120 pounds you only need to consume 120g of protein even though you may currently weigh 155 pounds. That is what makes stored body fat flee and in turn, you lose weight.

When is the best time to have a protein shake?

The best time to drink a Complete Protein Shake is within 60 minutes of waking to stop cortisol (the stress hormone) from rising and to jump-start your metabolism so you burn more calories all day long. The second most important time is right after your workout to replenish lost nutrients. Actually, anytime is a good time if it walks you away from "not so healthy" foods that stop you from losing weight.

Speaking of workouts. Just because you worked out doesn't necessarily mean you need to eat. You should only eat or drink a shake if you're due for a meal (has it been 3 hours?). If not, wait until your next meal time and then make that meal a protein drink. Personally, I like to work out first thing in the morning and have my shake immediately after so both of my goals are met in one shake without overeating.

LynFit Protein Shake RecipesHow should I make my shakes?

I think LynFit shakes taste great the way they are, mixed with ½ cup of water and 5 ice cubes. Some people like to add Vanilla Shake to their coffee instead of using milk. Feel free to experiment. Just be sure that you don't add any type of milk. Milk is for gaining weight, not losing weight.

Also, if you add fruit to you shake remember that a ½ cup of fruit is your total fruit serving for the entire day as you're trying to lower your blood sugar and burn fat. Fruit elevates blood sugar and if you've been adding it to your shakes freely that might be one reason why you can't get the scales to budge.

On a cheat day I add ½ of a frozen banana to my shake with (1) tsp of PB2 Chocolate instead of peanut butter. It's a real treat and it satisfies me to the point that I don't look for junk food. Try it; you just might love it as much as me! And make sure to check out all my delicious shake recipes HERE.

Protein facts: What you need to know

Safety, effectiveness and purity

In the United States, protein supplements are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. They are not tested for safety and effectiveness. But, LynFit's are! LynFit's protein supplements are tested and made in a GMP lab (read more about this in my book, The Metabolism Solution) and I drink it myself so you can bet that my hand is always on the pulse. I couldn't live without it!

Creative ideas

You'll find countless protein powder recipes in my new book, The Metabolism Solution. Crepes, ice cream, cookies, anything you crave I have a metabolism solution for. Don't be afraid to dabble in creative ways to boost the protein content of your usual recipes and foods. In the meantime, try these awesome ideas:

    • Add pre-made shake to you coffee or tea instead of milk to boost weight loss
    • Use only water and ice in your shakes when you're trying to lose weight. Stay away from fruit except for your cheat days.
    • Try making your shake using ice cubes make with the coffee you had left over from yesterday or add (1) tbsp of granulated coffee for a real boost
    • Have a shake 30 minutes before you eat out to curb your appetite and cravings
    • Sweet tooth calling you? Have a delicious shake instead. Make sure to see all of my shake recipes HERE.
    • Try putting your shake in the freezer for a frozen treat

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